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50's diner


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Riley works as a waitress at a kitschy 50s themed diner on the edge of town. Poodle skirts, letterman jackets, and malted shakes galore! Once a popular attraction among residents and tourists alike, the little diner has lost most of its business to larger shopping/dining complexes that have sprung up in the heart of town. Though the pay would probably be better elsewhere, Riley stays on at the homey diner and spends their shifts fully immersed in the 50s experience, dressing and talking the part until it’s time to close up. With the holidays approaching, Riley hopes for a much needed rush of patrons to keep the struggling eatery afloat; even just one new face would be nice. A man enters, When Riley first meets the man, she mistakes him for a new hire since they appear to be ‘in uniform’ and speak as if they’ve stepped off the set off Happy Days. The man isn’t an employee but a new customer who begins to come in for the dinner special every evening.

The 50s diner is the only place in town where the man feels truly at home, because he not from this era. The details of how they’ve arrived at the present day are fuzzy for him, but once they see the neon lights of the diner they have that familiar feeling of belonging that draws him in. Riley notices him coming in every night and finds something oddly charming about him, though he acts strangely compared to the other customers. Over time, the pair come to have heart-to-heart conversations over dessert and coffee after closing, then he kindly offers Riley a ride home in their 56’ Plymouth Fury. When the man reveals the truth about himself to their new friend, riley is disbelieving, though it sort of makes sense; they’ve never met anyone in town as old-fashioned and well-mannered as him. Getting over the initial shock, Riley promises to help him acclimate to 2014 until they can find a way to send him back to their decade.


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Since you have a clear and concise path for all of the events leading up until finding the solution to the man going back to the 50s, I assume that's where the RP would open? That's pretty far in for an RP. This might be better off as a solo short story.

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