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Captain Viridian

New Member
----- quick bits

Not looking for a membership into the 1,000+ word club.
(I can do it, I just really don't want to.)

An exceptionally frequent poster. Once a day minimum.
(I'll get bored, if you post less than this.)

Do 99.9% of writing on Discord.
(No threads. Tell me if you prefer someplace else.)

No limits or triggers.
(I also don't get writer's block.)

m// = m/f > f//
(I'm a fan of gender-swapping. Fight me.)

Not making the fanciest of threads for this one. It's just a quick idea.
Watched Squid Game like just about everyone else. Have a small itch I want to scratch.
Have an idea for an OC or two. Immediately thinking AU, but hit me with your canon ideas.
Biggest thing is that I'm a frequent poster. If you're one of those once a month/week/day guys, I'm not for you.
My current idea involves a new owner and a new Front Man. Could go long term with it. There would likely be drama.
Pretty much down with playing any position, though. Again, not super keen on canon, but I'm not adverse to hearing any of your ideas.

Let's chat. ○△▢

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