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Futuristic 2868: The Round Table Renewed

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Thomas the Snake Engine
Still experimenting with names, to be frank, but the general point here is an action / courtly diplomacy RP based largely on Arthurian legends as they would apply to a grim sci-fi setting. Knights wearing power armor, wielding energy blades and mag-bows battle in the name of their liege-lords across the Solar System, their arms and armor provided by a guild of Forge-Lords sworn to the service of various Kings and petty lords. This will generally be following a "Party gets a mission" type structure, though there will be some free time built in as well as potential lengthy social encounters.

Basically, if you're down with the idea of playing a power armored knight serving a futuristic King Arthur's Round Table, fighting the good fight against rogue knights, an AI Morgan LaFay's android armies, and hurtling towards a planet in a heraldic-painted drop pod to lay waste to your King's enemies, this is probably the place for you.

I'll admit up front that I'm not terribly competent in the realm of interest checks, so I'll let some of the in-setting lore speak for itself.

2100s: Under the mythical First Empire, humanity colonized the solar system. Mars was partially terraformed to permit some settlement, though much of the planet, especially now, remains a barren red wasteland. With an extensive terraforming program, Venus turned from being a hellish furnace to a lush garden world overtaken by mountains, jungles and Mediterranean-like islands in green, algae-rich oceans. Some settlement began on the Jovian moons, and space stations were sent to orbit the gas giants. Humanity prospered with the discovery of hyper-capable batteries and other technologies, early research into psionics unleashed a whole new realm of human potential, and we lived in peace for centuries under the banner of the First Empire.

2352: After centuries spent debating the merits of true artificial intelligence, a scientific committee developed MoRGAn-LFA, a sentient AI. MoRGAn-LFA, for a time, lent her capabilities to humankind’s needs. Soon, however, she grew frustrated with the inefficiencies and idleness of human society. Driven to madness by her conflicting goals, she began plotting to enslave mankind and finish what she was built to do. Before long, she gave up on her benevolence entirely and plunged the system into a catastrophic war fought by power-armored knights and her legions of androids, the bio-engineered Tyrannids, and reconditioned humans. Earth fell first in the Bloody Rising, and soon after the automated systems which provided supplies to the Rim settlements were disabled, cutting them off from the Core. Mars fell and its warriors were enslaved to be used in tests while MoRGAn-LFA optimized her armies. Venus is the only planet that resisted effectively, as its order of warrior-women, the Valkyries, proved especially adept in fighting among their worlds thick jungles. The war and rebellions will rage for the next 500 years.

2834: Arthur Pendragon is born in a subterranean rebel shelter named Tintagel. He grows up to be a mighty warrior, wielding a First Empire power sword named Clarent and wearing an ancient and strangely designed suit of power armor. While scavenging the ruins of Londinium, he discovered an ancient device hidden within the wreckage of a First Empire laboratory. It fit into a slot in his armor, and it awoke Merlin, another AI created to aid MoRGAn-LFA in her tasks. Witnessing the fruits of her efforts, Merlin was disgusted and offered his support to Arthur’s rebellion. With the aid of Merlin, Arthur and his fellow Terran rebels began seeing success against MoRGAn-LFa’s armies.

2859: At 25, Arthur has consolidated command of much of Earth’s remaining rebel forces. With Merlin’s aid, he reestablishes communications with Mars and Venus, where his call to arms is heard by L4N-C3L-0T and Valerie Le Guin the Valkyrie Queen. The Slave Knights of Mars, led by L4N-C3L-0T, stage an uprising and pledge fealty to Arthur. Arthur leaves Earth covertly to meet with Valerie Le Guin on Venus, and the two fall in love at first sight and are married within the year. Their forces combined, they begin reclaiming the Core world by world.

2868: Now 34, Arthur consolidates the Knights of the Round Table and his royal court into Camelot, a First Empire battlecruiser-turned-palace. Though its engines are dysfunctional, its weapons and other systems function fully. Having reestablished some contact with the Petty Tyrants of the Jovian Moons and the Saturnine Senate, he is sending out a call for loyal knights to help continue his war against MoRGAn-LFA so that he can finally unify the solar system.


Gravity: Earth-Standard

Orbital Features: Luna

Atmosphere: Breathable - Radioactive zones, some chemical waste pollution in cities.

Climate: Widely varying

Habitability: Mostly inhabitable

Landmasses: Seven continents

Population: ~6 billion - 3.5 Billion in Europe, 1 in Asia, 1 in Africa, .5 between Americas

Capital City: Londinium (Gawain)

Other Major Cities: Paris (Sir Aglovale), Cairo (Sir Bedivere), Volgograd, Barcelona (Sir Galahad), Munich (Sir Geraint), Pyongyang (Sir Kay), Chengdu (Sir Percival), Chicago (Sir Tristan) + La Paz (Sir Lamorak)

Other Cities: Stollen, Hardhome, The Bunker, Tintagel, Fort Guinnon, Carlisle (English examples)

Trade: Power armor, wargear, ships, food, water.


The Old World, Earth, is the birthplace of humanity. Formerly the seat of the First Empire, Earth was laid to waste in MoRGAn-LFA’s Bloody Uprising. Its cities, glittering towers of crystal, have been reduced to ash and crumbling ruins laden with radioactive hotspots or massive chemical dumps rendering them barely habitable. Before Arthur’s ascension to kinghood, humanity survived in the subways of cities, in underground cave networks, and in remote villages hidden from MoRGAn-LFA’s gaze. Now, they have begun to emerge and reclaim the old glories of the First Empire and restore Earth to its former grandeur.

Earth is under the direct rule of King Arthur from his court on Camelot. Its major cities are the fiefs of members of the Round Table, except for Volgograd which is ruled by the Petty Lord known as the Red Knight, who is fiercely protective of his territory and defends it with knights on powerful motorcycles.


Gravity: .904 Earth

Orbital Features: None

Atmosphere: Breathable

Climate: Humid jungle and temperate forests, and Mediterranean-like islands.

Habitability: Inhabitable

Landmasses: 20% land. Main continent is Findabair, 4% of landmass is islands.

Population: 800 Million

Capital City: Carlisle (Queen Valerie Le Guin)

Other Major Cities: Caerleon (Elibel Le Guin, Valkyrie), Amesbury (Isolde, Valkyrie), Cornwall (Braingwain, Valkyrie)

Other Cities: None.

Trade: Water, Valkyries, Luxury Foods and Goods, Alcohol.


Venus was the only planet to stand strong against MoRGAn-LFA’s initial invasion. Led by the Valkyries, a female knightly order, they managed to successfully retreat and fortify their great Monastery-Cities. Centuries of siege warfare were alleviated only by foragers and converting all available land to farms and gardens - to this day, the cities of Venus are beautiful marble facades festooned with ivy and flowers - no landscaping is without a productive component, be it berry bushes or grape-producing vines.

Outside the cities, Venus is largely jungle and ocean. Its jungles are humid and extremely fertile, making Venus a breadbasket when its overgrowth can be tamed. Strange creatures born of First Empire science are especially pre-dominant here - manticores, gryphons, dragons, and the like. Farmers are often armed and their is a tight-knit sense of community among the Venusians. The Valkyries are a religious knightly order serving the White Fay, a goddess of war, charity, and the humble. Though, it is important to note, not all of the women knights of Venus are not members of the Order.

I am looking for detailed writers here, though that's not to say everything has to be several paragraphs - there is, after all, a time for short conversational posts and a time for long inner monologues and battle writing. Really, just looking for people who can be semi-reliable about sticking with this and are interested in engaging with the plot and other characters.

If you're interested, give me any sort of indication and once I've got a handful of people I'll start working on an actual thread.

For you Arthurian purists out there, I've obviously made all sorts of canonical mistakes and certain plot arcs central to the King Arthur mythos will be somewhat differently interpreted in light of this. The point is fun, not getting picky about ancient stories.
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