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News 2019: Scientific Breakthroughs


Absent Minded
Honestly, this is an amazing year for any scientists or science lovers out there!
We started the year really strong, especially in the realm of physics and astronomy. Everyone heard of the black hole onee-sama, but a lot more has happened before this breakthrough and a lot is to come! All of these highlights have a high impact on how our societies will function two years down the line and also has a direct impact on the health of people today.

As a student and researcher of Neuropsychology and an avid lover of physics and computing research as well, I think I'll take the time to share some highlights and link all of this great news to you guys at 4AM. 🤪

Important: There are some ethical controversies in science and everyone may share their opinion, but with respect and intellect. Ignorant snowflakes, begone. OUST.

- The first SD card with 1 terabyte (TB) was announced by Lexar [Link]
- The first Integrated Quantum Computing system for commercial use has been unveiled by IBM [Link]
- Clone gene-edited monkeys created in order to study complex medical diseases are now a thing [Link]
- The oldest known Earth Rock has been discovered on the moon. [Link]
- The AI AlphaStar defeated professional players at StarCraft II in 10 out of 11 rounds [Link]
- A new AI developed by RMIT at UofMelbourne is reported to be 10x faster than Google DeepMind [Link]

- Iridium attached to albumin produces a photosensitized molecule able to penetrate and destroy cancer cells. I.e. It is an improved and more efficient form bypassing the current form of Photodynamic therapy for Cancer patient. [Link]
- The first ever in-body human gene-editing therapy permanently altered the DNA in a patient with Hunter Syndrome [
- Using AI to study genetics, data suggest the existence of an unknown human ancestor in the genome of modern humans (something not Neanderthal, Denisovan or human hybrid). [
- Hearing has been restored in adult mouse with congenital deafness [
- The first germline genetically edited twins (Lulu and Nana) are reported to have inadvertently had their brains enhanced. [
- Nanotech injections give mice infrared vision [
- UofOslo may possibly have found a cure for Alzheimer's disease (human trial in Denmark ongoing) [
- Neurotrope anticipates data from its drug to treat Alzheimer's as soon as summer 2019 [

- A second case of sustained remission from HIV-1 is reported, ten years after the Berlin patient. [Link]
- New optical imaging system enables the discovery of tiny tumours, as small as 200 cells deep within the body. [
- Transplanted woolly mammoth transplanted into mouse cells have shown biological activity. [
- "Why does time seem shorter as we get older?" [

- The first-ever image of a black hole, located 54 million light years away. [Link]
- Astronaut Twin studies: astronaut twin returns with altered DNA and cognition compared to twin sibling. [
- First use of CRISPR technology to edit human genes to treat cancer patients whose standard treatments are not successful. [
- Scientist restore some functions in a pig's brain four hours after death [
- DNA of crusaders found in Lebanon shows more to learn about the History of Crusades [Link]

Promising Themes to Watch Out for In 2019
- New causal factor and cure for Alzheimer's (Virus Hypothesis)
- Digital pills to monitor health inside the human body
- Space Industry in wall street
- Legal AI (Robot Lawyers)
- A shift towards Security Token Offerings (STO)
- Autonomous Cars as the norm
- Weed culture
- 5G technology (currently switching from iPhone to Huawei, the only phones compatible with this advance new tech lol.)
- The continued surge in eSports (in fact, it is officially a sport in many schools in North America already)
- Generation Z entering the workforce, outnumbering the Milleniums
- Immersive reality transforming new sectors such as retail and healthcare.
- AI in schools to deliver lesson content trailored to a student's needs, abilities, and interests.
- Humanization of AI
- New sample collections from Moon
- Proton studies
- Stem cell research
- Reparation and restoration of Damaged Neurons

I think that's already a lot of news to take in! Honestly, so much is happening. Ya'll should keep updates on all those news! Of course, these were tailored to my interest so please do share any other scientific news below!

Have a good day!


Absent Minded
The world is getting faster and everyone better buckle the fuck up because we are not slowing down anytime soon
Seriously, and Im pretty happy shit is starting to move forward. Everyday, science is bettering people's live and correcting in a way the faults in nature (or at least, what we consider faults).


Condescending Online Man
I have to say this, just this once. I can't resist the temptation.





formerly pokemariofan64
Lucky bastard. You haven't seen any of the shit on Twitter and all those places that consistently claims we're doomed because of the latest politick ocurrence which will likely have no impact past the next twenty years or so.


Absent Minded
Lucky bastard. You haven't seen any of the shit on Twitter and all those places that consistently claims we're doomed because of the latest politick ocurrence which will likely have no impact past the next twenty years or so.
Oh like religious "end of mankind" stuff?? Lol i live with fanatics like that xD i dont need twitter LMFAO

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