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Fandom [1x1 YouTube Roleplay]

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LGTBQ, Realistic, Slice of Life

Kemii Lu

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Ayo! As you might be able to tell by the title, I’m looking for someone who might be interested in a roleplay involving Youtubers. I’m familiar with a wide variety of different creators from game channels to reaction channels and I’d be down to play just about anyone, and can even do research for people I don’t know. Down for either Youtuber x Youtuber or Youtuber x OC and doubling up. Must be alright with m// for one of the pairings, but I’m happy to do any other type when doubling. Would prefer this to be over PM’s, so shoot me a message if interested!

A few different people I’m familiar with:
Anthony Padilla / Smosh
Felix / Pewdiepie
The Try Guys
Drew Gooden
Ricky Dillon
Connor Franta
Marcus Butler
Jim Chapman
The Paul Brothers
Joey Graceffa
The Dolan Twins
Luke Korns
... plenty of others, just inquire.

Looking For:
Anthony Padilla
Cody Ko
Noel Miller
Danny González
Jack Merridew
Luke Korns
UnlistedLeaf / Ando
Crispy Concords
Scott Cramer
Ned Fulmer
Mr. Beast/Jimmy
Chandler Hallow
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