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    Story so far....

    Hikari: Squatting onto the damp ground Hikari frowned a small sigh escaping her lips. ''Watashi wa doko ni imasu?'' She said worry filling her voice as she looked around the dense forest. How'd she even get into his situation? One second she was out on the streets of Germany and the next she was in the middle of no where. ''Kore wa horā eiga no yōna monodesu.'' Hikari mumbled silently to herself.''Nanika ga osokare hayakare dete kurudarou.'' She said nervously scanning her surrounding for like the thousandth time before giving up entirely. Worrying about it now would get her absolutely know where. She'd just have to find her way out of here before nightfall then again that was easier said then done. It's not like she hadn't been trying to do that exact thing the whole entire time. With no real success at finding a way out of the large forest. So what was she going to do now? Walking around aimlessly would be pointless but sitting around wasn't an option either.

    Jack-Sama: "We should be getting home Coyoty-Sama."

    "Yeah, Nya, mum will be worried"

    Two matching squeaky voices rang through the still forest and echoed off of a rather large inhuman wolf.

    "Calm your ears kittens well be inside soon. Your mum will not mind, trust me." The wolf responded and just as she had her ears flicked and her nose struck to the sky.

    "What was that!?" A shrill from behind her.

    "Nyaaaaa! Mummy!!!!" Another voice but a shrill nonetheless.

    A branch snap caught Coyoty off guard and then seconds later Coyoty burst from the bushes and knocked the cute redhead to the ground.

    "Who are you!?" The wolf growled unaware that this girl didn't speak English.

    "Cyo-Sama! No, don't kill her!" The cute shrill rang out from behind the wolf who still remained pinning the foreign girl to the dirt ground.

    Suddenly an identical girl appeared right beside the first one and hugged the girls arm looking afraid for her life. "Ooka-Sama is going to be mad at you Coyoty-Sama, Naya." Coyoty growled and glared at the girl.

    "Tell me why you are here!" Coyoty demanded once more still clueless to the fact she did not speak her language.

    "Cyo-Sama, I don't-"

    "Naya! She doesn't speak English Coyoty-Sama!" The wolf glared at the twin girls.

    "Whaaat?!" She demanded bewildered. She hated the fact the two cats could sense more then she could. They were not stronger then her seemingly, but yet they were Gemina's daughters so they were. It was mind nagging. Especially when the eldest girl pulled her off the redhead.

    "Dare ga dare nidesu ka?" The girl asked wit a shaky yet cute voice, her Japanese was not all that good and yet she still tried.

    "We should take her to Jack-Sama, I think he should be able to help, Naya." The other girl who now clung to Coyoty whispered in her ear.

    "Are you mad!?" She growled back at the girl who looked like Coyoty just shot her. "What if she is a traitor!? Humans don't just wonder aimlessly through this forest. Plus how do you think Merdorco-Sama will take to her if she is a human?!"

    "I- I think it's okay Cyo-Sama, Medor-Sama won't mind she looks really lost, I think maybe Jack-Sama will help us. Please Cyo-Sama!?"

    Coyoty felt defeated, she was having trouble saying no to both of the cute twins. "No, we cannot just take a human into our coven, Medorco-Sama WILL NOT like it, and that is just the end of it!"

    "Coyoty-Sama! Please!" The clinging girl wined hugging Coyoty tighter.

    "Ugh, fine, Carly-San, tell- tell he to come, and if Medorco-Sama gets mad, you two will answer to him."

    "Well just take her to Jack-Sama that's all! Thank you Coyoty-Sama!" The girl hollered hugging her, while Carly turned to the redhead and told her they would be needing to take her somewhere where they would be able to understand her better.

    Hikari; In an instant Hikari was pinned on the ground as someone began to yell at her. Not being able to understand what they were saying she began to panic. Trying to think of a way to explain her situation when a loud shriek came out of know where and a pair of twins began yell frantically at her attacker. Before asking her name in her native language. ''Hikari Fukui''she said delighted that someone was able to speak and understand her language so far from home. But it didn't stop her from worrying as the three of them began to argue over something. Probably something to do with her but with her English she couldn't be to sure. Though after a couple minutes they seemed to have come to some kind of agreement and quickly settled down again. As one of the twin explained to her she was being taken inside where they could help and understand her better.

    ''Arigato gozaimasu.'' Hikari said as she got on her feet again with a quick bow showing her profound gratitude to the three. She wasn't quite sure where she was being taken but it was better then wandering the forest all night.

    Silently following the three she began to think how she'd explain herself. She didn't think they would believe anything she would have to say to them. If they could even understand her at all seeing as the poor girl who spoke to her last wasn't to good with her Japanese.

    Jack-Sama: Coyoty growled glaring at her girls. She could not believe she was taking an intruder back to the manor, her mother would have her pelt, and her father would skin her alive, she just knew it.

    As the forest begun to break and become less dense the family's estate started coming into view and as it did Coyoty got more tense. The house itself was castle sized with dead grass and trees everywhere, no matter what the family did or who they hired the grass always died as did the surrounding trees, the only thing that lived long enough to make an impact was the vines that intertwined up the building and around the various lights around the estate.

    Various wolves growled at the smell of the intruder. All different colours of wolves ranging from solid white to black and all down the grayscale. Coyoty herself against these wolves stuck out like a sore thumb. She was black like some wolves but had red slithering down her body and gray as well as a single "Z" on her flank in bright blue.

    "There starting to get antsy..." Coyoty said taking in each wolf who stood and growled.

    At last one attacked her and knocked her into a fiery explosion of teeth and claws. Coyoty obviously had the upper hand. She was twice as large as this wolf and had darker fur. In their family the darker your fur the higher the rank you were.

    "What is going on!?" A female with short hair who looked identical to the girl in blue shouted at the two fighting wolves.

    "Ma'am she brought an intruder her-" Coyoty stabbed the wolf with a huge blade and twisted it watching the wolf bust into dust.

    "Gemina-Neesan, this girl appears to be lost, she knows neither English nor German, Maiko-San spoke to her but it appears only Jack-Kun can speak her language." The woman crossed her arms over her chest as a large gust of wind blew the dead wolf's remains around.

    "Merdoco will not be pleased Coyoty-Imouto, you do know this right?" Coyoty nodded but changed into her human form and summoned the girls to go to Gemina.

    "I will take full credit for her. She does need help, for someone to get as lost as she was it is clear she is going to need it." Coyoty then took Hikari's hand and guided her inside the estate.

    The inside of the building was even more grand then the outside, it was dark and looked like no one had cleaned it in forever but somehow it was warming and inviting. Coyoty turned to Hikari. "Uh," she started racking her brain, English was her second language and German was her first but even she didn't know Japanese. "God... Um, wait.... Here." She pointed to the spot Hikari was standing in and made a gesture as if meaning for her to stay. "Sitzen bleiben!" She yelled and ran as fast as she could into another room just beside the girl.

    "Jack-Kun I need your help!" Coyoty hollered and raced into the boy's room without knocking. "Jack-Kun!"

    Coyoty relax! What is it dammit!?" Jack suddenly appeared behind the girl a single towel covering his pale skin. Coyoty grabbed his arm and yanked him to where Hikari should have been standing.

    "She does not know English nor German, I believe she knows a japanese, can you help her!?" Jack glared at Coyoty and turned to the red haired girl coughing slightly.

    "Anata wa nihongo o hanasu nodesu ka?"

    Hikari: In just a matter of minutes Hikari could do nothing more than just stare dumb founded. Even when she was supposed to be answering the young man's question she could do nothing but whisper her own name before falling silent again. Here she was in the middle of who knows where with supernatural beings. She almost couldn't believe her own eyes as she hesitantly took in her surrounding questions hitting her at every turn. Where was she? Who were they and what was going to happen to her. Would they kill her for finding out their secret? As the questions began to multiply at an enormous pace in her mind Hikari began to feel light headed with fright. It was just too much to take in all at once as human neko's and ookami began to flood her vision. Would this 'Jack'-sama standing before her decided to kill her and feed her to them? With this last thought her mind went dark and she fell to the floor limp and lifeless.

    Jack-Sama: "Useless." Coyoty was first to comment on Hikari's fainting spell. Jack almost glared at her but was more concerned in the girl.

    "First off, Coyoty-San, your supposed to be kinder to guests, no matter what their race, secondly, help me get her to your room." Cototy justloved the emphasis on her room. Jack couldn't legally make her do anything she didn't want to, she had a life and was determined to live it, taking care if some human who was too frightened to stand in front of a halfblood vampire was not on the list.

    "I was not even going to hurt her, and it is not like you could have done any better in reality." Jack glared at her this time in response to her.

    "You read her thoughts." He more stated then asked as he grabbed for Hikari, and with one arm he picked her up bridal style.

    "So what if I did? I mean honestly she was rambling on about what she was going to do if we killed her, or if we would for that matter. Merdoco-Sama is really the only person she has to fear, if he finds out I brought home a human he will have both my head and her for lunch!"

    "Honestly Coyoty-San, when is the last time you have a single iota of sympathy for a human? Just because your mother re-married a better person doesn't mean you have full right to rag on him." Coyoty's ears dropped as he silenced her with that one statement about her mother.

    In truth she was happy about her mother marring someone better. But in the back of her mind she was constantly reminded of her original father the one she so gloriously shared his blood with. She hated being his kin, even related to him she just hated knowing that somewhere deep inside she was just like him. No mater what she did he was always there, looking at her in the mirror.

    "Coyoty-San, did you hear anything I said?" Jack shook Coyoty from her deep trance and she shook her head in a response. Jack sighed deeply. "I said give Hikari-San this when she wakes up, do not tell her what it is, this is a chemical compound to give the illusion of genetically altered blood, this will make her blood not only smell but taste just like a vampires, continue to feed this too her daily until I can find her home, but do not and I mean do not a) bite her, whatever you do, you are a pureblood and if you bite her every effort I have to find her home will be lost because were going to have to keep her here, two, do not feed that to her for more then seven straight days, if you do she will start experiencing vampire like symptoms of change, remember when you changed?" Jack paused during his orders to wait for Coyoty's nod, she assumed this is where he stopped las time.

    "Yes." She answered obediently.

    "Good, it was painful right?"


    "Good, again. Would you go through that again."

    "Jack-Sama! I went through it twice now shut up!"

    Coyoty bolted forgetting that she was supposed to take care of Hikari. Jack had struck the wrong cord with her. She had in fact gone through the vampiric change twice, each time was as painful as she could remember, but the second time was the most painful because she lost her own children in the process of it.

    No one would have guessed that little Coyoty could mother children but she had, and she had a whole litter of them to account for. Each one as precious to her as their father himself. But one day by her fathers demand and by her eldest son's brutal hand he almost killed Coyoty and took his younger sister with him. He scattered his own brother and sister keeping only one also by her fathers demand, honestly she just wanted to see her children's faces again even if they were as mad as hornets at her, she didn't care, a mother to a child bond is nothing that could be explained.

    Hikari: It was some time after that Hikari awoke in Coyoty's arms as she was briskly being carried off somewhere. At first all she could do was feel frightened and yet ashamed. She'd fainted infront of people who'd just wanted to help her get home of course they wouldn't eat her. Let alone kill her what was she thinking?! Of course she couldn't help being a little frightened in Coyoty's arms knowing she was a beautiful yet deadly creature to behold. Although that quickly vanished as she peeked a glance at the girls face finding it filled with a consuming sadness as it seemed to get darker and more dim with the passing seconds. Making her want to comfort the girl and wipe that saddness off of her delicate face. But the only word she'd known in there language was the word okay and how was that supposed to help her? How could she comfort the girl if she only knew one single word and nothing else? Couldn't even start a simple conversation with the people who were trying to help her and possibly get her home.

    Feeling almost useless in her current situation Hikari couldn't help but feel a bit saddened herself. "O-Okay?" Hikari said pointing at the girl and trying to desperatly get her point accross even if she only knew one word the girl good understand.

    Jack-Sama: Coyoty's keen wolf ears perked at the sound of the girl speaking. She sat on the windowsill of the room on looking the bay holding the curtain. She shook her head and simply stood facing the girl.

    "Okay." She smiled putting her thumbs in the air not sure if the girl understood what the thumbs up meant. Coyoty was of course lying but who would want to tell a complete stranger who might not even understand most of what she said her life story?

    At that moment jack entered the room with a meal. This meal though covered smelled delicious and reminded Coyoty of seemingly happier times. Jack reached his hand out which made Coyoty fumble around with the bottle he'd given he earlier for Hikari. She handed it to him and he put a spoonful into the girl's orange juice storing completely before passing the glorious meal towards Hikari.

    "Enjoy, my dear." Jack's soothing voice spoke almost fluently in the tongue Hikari knew best. His smile was warm and heck his whole existence was hard to believe he was just like Coyoty even when compared to the girl it was such a major difference.

    Coyoty was very dark and dark spirited, she enjoyed the moon and solitary confinement. She barely got along with other vampires and humans pissed her off so had she had to be chained each full moon to prevent her from killing without a purpose. She was also a wolf and therefore strong and more often then not broke the chains that held her back and still killed. She was like her father even though she tried so hard not to be.

    Jack on the other hand was bright and full of spirit. He was quite calm and collected most of the time, he got along with both humans and vampires alike. He always took pride into his work and having never had an ounce of real human blood had no drive to try and kill Hikari, unlike Coyoty whom was just itching to end the girls life. Jack was a neko, he was always changing at random and needed Coyoty (as his sibling) to keep him from getting caught.

    They were two totally different people whom strangely loved each other unconditionally and worked together even if it was to keep a secret such as this human in their house. It was only a matter of time though before Merdoco found out.

    Hikari: Staring down at the meal infront of her Hikari couldn't help feel greatful for the two of them. No mater who or what they really were. "Thank you!" She said revieling a small smile before she began eating. Giving away a small squeal as she took the first bite of her steak. "This is amazing!" She said delighted with the meal provided to her as she took a small sip of her drink.

    Finishing the rest of her meal Hikari couldn't help feeling like she was some how indebt to these people. She knew that taking her in was already a big enough risk with all these werewolfs? Or whatever they were let alone feeding her and letting her stay here for so long already. "I hope I'm not causing you any trouble." she said as she looked at the two of them with a worried expression on her face.

    Jack-Sama: "Oh no!" Jack smiled lowly and held out his hand. "You are not troubling us and it is not a bother. Oh and for the record, were not werewolves, last hand me your arm?"

    Coyoty's wolf ears fell flat she may not have spoken much Japanese but she spoke vampire exceptionally well. "Jack-Kun! Hold your horses, I already have her the dose of medicine she'll kill you." Jack craned his neck at her and blinked.

    "You read the bottle." Jack returned standing. "Jack." Coyoty whispered her ears pulling back further and tighter to her skull. Loudly and quite suddenly the door pushed open and the triplet girls came running in.

    "So this is the girl!?" One asked her deep purple eyes going wide. Jack jumped up happily and smiled watching the girl run to Hikari.

    "Know anymore English then previously?" A set of green eyes attached to a small girl asked coughing into her closed fist. "Melinda, shouldn't you be back in bed?" Jack asked in concern. Coyoty rolled her eyes.

    "No, Carly-San, and Jack-Kun is right Melinda, get to bed." Melina rolled her deep green eyes and walked to the door. Carly was now poking at Hikari like she was some sort of non-alive doll. "You managed to make her smell like a vampire. Which is good but Merdorco-Sama is busy." Coyoty's ears pulled back yet again and looked away.

    "Yeah. Lyorah-San, we went over this." Coyoty then darted from the room without another word.

    "Carly get out. Let me speak with Hikari-San alone; I need to explain things to her."

    Jack shooed the remaining girls from the room and closed the doors sighing heavily. "Ah well now that, that is over we need to go over a few things. I would eat first if I were you.

    {I don't want to explain it all so imagine it if you will and I'm skipping time a little, hopefully to get to and Hakio caught up to each other. Sorry it's just hard copying characters...}

    Jack explained about the vampires of the house and the wolves, of Coyoty and the triplets she met; how they were neko who were not supposed to be existent let alone in the house, he explained how he needed to make the illusion of her being a vampire to save her from becoming chowmein and last how he could gift her the power to fully understand and relay any language she wanted to at her command, all she had to do was ask.

    "That is a pretty name by the way, it means light or harmony, no?"

    The boy could not quit smiling. 
    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LATEST POST HERE!!!!!

    Hikari stared at the events before her eyes and couldn't help but smile a bit. They all looked so sweet together like a family. At least that's what she thought a family looked like behind closed doors. She never said anything about it but Hikari never had a normal cuddly family experience. She was an outcast she was different. Different from them and everyone around her. Maybe that's why she didn't find this as scary as it should have been to anyone else in the world. It was probably due to the fact that she knew that being different didn't mean your dangerous or deadly. It just meant that you were different unique in your own way. Just like she was in her own way. A unique and beautiful monster...

    After everyone left the room Jack-Sama as she had heard everyone called him calmly explained her situation. Such as if she was found she would pretty much die. That fact didn't scare her in the slightest in her life she had faced death at home and outside of it multiple times. She was almost immune to it the thought of this so called death that everyone feared. Of course she wasn't going to go around and boast such a thing. She'd just have to put on the weak girl mask she always did and everything would go fine. It was easy scream and faint when something big or abnormal happened while acting like a weak and fragile teenage girl. It always worked even at the exact moment. It wasn't like she liked lying to people especially people like Jack you risked their lives to protect her but that's the way she made it past every day. By putting up a mask and never getting to close to anyone or anything because she knew that in the end they always left you by yourself. It didn't matter what kind of speech they gave you of being their forever they always left in the end.

    It was after everything was explained to her that Hikari thought over Jack proposal. She would be lying if she said she wasn't interested. To be perfectly honest she was intrigued by his offer. It was true that she was different very different from what everyone thought she was she even had different skills of her own just like vampires and werewolves. It was just a bit different then what others may have thought it to be. The thing was she didn't have the skill to interpret every single language known to man and if Jack could add this skill to her arsenal of skills then she wouldn't quite mind in the least. That is as long he didn't have to find out what she was or have a sense that she was different from the way she looked.

    "That would be perfect!" Hikari said clapping her hands together with a glorious smile on her face. "It would truly help me in this situation." She said motioning around the surroundings. "I think it would also be great for the situation...Since it would be weird if I was one of you and I couldn't even understand you at all." She said a bit sheepishly not making contact with Jack's eyes just as a shy and delicate girl should have done. "But.....Will it hurt? You know if you give me the power to understand all languages? Do you have to....you know bite me or something?" She said sounding unsure and scared again just as she had done when she had met them previously. Of course she knew it wouldn't hurt in the slightest he didn't even have to bite her just relay it to her through his mind with a couple fancy words and just like that it would be over. At least that's what previously happened when a skill or 'power' was forced upon her. Of course she couldn't tell him that and being an innocent shy girl she wasn't supposed to know how it worked. Besides it could have been different for him if he were going to transfer the skill. So the best comeback she could think of was related to all cheesy chick flicks all normal people watched nowadays.

    "Oh yes it does!" Hikari said letting her mask fall off for just a fraction of a second as she heard Jack tell her the meaning of her own name but it was back on as fast as it had come off. "How did you know?!" She said back to her old self weak and girly. Know one had payed attention to her name before it was the first time in her life anyone had shown interest in her name. If it weren't for the mask holding her together she might have broken down right there. For the first time in eighteen years someone seemed to care. It was almost like being shown a dim ray of light in her dark world.

    Finally! Hope that works :) Sorry for the wait. :( Hope you like the little twist. :3
  2. Jack was hardly anything light related, he of all people was probably the darkest person in the room at that moment and time. Knowing that the girl needed help though was enough to keep him friendly and caring, not that Jack ever wasn't but around humans he was a little on the edgier side of things.

    It was strange to say this, to be this, and to remember this fact because at one point Jack was human. Barely rememberin it though he knew he was not human for a long period of time, he also knew his brother was the reason he was not human. He though tried not to remember that part of his life and the girl had asked him if it would hurt, if he had to bite him. "No." He answered to both questions. "It's kinda like as a baby you first learn your language, I will perform a simple small spell that opens that part of your brain again and to will be able to absorb things better. It is not painful and if teachers knew this then they would probably use it." He ran his fingers through her hair smiling.

    "I would never bite you, and if I ever did it would not be without your permission." Jack stood lookin away and walking around the room. "It would change you into what I am without the simple illusion, a change is very painful, especially for humans." Jack took a tray over to the girl and opned the tray exposing a fine array of food. A nice egg sugar omelette accompanied by some fruit and a glass of orange juice.

    "It is a pretty name." He me mentioned slowly setting a napikin with silverware tucked inside of it. "Also forgive the meal and the lack of silverware we do not usually partake in eating normal human food." He wondered if the omelette would be enough he did not know much about Japanese breakfast cuisine but the rest of the culture he knew almost too well. He himself was not Japanese but he enjoyed every culture nonetheless. He was more like the whitest white came. But he never told anyone that and to help with this he leaned down to Hikari realising she was putting on a front for him.

    "Hikari-San, my child you have nothing to be afraid of here do you see these?" He pointed to his head where a perfect pair of triangle shaped perked up on his head, a longish slightly fury tail also came into view and flicked behind him lashing from side to side as he was happy to actually show them. "No one here is going to judge you. Mary-San will know the truth and will do everything in her power to protect you, I promise you this. And no one here is going to judge you belittle you or bully you for being what you are. You have to promise me that front of yours has to come down though or I will be forced to revoke your language learning privleges." He hated resorting to punishments like this. Lord only knew how many years Hikari had been putting up that front, no one could tap into her past and just make her pretend it never happened. However though with that said it was not as if Jack did not understand. Looking at himself every day reminded him he was different.

    Even if he liked his cat side, even if he loved being in his cat form after all of this he was simply just not the same person as he used to be. A sickly human with no past, no future and no life to look forward to. His mother had started this, this hate feeling he held. Because even after he was better, less sickly and had less of a need to rely on homeschooling for everything encause of how sick he got his mother pushed him away. Was scared the first time her son became a cat and again the next time he heard something that normally humans should not hear. She was not happy with him though and took him to his baby sitter and left him there. When his brother came home to find his brother gone and had not returned, Jack knew the boy went looking for him, searching to find him until he was nothing more then a sickly child himself.

    That was until his brother found him. It however was anything but a happy reunion. His brother tried to convince him that the hunters association was after him, for what he was or what he could be. Jack not believing him attacked his brother and with only a Swiss Army knife and his vampire toxin filled teeth sent his brother running home. He never knew the pain his brother went through even though he went through it himself because he had Mary there helping him keeping him safe there was nothing to help his brother no one was there for him but, that was merely the end of Jack knowing his brother, for he never came to the house and Jack never went looking for him, he could never face the fact he had changed his brother into what he was even if it was his brothers fault he was what he was. There was no wrong here, both brothers blamed themselves and both brothers paid for their trials equally.

    So now Jack was back in reality. He knew here at the house he had nothing to fear and he was hoping Hikari would know it too. He sat though at the end of her bed cross legged his ears and tail in full view as to make her not afraid of what was to come. No one would harm her, she would not walk into harms way, as long as Jack had his way, and long as she was with him, his only fear was that at some point though she smelled just like him, the mere reminder that she was human would drive him to bite her and change her too. He was hoping deep down inside that, that would not happen.

    He had seen Coyoty go through it and the pain though knowing what it was like could never compare to the pain of seeing anothe person one you loved to though it, and in Hikari's time of need front or not she was a loved one, mine as well been since Jack opened up his home and his heart for her, something he knew he did not have to do and was not however willing to tell this girl that. No one needed to know what he felt, even if he himself put on a front. He was not looking for love and maybe he had fallen for her sweet innocent girl act. Just maybe.
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  3. Hikari couldn't help but flinch as the front she'd held on to for the past eighteen years of her life had been exposed. If anyone were to ask how she felt at that exact moment terrible would be an understatement. She didn't just feel terrible she felt petrified and horror-struck all at the same time. Being exposed so quickly and easily was like getting socked in the gut a thousand times over. It was like someone savagely ripped off her only weapon of defense in an ongoing war leaving her to die a brutal death. With nothing but her own two hands and feet to keep her going.

    "What do you know?! Your probably hiding under a front of your own with your shiny and perfect smiles!" Hikari said instantly feeling threatened by Jack. He'd only known her for the past couple hours and here he was preaching to her already. As if he had all the answers to her problems when he didn't. Why was she supposed to open up like some kind of jack-in-the-box just because he decided to turn the handle a couple times. He wasn't anyone above her status and he sure as hell didn't own her. She'd open up whenever she wanted to whether it be today, tomorrow, or never at all.

    "And for the record." Hikari snarled quietly. "If I ever did open up to what I am.....I'd be scared for you." She said with a look of pity in her eyes. If she ever did something like that again she'd end her life with her own two hands. She would never go through something as sick and putrid as that again. Never. No matter what anyone said even Jack. It didn't matter how tempting or sweet the offer sounded to her she would never accept it again. Even if it meant she'd live under a front for the rest of her bedeviled life.

    Once she was done feeling like a mouse in a trap Hikari couldn't help but feel a slight bit guilty. It wasn't like it was Jack's fault she was like this. She didn't even really have a right to be mad at him. He was trying to be nice helpful even and here she was snarling at her like some kind of wild animal. Besides if her front was that weak towards Jack then she'd just have to build it back even stronger. To the point where he would be able to point it out so easily.

    "Sorry for yelling at you." Hikari whispered in one quick breath before marching out of the room needing to run away. Far away.

    Short D:
  4. "What do I know?" Jack asked calm and very collected. "I know that being abandoned for what I am, who I am, by my own parents who could not even look at me, is the coldest thing ever. I know that my own baby sitter had to change because she had no other choose and it was killing her to watch a human boy, whom was not nearly human, making my blood that much more appealing to her because she could not stand to watch me suffer. I also know what it is like to see my brother walk away from me hen all I want was to see him, to be with him and all I did was push him away. So yeah maybe I don't know what your problems are or who you are inside but don't you think you have no right to get all rash wit me missy?" He crossed his arms over his chest now not a single year or shred of emotion on his face.

    Then he dropped down close to her face. "I have watched countless humans brutally murdered, tortured ripped limb from limb. Heart the terrified cries of small children and struc fear into the heart of my own brother my flesh and blood so if you want to talk about pity, fear injustice see what I have seen in my lifetime miss Hikari and then tell me to be afraid for me." He bared his fangs at her but backed up composing himself once more. He felt suddenly as if what he did was wrong. All he anted to so was for Hikari to feel safe. He was not expecting her to jump down his throat for calling out something that seemed so incredibly obvious... To him.

    Truth was everything he said was true. He had seen blood shed, people torn limb from limb merciless sly because a vampire purebloods could not become once without their first kill. He also knew what it was like to wish he was accepted not only for who he was but what he was. In a short they were almost alike Hikari and himself. No one if themselves would under stand them if not themselves to eachother. They could not expect anyone to so much as show compassion or love and even understanding for not who the were but what they were. Fronts, disguisers, fake selves, they were all just cover ups for what was behind it all. And jack right there vowed to find out what was Hikari's real self.

    "Hikari-San!" Jack yelled knowing outside was not safe for her, at least not in this state. The vampires were still sleeping given it was broud daylight out, but there were wolves guarding the castle that would probably either tear her to peices or get torn to peices. He could not let that happen so before she got even halfway down the hallway towards the stairs of the third floor they were on he grabbed her picking her up after coming out of seemingly no where at all and hoisted her over his shoulder with ease taking her back to the room.

    "Whoa there missy." He said fluffing her hair after hed put her back on the bed and closed the door with his foot. "I cannot have you wandering about. The forest is dangerous and the vampires here are least of your worries, plus if you are as scary as you say you are then you should not leave the house I don't want our dogs ruling you up." He wondered if shed even seen the dogs at the gate entrance, probably not. But there were hundreds of different wolves whom lay their lives down for them if feeling threatened. This was their territory and jack knew that even without training they would protect what they thought was theirs.

    "I do not want you to feel like a prisoner here. I want you to feel welcome, and free, and all I wanted was for you to feel I afraid, as if I would judge you for what you were, I assume that is all you are judging if me. My fangs and teeth, are my smiled that intimidating. Is my voice just too calm? What am I doing wrong to make you so afraid my dear?" he asked tryig to get to the bottom of this but then the thought about something " I do not know you, who you are or what you are and I am certainly not trying to pretend that five minuets of speakit to you I know everything about you. Please do not be afraid of that and though I am able to read minds I choose not to." He was tring falishly now to assure her she was safe.

    And all he could do was hope it was working.


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