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Fantasy 1x1 Superhero Check

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Action, Adventure, Super Powers


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In the mood for something different.

I have been wanting to do something superhero related for a while, have a couple OCs in mind. and I'd like to find someone to give this a try with.

Action, Saving the Day, maybe a bit of romance? I'm open to it, as well as dark themes.

My OC is a male supe, so there's that. I'm comfortable with MxF more than anything, and I have a preference for a female supe, possible, love interest. They could also be a rival I nthe same city, a partner, etc. Or, if you think you might be able to make a human character than can help keep things exciting? By all means.

DM and we can RP here or over discord, but I would prefer to talk more first and see if we mesh well.

The overall world is fictional - No actual locales in our world. Powers can come from a variety of places.

I would love it if you were open to playing villains, like I am, and side characters, whatever is needed for a fun story!


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I have a male sup also. I would love to RP and it doesn't have to have romance since you said you were looking for MXF

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