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❛beauty is a knife ive been holding by the blade❜

  • "Will you still be with me
    when the magic all runs out?"

coded by weldherwings.

☊ 30 years old
☊ Female
☊ Lives in Virginia [EST time zone]
☊ Full time nurse
☊ Romance lover [along with other themes]
☊ MxF writer mainly [though this doesn't mean I'm opposed to other pairings; it just depends]
☊ Can easily double/bring in side characters
☊ Lover of detail
☊ Writes in 3rd person, past tense
☊ Usually not a daily poster

☊ 17+
☊ Male or female
☊ Literate to advanced writing level
☊ Able to play male or double
☊ Any timezone
☊ Writes in 3rd person, past tense
☊ Romance lover [*optional]
☊ OOC chat lover [*optional]
☊ Discord user [*optional; usually just for ooc chat]

1. As I stated in my about me section, I'm a full time nurse. Yes I get busy, and no I will not respond everyday all day. There are times where I can rapid fire post, but these are rare. If you bug me for replies, you can forget it.
2. Poking. Feel free to poke me after a few days to a week if I haven't responded.
3. I both enjoy and prefer detailed posts. If they take you longer, so be it. I don't care. As long as I know you're still interested, I am a very patient person.
4. I'm ghost friendly. Let's face it, it happens. I'd prefer you tell me if you weren't interested anymore, but I won't hate you if you don't.
5. Don't be a selfish twat. This RP has more than one person in it because it's about more than one person.
6. I cuss like a sailor. @ me.
7. If you're interested in roleplaying, I prefer you PM me. Feel free to post here if you'd like, but I do delete comments because I like my thread to stay clean.
8. When you PM me, please give me some information to work with. What I can call you, some info about you/your roleplaying style, what you're interested in. Also add in your favorite mythological creature for funsies.
9. I love talking OOC and making friends, but if you're a bit more closed off, that's fine. I respect that. I have discord if you wanna chat there.
10. Generally, I want romance in all of my plots. But for the love of god, that doesn't mean I don't want to include other themes.
11. My favorite time period to RP is modern. I *might* do other eras; you'll just have to ask/come at me with a good plot.

☊ hades x persephone [modern au]
☊ Vampire x Human
☊ Demon x Human
☊ Gifted Human x Supernatural
☊ Witch x Supernatural
☊ Witch x Witch Hunter
☊ Vampire x Vampire Hunter
☊ Angel x Demon
☊ Demon x Mermaid
☊ Supernatural x Human
☊ Rich x Poor
☊ Popular x Non-popular
☊ Good girl x bad boy
☊ Kidnapper x kidnapped
☊ country x city
☊ Singer x Fan/non-fan
☊ Princess x Guard
☊ Imaginary Friend x Real
☊ Nurse x inmate

☊ trapped
☊ haunted [house, asylum, etc.]
☊ kidnapping
☊ stockholm syndrome
☊ _____ relationship [toxic, abusive, fake, etc.]
☊ arranged marriage
☊ love triangle
☊ forbidden love
☊ disney inspired
☊ song inspired


The Preying Seasons
[**this can be done as a love triangle roleplay with two seasons for each female, or otherwise**]
In the small town of Maple Grove, things are not all as they seem. The town is secluded, though not secluded enough that you're completely shut off from the world. Kids grow up happy here, get good educations, fall in love, get married and have kids. Most people that find their way here wind up not wanting to leave for one reason or another. The community is very close knit, and they watch out for each other. Each year to celebrate their small town, a week long festival is held. There's music, games, competitions, rides, food and more. It's a time to come together and enjoy each other's company. Rides by day, and dancing by night.

But not everyone knows that this ball has a higher purpose. Every 100 years or so, the kings and queens of the four seasons come from their homes, mingling amongst the humans to choose a bride or groom to take back with them. They need someone to marry to keep the seasons going: Spring, Fall, Summer, and Winter. Each season represents a specific community, and if even one of these communities gets disrupted, the seasons and the world could be in grave danger. Once a bride or groom is chosen at the end of the week-long ceremony, they are taken from their hometown to live in the kingdom they were chosen for. How will you deal with your new life? Can you adjust?

MC isn't normal, though she has no idea about her own secret past. When visiting a circus one day with friends, the ringmaster sees her and recognizes her aura, and wants her for his own. YC is another supernatural being that has been a part of this for a while. Once MC gets brought into the circus world, there is no escaping.

[MC] has lived a pretty normal life. Good family, good job, money in the bank. Everything is going great for her, until her 25th birthday, when her father tells her he has an announcement to make. Enter [YC]. As it turns out, [MC]’s family is in debt, and she is to be given to [YC] for him to own, as payment. She isn’t the first; this has been going on for generations. She had no idea, and now she has to deal with [YC] and the realization that her life is no longer her own.

Things That Go Bump In The Night
[MC] is out late one night, probably doing things she shouldn’t be doing. [YC] is also out late— getting dinner. He’s a vampire, out for a late night feeding. Somehow, [MC] catches [YC] in the act. Of course, [YC} can’t just let her go and run her mouth, so he takes [MC] somewhere where he can figure out his next step.

Things have changed. Vampires run the world. They came out of hiding, and started enslaving the humans. Most places are run down; anywhere nice is a great place to get caught by a vampire. [MC] has been on the run all her life. [YC] is a powerful vampire, out one day at an auction to pick up a new servant. [YC] spots [MC] and is instantly intrigued. So he purchases her.

Vampire Masquerade
There is a new family in town, and they are throwing a masquerade ball for boys and girls (aged late teens to mid twenties or so) to attend. Everyone is excited about the ball; who doesn't love a chance to get dressed up? Plus, your face is hidden behind a mask. You can be anyone you want to be; no one will ever know. MC is attending like everyone else. What no one knows is that the new family throwing the ball is a family of vampires, and the ball is an excuse for the vampire 'children' to try and find their soulmates. YC is one of the vampire 'children', and he finds his soulmate in MC. Will he take her away from her family? Taunt her from afar (or up close) until she agrees to go with him willingly? Will he threaten her or her family? Will they hate each other?

[YC] is a demon prince on the run. Son of satan himself, due to take over one day. But he doesn’t want that, so he ran away to earth. He’s been on the run for a long time, and one day, his running brings him to a small town where he hopes to blend in. [MC] lives in this town. She’s a normal human girl— so she thinks. [YC] can sense that there is something different about her. As he tries to investigate, the tracker demons catch up to him, and he’s forced to grab [MC] and go back on the run. How will they deal with each other?

[MC] created [YC] at a tender young age to deal with her childhood trauma/lonlieness/whatever is decided. [YC] is everything she ever needed, but slowly, [MC] grew up and found that she didn't need him anymore. Perhaps he grew angry, perhaps he grew sad. Whatever his response may be, he finds that one day she can't hear or see him anymore-- but for some reason, he doesn't leave. Maybe he actually can't. He's forced to watch her grow and flourish. But then he finally tears himself free, only to somehow become human. A wish, a deal with the devil, whatever-- he's now flesh and bone. Drawn back to his creator, he shows up at her doorstep one day.

[MC] was born to be a hunter. Not of game, but of vampires. It's the only life she's ever known, and she's determined to be good at it. [YC] is a vampire, who lives his life with a blatant disregard for hunters. Whether he outright flaunts he's a vampire to them, or tries to avoid them, is up to you. Our characters meet (I was thinking in some sort of occult shop), and somehow, one (or both) of them set off a curse that ties their lives together. If one dies, the other dies, as well. Now they have to figure out how to break it, without killing the other in the process.

Rising Star
MC and YC were once in a relationship, possibly something along the lines of high school sweethearts. Or perhaps they weren't in a relationship, but had something more along the lines of love & hate. Either way, there was something there-- until YC got the chance of a lifetime: to pursue his dreams of becoming a star. Without so much as a note or even a spoken word, YC left town. Fast forward x amount of years, and something brings him back to his hometown, and back to MC.

More to Life
MC is engaged (or married, haven't decided yet) to her high school sweetheart. They have been together for years, and are overall happy. But lately, MC has been wondering... is she missing out on anything by getting married so young? Her fiance is great, but... is there more to life? Enter YC, the resident bad boy who can open her eyes to a whole new world. (Cookie if you get the reference on that line XD)

Innocence Lost
A gang member, [YC] is building his way up the food chain, so to speak. He wants to become the next leader when the time is right. He does everything that is asked of him. One day, he's told to rob a shop on the outskirts of town. Well, [MC] is the one in the shop the day he has to rob it. Guns blazing, [YC] charges in, but he isn't expecting [MC] to retaliate. He has orders to get the money and go, and a strict no kill and no abduction order. When [MC] pulls off [YC]'s mask, he knows he can't leave her, so he is forced to take her with him, as sirens are already on their way.

[MC] comes from a long line of money. Her family has pretty much worked their way up from the bottom, and never not had it. Her life has always been a good one, if not a little lonely. She fills her life with material things and empty friendships. [YC] comes from the rough side of life. Broke, always having to work twice as hard as the upper class. Whether he's in a gang or just decides one day that he's tired of being broke, he gets an assignment/decides to rob [MC]'s father. The best way to do that? Get close to the daughter.

[MC] is an up and coming pop star (or some variation of). [YC] is her new bodyguard, hired to keep an eye on her as she's been known to cause trouble. Her previous bodyguards were either too soft or gave up, so it's up to the new bodyguard (YC) to make sure she stays safe. ((Side note: This is very bare bones; we can definitely tweak/add details!))

The Visitor
[MC] lost her brother in some sort of work related accident [could have been military, or a police officer, or even something less major] and that upset the entire family. A couple years have passed and [YC] shows up at the door, stating that he was a friend of the brother. He's invited to stay at the home, but it's not long before something becomes a little off. [We can decide what that is before the rp!]

Waking Up In Vegas
It's prom night. [MC] is with her friends, having the time of her life. They decide to go to Vegas, where she meets [YC]. He's older, sexy, and has a motorcycle. She has the night of her life, drunk and in love with life. [YC] suggests, more like dares [MC], that they go to the chapel and get married. Of course, her drunk brain thinks that's a great idea. So off to the chapel they go. Eventually, [MC] returns to her hometown with her friends, probably the next morning after a long night with her husband. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right? Well, years down the road, [MC] wants to get married and settle down, for real. However, first she must return to Vegas and hope she can find the man she married on prom night and tell him she wants a divorce. [YC] is still with his motorcycle gang, suave and sexy as ever. Unswayed, she insists on the divorce that he doesn't seem to want.

Faking It
[A] is a bit of a nerd, not necessarily in the glasses wearing i-like-algebra way, but she's always put school and responsibilities first. Her sister, not so much. But when her sister proposes they go into business together, A decides to give it a shot against her better judgement. Fast forward a few months, and their business is already failing. A does everything while her sister parties it up, and rarely shows up to actually to her job. Enter B. He's someone that A and her sister know from high school, though they were never close as A and B couldn't get along for more than a few seconds at a time. Well things have definitely changed-- B took over the family business (or made one of his own, got a good job, etc.) and makes bank now. He happens upon their failing business and offers A an offer she can't refuse-- he'll help pay their back debt, if she signs a contract that she'll be his 'slave' for the next 3 months. Go to functions with him, act as his girlfriend if he needs it, cleans his house (though he does have a lady for that already), etc. It's a terrible option for A, but she doesn't want to go bankrupt because of her sister, so she agrees.

-CW's The Flash [searching for a Zoom/Jay/Hunter]
-The Vampire Diaries [searching for Klaus]
-Labyrinth [searching for Jareth]
-American Horror Story [ask]
-Disney AU [OCs]
-Once Upon A Time [searching for Killian or OC]
-T*Witches [OCs]
-H20: Just Add Water [OCs]

fandom plots:
The Vampire Diaries
[i'm putting this before the plot because honestly, I don't have much of a plot for this. Just more of an idea, really. So I'll do my best to explain.] There is a new girl in town. She's a witch, although she doesn't know it. She was adopted, and has come to find her birth parents. [This is all I have so far. I'd like for someone to play Klaus for me. I can play just about anyone for you.]

Sarah was fifteen when she wished her brother Toby away to the goblins and went on her adventure to save him. Now, she's in her twenties and lives on her own. Toby comes to visit her one weekend, and when he goes through her stuff, he finds the book that used to be Sarah's life. He doesn't tell his sister but reads it in private, enraptured by the story. Before he leaves, he and Sarah get into a fight. Out of spite, he wishes Sarah away to the goblins. Jareth, who has been watching the only women able to defeat him and the only woman he loves, has been watching for years, waiting for the moment to come back into Sarah's life. He's nearly ecstatic when Toby says the words. So, in all his glitterfied glory, he shows up to take Sarah to his castle. ((I don't have anything else worked out for this, so I figured we can work out the rest from here. I'd be playing as Sarah, so I'd need a Jareth, and we can double as whoever else. OC's are cool with me in this roleplay.))
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