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Yuuri Katsuki

that dirk-uh-dirk
Welcome! I’m totally up for a Yuri!! On Ice RP!
Unless you’ve seen Voltron: Legendary Defenders...
If you haven’t, I’m still down for some Victuuri! I’ve got a ship that no one really thinks about to lmao.


New Member
Anything less than 3 paragraphs a post is ideal for me right now. If you don't mind, PM me, haven't hit my quota yet.


I don't really have a name for that emotion
I'd be interested in the Guard x Noble or Yuri on Ice. Also open to any other idea you might have if you're still interested in finding role playing partner.


figh as huck
Bump! ❤

My apologies to anyone who hasn't gotten a reply from me in a while, I lost track of which threads I haven't replied to yet and I'm unsure if I managed to get to all of them... ;;


The D stands for don't
Would be interested in mage/swordsman or supervillain/superhero depending on what you've got going on!

Prooobably mxm knowing me ahha

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