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krogan queen tabby#5445
Hello! I'm always looking to roleplay, so even if you see a bunch of responses, feel free to post/message me! I'm new to RpN but I'm not new to RPing - I've been roleplaying since around 12 or so at least.

I'm pretty friendly (a bit shy), and am willing to work with you more or less. The basics:

  • I'm 24, panromantic asexual cis girl (she/her or they/them)
  • I like adventure stuff the most. Not usually willing to do "slice of life" type things.
  • Consider myself a pretty good writer. I have a lot of RP experience, and I'm generally on top of grammar and spelling. (Typos happen, though. As well as me replying on very little sleep, which sometimes gets interesting.)
  • Open to all types of characters, settings, plots, etc. I love diversity!
  • Willing to RP certain fandoms and other non-fandom fiction genres.
  • Love to plot together with partners and talk to them, and also tend to just "see how it goes" with the characters, so I don't always have a concrete plot/plan.
  • I love getting to know my partners OOC - I want to be friends!
  • My RP preference is Discord servers, but I'm more than happy to use the forums here.
  • Can often be convinced to do something I say I'm not interested in. Feel free to ask if you have an idea, even if it isn't listed specifically!

Looking for a partner who:

  • Is friendly and open to conversation. I like to get to know RP partners when I can!
  • Remembers that roleplaying is for fun. There will be mistakes, there will be short posts, it happens. Life happens, and this is a game, not a job.
  • Is not looking for smut. That's illegal here anyway, so it shouldn't be an issue.
  • On that note, romance is not required, nor is it always necessary. I prefer to let the characters interact first and see how things go. That being said, my characters have various sexualities, so if there is romance, you should be okay with m/f, f/f, m/m, or any combinations of non-binary identities. Inclusivity is fun!
  • Is accepting of diverse characters (and people). (Note: If you're not personally comfortable playing a certain gender/sexuality/type of character, that's okay - but if you have a problem with me playing them, it won't work out.)
  • Is patient with me, and okay with occasionally kicking my butt into gear by sending me a message or pinging me to remind me to reply.
  • Likewise is okay with me nudging them to reply when I get impatient. (Obviously, not excessively or nastily/rudely. Just a "hey it's been a while are you still around?" type of thing if it's been a few days/weeks).
  • Pretty much any writing level. I'm patient, and don't mind helping others to learn! In the same sense, I still have a lot to learn from others, too. Please do your best to use proper grammar/spelling/punctuation, but I'm not hung up on the idea of perfect writing. I'm also NOT a fan of a set writing length for every post - I write as much as the scene calls for, not to meet an arbitrary word count. That said, I do my best to write enough for you to reply to, and hope you will do the same!

I may add/tweak some things on here, but this covers most of the basics, I think! Feel free to ask me questions here or through PM. I promise I'm not scary, I'm actually more afraid of you than you are of me.

Post here or PM if you're interested!


This is not by any means an exhaustive list, just some of my favorites/things that have worked out for me in the past. Feel free to suggest things to me! I can't stress that enough, I'm generally open to new things.


  • Pokemon: One of my absolute favorites. I have OCs for trainer roleplays, wild Pokemon roleplays, and a Pokemon Ranger plot! (If you're up for the Ranger plot I will be super excited, Ranger is my favorite and it's hard to find anyone who likes it as much as I do.)
  • Mass Effect: My main fandom alongside Pokemon. I have OCs I could use, or I'm okay with canons for this one.
  • Warrior Cats: Yes it's 2020, yes I'm reliving my Warrior Cats phase. I prefer to use fan clans, but am open to plots with the canon clans (but not using canon cats).
  • Other media, that I may not have listed. I forget all the things that I'm interested in, and even if I didn't it would take forever to list them all. If you have something you want to roleplay, feel free to ask me! Some fandoms I haven't listed that I'm into are: Guardians of Ga'Hoole, Slugterra, Percy Jackson/Kane Chronicles, Steven Universe, MLP: FiM, Sly Cooper, HtTYD, Disney, MCU, Neopets

Non-fandom stuff:

  • Fantasy is my friend. Just about any kind of fantasy is right up my alley. Dragons/dragon riders, fantasy knights, mages and magic, you name it, I'm probably up for it.
  • Pirates: I have a huge pirate plot (hopefully will be a novel one day, but y'know, for now I roleplay). It's fantasy based; there's magic and necromancy and lesbians, so if you're looking for historical accuracy this is not where you will find it. But I love this world and these characters so if you're interested in fantasy pirate magicians than this is exactly where you'll find it!
  • Sci-fi: I'm getting more accustomed to sci-fi/futuristic fiction since diving head first into Mass Effect and somehow selling my soul, so if you have something you'd like to try, lay it on me!
  • Animals: I love animals, I hope to work with animals, and I'm definitely willing to roleplay animal characters. I usually prefer feral, but I am also very interested in Zootopia animals as well. This includes: stray dogs, wolves, lions, etc. etc.
  • Dragons/Dragon Riders: Falls into fantasy I suppose, but dragons are fun and feel like they deserve their own category.
  • Historical Fiction: I enjoy writing in historical settings, however I'd like to highlight the fictional part of historical fiction - I want to write about the adventurous parts of history, not so much the nitty gritty realities. If you're super caught up on everything being perfect in historical RPs, I'm not your gal. (No shade, super-realism's just not my thing.)
  • As mentioned above, feel free to ask about another plot you'd like to try. I'm always looking for new things to try!

I've said it a million times, but feel free to run by anything you think I might like! However, there are a small few things I almost definitely won't do.

  • Smut/NSFW. (Which isn't allowed here anyway.)
  • Horror/gore/pure angst - I am all for some drama and angst in the course of a RP, however I do want, at the end of everything, a happy ending for my characters in some way. That doesn't mean things can't go wrong; there can be deaths, battles, injuries, breakups, and trauma, I just don't want it to be only the heavy stuff. I write to escape the stress of the real world, so most of the time I'd like the endings to be happy.
  • Anime/manga: Nothing against it. I just don't really watch/read much of it.
  • Harry Potter: Haven't read it.
  • Twilight: No thanks.
  • Zombies/post-apocalyptic: I don't do zombies. They're somewhere on a scale between "freak me out" and "overdone to the point of boring". If you have a unique post-apocalyptic plot, I may be willing to try it out, but I will be incredibly picky.
  • Slice of life/'realistic'/high-school stuff. (Though, since "slice of life" is a bit vague, if there are some fictional elements I may still be interested! Like, slice of life but the life is a witch, or their best friend is an international spy. Something that isn't just everyday real world stuff. I have enough of that to deal with.)
  • I have the right to refuse, obviously, anything that makes me uncomfortable or I'm just not interested in. I'll be polite about it though, so don't be afraid to ask!

Again, this is subject to change as I remember things, get into new things, etc.


your local frog enthusiast
Hiya! I would love to roleplay with you. I'm extremely open when it comes to gender and sexuality, so whatever you feel comfortable with is fine by me, although I do lean a bit towards M/M. I'd also be down to try my hand at any of the settings you have listed here! Just let me know.


little love beb
Did you really have to go and make me choose between my two favorite fandoms...

How do I choose between Pokémon and Mass Effect?

Also how cool would it be to give Shepard a Pokémon instead of a gun 🤣🤚

Anyways, if you’re still looking, I’m super interested! I think I’ll actually lean towards whatever you’re feeling, and... if you can’t choose either, looks like we’re doomed! Haha.


A game of cat and mouse.
Hiya! Who is your love interest for HTTYD? I'd also be interested in a Zootopia style roleplay or a feral animal roleplay^^


krogan queen tabby#5445
Sorry for the late replies everyone, life unfortunately got busy T-T

smolpaws smolpaws I'd definitely be interested in either of them! They're my two favorites as well, so choosing is hard! :P Shoot me a PM if you're still interested and we can figure out what's what!

SpotBandit SpotBandit I'd love to do something set in the Zootopia universe, shoot me a PM if you're still interested, please! :D

EliFletch EliFletch For HTTYD, I'd probably be most comfortable playing as OCs, although I wouldn't be opposed to you playing canons depending on the plot! I don't have a very solid plot for it or anything, but I love the universe so I think it'd be fun to RP. But I'd be interested in Zootopia or ferals too if that's easier? Feel free to PM me if you're still interested c:


(ง'̀-'́)ง Fight me!
Heyo! I was wondering if you would be up for a fantasy roleplay? I've kind of been craving that for a while, so if you want to this works out! I'm also willing to do an MCU rp as well!


New Member
Hey there. I'd be interested in some form of fantasy historical fiction, if you're keen? Failing that, I do love me some Mass Effect. May I PM you?

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