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Hello! I'm looking for someone to do a 1x1 role-play with me. I've never actually posted a forum post to find a partner, so this may not be the best but it works.

I have quite a few characters for different role-play genres, including angst/horror, action, romance/platonic, school, supernatural/fantasy, apocalypse, and many more! I usually only role-play girls, as I myself am a girl and its easier. But I am LGBTQ+ friendly, and of course don't care what gender you roleplay.

I don't do one-liners, unless its every now and then. I mainly do 1 paragraph role-plays. But if anything, its just detail that matters and getting the point across.

I hope you consider me! Thank you, and bye!


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Hey guys, again, feel free to message me if you would like to RP! Or comment on my profile and I'll message you. Whichever works.

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