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Fandom 1x1 RP Request! : Demon Slayer, Genshin Impact, BNHA, and others!!

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anime loser

keigo deserves more chicken
Hello nice to meet you! Before I get to my interests, I would like to set some basic rules.
1. Please be 17+, preferably 18+.
2. Please be literate and willing to be descriptive.
3. Please be willing to double up or do Canon ships.
4. Please understand that I have a job and only get 3 days off. I can only reply at night during the days I do work.
5. Be able to have some fun!

Now that I have set up some rules, I will post my interests below. Anything with ** beside it means I really want to do that fandom more than my others that are listed.

- Demon Slayer ** (canon ships or OC x canon)
- Genshin Impact ** (Canon ships or OC x canon)
- BNHA (canon ships or OC x canon) (mostly wanting to do DabiHawks)
- Final Fantasy 15 (mostly Canon ships)
- Stardew Valley (OC x canon)
- Studio Ghibli movies (OC x canon)
- Fallout 4 (OC x canon)

- Skyrim (OC x OC?)
- Haikyuu (Canon x Canon)
- KPop RPs
- Original fantasy plots
- Suggest an anime. I've watched other animes but I don't want to list every single one! So if you know of an anime that I could possibly know of then just suggest it!

I think that is about it! If I think of others I will add to my list! Thanks so much.

New idea: I would really love to do a Canon x canon RP for BNHA! I would love to do Kirishima and Bakugou because I have a plot in mind for it. I still am also open for Dabi and Hawks.

Another idea: Demon Slayer RP involving Rengoku and Akaza!​
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Hey! I'd honestly love to do a demon slayer roleplay, after seeing the absolute ART that the movie was!

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