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Fandom 1x1 RP-Naruto: The Red Moon-Akatsuki-The Zombie Brothers.

Kakuzu could hear the sudden change in tone in Hidan’s voice, and knew that he was now quite serious. He could tell just by listening to him; seeing his face was not necessary. The older immortal stopped and turned, his eyes showing no fear. “Did I hit a nerve?” He was not concerned.


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"...Heh, heh heh...oh, you hit more then just hit a nerve...you made my blood boil!"

Hidan goes straight in to attack Kakuzu with his three bladed scythe held with both hands.​
Kakuzu was ready for him. He dropped the body and stood facing Hidan without a hint of fear. Stretching out his arm, he shot his hand at the younger man, attempting to punch it through his chest.
Kakuzu calmly retracted his hand, successfully avoiding Hidan’s attack. Then he caused black threads to shoot from the seams on his arms and quickly wrap themselves around the younger man’s torso.
Kakuzu tightened the threads, holding Hidan in place as he prepared his next attack. Stretching his other arm, he extended his hand and thrust it through the younger immortal’s shoulder.
Meanwhile, unknown to the two men, a pair of dark eyes watched the two fight...


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Just then, suddenly, Hidan regurgitated a Kunai from out of his throat, using it to cut the threads holding him in place and slicing Kakuzu's hand on Hidan's shoulder before backing away, pulling the three bladed scythe back, as well with its recoil.​
Kakuzu was getting angry now. This whole business was taking far too long, and he thought that this fight was pointless. He just wanted to end it and take the body to the collection station. He shot his other hand at Hidan and seized him by the throat. “If you’re finished, I want to get going.”
Kakuzu swore under his breath. Apparently Hidan was far from finished. The younger immortal had every intention of punishing him for what he said about Jashin, and nothing was going to persuade him otherwise. “Stop this, Hidan.” He said angrily.
Seizing this opportunity, a third man joined the fight. He jumped down from the tree above Hidan and sliced into his shoulder with the sword he wielded, the damage reflected on Kakuzu.


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Hidan was caught in shock by the third man's sudden appearance, as his shoulder started bleeding.

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The man smirked as he watched the blood soak Hidan’s cloak. He held his sword in front of him, dark grey eyes locked on the immortal. “I got you! Now it’s time to die!” He shouted as he thrust the blade forward. But just before the sword hit it’s mark in Hidan’s chest, he suddenly found himself unable to move. Kakuzu, knowing that the damage would be reflected on him and the risk of one of his hearts being destroyed by the sword was high, had wound the black threads around the man’s torso. “Fool.” He growled. “Attacking us was a fatal mistake.”
“My name is Akio.” The man growled, staring at Hidan with hatred in his eyes. “I’m a former shinobi from the Hidden Steam. You do remember the Hidden Steam, right..., Hidan?” He sneered. “Those people you killed were my cousins.”


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"HUUUH!?!? how the f*** would i know everyone that i've killed!?!? grow a brain why don't ya!? idiot!"

said Hidan, verbally insulting the Ninja who introduced himself, as Akio.​
Akio was visibly getting furious. But despite that, he still managed to control himself enough to not yell. “Oh, you should remember them. They were the ones you killed just before you deserted the village. Your neighbors.”


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"...? ...! OHHH! RIIGGGHHHHTTTTT!! you mean, "those" pansies huh? HA! what a riot! they were seriously fun to kill! the way they were squealing like pigs for me to spare their lives, their crying and everything was just so...PRICELESS."

said Hidan with a deranged smile of pure madness upon his face towards Akio.​
The color drained from Akio’s face as Hidan recounted his experience killing his cousins. But soon it turned red with anger, his eyes burning with fury. “How DARE you!! I’ll kill you for what you did to them!!” He screamed. Kakuzu , meanwhile, was growing impatient. “I’m tired of this. Just kill him, Hidan, so we can go collect my bounty.”


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"Yeah, yeah, hold your horses Kakuzu, i'll kill you once i'm done with this punk."

said Hidan, still holding a grudge against Kakuzu before turning his attention away back towards Akio.​
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Kakuzu snorted, annoyed by Hidan’s reply. He had no intention of letting the younger immortal continue on with his curse jutsu against him, but that would come later. Akio glared at Hidan as he struggled in the grip of Kakuzu’s threads. “I’m going to make you pay for killing my cousins! You’ll regret doing such a vile thing.” He growled.


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"Yeah, yeah, look, i'm a kind man so just hurry up and say your prayers so i can kill you then kill him?"

said Hidan, allowing Akio to die with religious beliefs.​

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