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I think therefore I am
Hi! I'm Nora

I'm new to RP nation and I am looking for a partner to roleplay with/show me the ropes. I am open to pretty such anything. I don't really watch a ton of anime (not that theres anything wrong with anime I guess I have just never watched any).

Okay so here's me:
Age: 15
Gender: Im a girlie haha
Interests: Most things lol. I will consider any proposals and let you know <3
I'm mostly straight haha but I am open to chatting with other girlies <3
Please only respond if you are high school age. Thanks!!


No idea what’s going on, just here for free food
Hey I’d be glad to teach you about role playing and I’ve been exposed to it for like 3-4 years and I am 14 years old turning 15 in June

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