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plant mom💐
My name is Dan, and I am in search of a longtermish RP partner!
I am a 20 year old university student studying to get a degree in English to teach it as a language. As an English student I like to think that I am pretty literate, and I have no troubles being able to write decent post lengths. The only thing that I find that I struggle with is punctuation and repetition. With that being said, I do prefer my partner to be on the same wavelength as me, of course not perfectly, but decent post length, grammar, and consistency is what I request my partner can fulfill. I would prefer romance, as I get bored of a RP easily if a roleplay does not contain it, I am also LGBTQ+ friendly, but if I get too many requests for a MxM or FxF, etc requests I will deny. I do prefer playing F in MxF pairings. I do abide by RPN rules, even if the RP is taken elsewhere (only Discord). I prefer my partner to be the same age as me, or older than me as I am not comfortable rping with underage people, even if the RP is appropriate (which it will be). I do not really have restrictions to dark themes, I've faced many things in my life and escaped those things through reading, so I have a wide range of what I am comfortable with as long as it follows RPN rules, although if something is too much I will not be shy on informing my partner.
Besides all that, here are my pairings!

Slice of Life:
Addict x Sponsor
Professor x Student (university)
Prep x Rugged
Townie x New Comer
Country Club Coworkers
Figure Skating Partners
Dancer x Musician
Dog Park Regulars
Feuding Families
(Pending More)

Vampire x Human
Witch/Warlock x Human
Demon x Angel
Vampire x Werewolf
Ghost x Human
Mutant x Hunter
Immortal x Human
Ghost x Angel
(Pending More)

Royal x Slave
Royal x Peasant
God/Goddess x Human
Dragon Rider x Assassin
Royal x Assassin
Storybook Character x Human
Time Traveler x Soldier
Soldier x Enemy
Good Witch x Witch Hunter
(Pending More)

Vampire Diaries
Harry Potter (Grown Up)
X Men
Game of Thrones
Stranger Things (OC's)
Hunger Games
Percy Jackson
Walking Dead
(Pending More)

If you take interest in any of these, please PM me!

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