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Local Plant Enthusiast
  • Hi everyone! I'm Ollie. Here's the spark notes about me to give you a good idea of who I am.
    ✦ Ollie | Any Pronouns | 20 (21 in October) | College Student & Script Writer
    ✦ 11 years of roleplay experience
    ✦ I generally 1 post weekly, sometimes more, in rare cases less; I let partners know if that'll be the case
    ✦ I write 3+ paragraphs per post, generally longer though I am a firm believer in quality over quantity; 3rd person past tense
    ✦ M//, F//, NB/A all accepted; will do M/F but not as often. I do platonic roleplays but do enjoy romance generally
    ✦ I enjoy playing multiple characters
    ✦ I'm very open to OOC conversation; I love making memes for the thread, discussing scenes, talking about non-roleplay stuff, etc
    ✦ Open to plots that are not my own or to making them from scratch
    ✦ I do not roleplay canon characters
    ✦ Ghost friendly; warning appreciated but not needed.

    And now, for what I expect from you!
    ✦ I roleplay with any players regardless of age or gender
    ✦ 2+ paragraphs per post; shorter is acceptable sometimes but please give me something to respond to
    ✦ Willing to plot/offer up ideas
    ✦ The basics; don't control my character, don't godmod, etc, etc
    ✦ If interested, please PM me rather than post here if possible!

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