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The Doctor

Hey there everyone. I hope y'all are doing well. SO yeah. I am new to this whole 1 x 1 interest check thing. But, I think I am getting a go-around the site a bit. So, I might not try to be too fancy and apologies if it looks too simple or naked.

So, I can try to introduce myself the best I can.

About Me

You can call me Evarcelle. Some call me Eva for short if you'd prefer that.
A dude. A gamer/writer (somewhat).
Roleplayed for about almost a decade now.
Usually writes in third person.
Live in the good ol' land of the guns and the burgers & fries known as America.
Timezone of -6/CST. It's like 9 AM right now as I am writing this. (Don't worry. My sleep schedule is weird as hell so I can work with anybody in any time zones.)
My main genres would have to be: adventure, action, supernatural, fantasy (leaning towards urban fantasy but don't mind fantasy such as science fantasy, medieval, or fantasy in general.)
When it comes to pairing if there is romance, I'd say MxF is my preference.

About Roleplaying

I don't know if you would count this as a rule but it's something.
I'd prefer if my roleplaying partner was 18+ for obvious reasons.
Could be a long-term partner.
Mostly use my OC but can do a few canon characters such as Doctor from Arknights. I can even try to add in a few characters in the roleplay mostly as side characters. I can always try my best to do canon characters.
If you want to know more about my OC, I can show you in private message as it depends on a roleplay we do.
I can welcome both OC and CC of your choice.
I can do mature type.
I have Discord that you can ask me to exchange in private message if' you'd prefer. I don't mind roleplaying in this site as well.
I also don't mind just chatting outside of roleplay. Chatting whatever.
Would appreciate if you could notify me about being burnt out, busy, etc. I can understand life being life.

Here is a list of the fandoms and verses of what I can roleplay.


- Akame Ga Kill! (Can roleplay as my OC where he plays as a mercenary that can work with either Night Raid or the Jaegars. Maybe or maybe not switch sides later on. Wink wink.)
- Arknights (My current craving! I can roleplay as the Doctor along with Amiya or Kal'tsit to have them ride as side characters. But, if you like, you are also welcome to roleplay as Amiya or Kal'tsit if you want, along with other characters you desire to roleplay as! Might even try some few more operators too depends on the person.)
- Highschool of the Dead (I can have my OC be part of the government worker or just be another fellow student in the group.)
- Doki Doki Literature Club (Craving to write as an OC there!)
- Dead Rising (Probably only the first one since that's the only game I've officially played recently. Love the game though. Thinking about getting Dead Rising 2.)
- Elder Scrolls: Skyrim/Oblivion (Hint: I can play as a bounty hunter/supernatural hunter such as vampires and werewolves and daedras.)
- Monster Hunter (BIG fan of Monster Hunter. Especially Monster Hunter World. That was my game right there. I could see my OC being a bowgun user.)
- Fallout (Never done a roleplay of this series but it would be cool! Most likely settle in New Vegas.)
- Fairy Tail (It has been a while since I've roleplayed. Would be interesting to play as an anti-magic character or something. I would need to refresh myself on this one.)
- Fire Emblem (Fates) (Loved the game of Fates. Nohrian scum here. I do feel a craving coming. (
If you play as Corn, then you will certainly get a cookie from me. But you don't have to.)
- Sword Art Online (Been a while as well. But, I could play as a character that hunts down red players such as Laughing Coffin.)
- RWBY (I will be honest. I need to catch up and refresh myself on this one. Safe choice would be at the starter seasons such as Volume 1 through 3.)

Verses (For Original Roleplays)

- Bounty Hunting
- Supernatural Hunting
- Urban Fantasy
- Magic
- Witches
- Mythology
- Zombies
- Vampires
- Werewolves
- Demons

May or may not edit the lists soon.
Well, I think that's about does it for now! I don't know what else to put. Haha.
Hopefully it wasn't confusing for anyone of y'all.
Feel free to send me a message if you are interested or have a question!
Again, I do have Discord if you want to chat/roleplay there.
Have a wonderful day!
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Junior Member
I am interested in writing Fire Emblem with you. I am also curious to know if you have any other Fandoms that you write in that aren't listed.


Anime Lover
Roleplay Availability
Roleplay Type(s)
Drop me a dm my good sir I have an idea you MIGHT like or you can add my discord :D RuiNightmare#2915

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