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Fandom 1x1 Nord Female Vampire and Ondolemar

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The Crimson Tome
In Search of a RP partner. Must be at least 18+ and still willing to abide by the site rules!

I'm looking for someone to RP as Ondolemar from Skyrim. It's a female Nord Vampire/ Ondolemar romance. I normally do not do F/M RPs, but this headcannon will not leave me alone.

Ondolemar's looks are based off the Handsome Ondolemar mod. Though added flair is appreciated!

Looking for 3rd pov, Literate/Semi-literate. Daily replies (life gets in the way, a head's up would be appreciated!), Wanting a partner who can contribute to the story.

I adore enemies to friends to lovers. At least a 2 paragraph reply.

PLOT: I rather negotiate the plot with you! I have a general idea and will post when there is a prospect for a partner.
Though, basic idea: Serana, Lucien , and Dexion suggested to Aconita, to accompany Dexion back to the Imperial City. Mainly as a distraction. She agrees and also suggests they stop off to visit some old friends at The College of Whispers. Thalmor are present, all along Cyrodil. Ondolemar had been reassigned to lead the Dominion's interests in the Imperial province. First, in the Imperial City, then in Lleyawyn. They do NOT hit it off at first. He suspects what she is (Bonus points for why he does not turn her in.).

More Bonus Points:
*Altmer breeding doctrines and since he is "superiorly bred" Mer? If he has any attractions outside of other "Superiorly Bred" Altmer, consequences will be had.

*Ondolemar is already in an arranged marriage. Both find the other quite dull, in secret.

*An argument about Lorkhan.

* Sancre Tor and debates on Talos.

*Shared interest in a bitter, roasted bean brew (you may come up with the coffee equivalent name!)

*Super Secretly soft Ondolemar.

*Ondolemar, Lucien, and Dexion adventure shenanigans!

A Bit about my character:

Name: Aconita

Age: 26.

Height: 6'3.

Race: Nord- Daughter of Coldharbour.

Religion: Daedric worshipper. Main patrons being Sheogorath, Nocturnal, Sithis, and Hermaeous Mora. Formally Molag Bal.

Affiliation: College of Whispers, Dark Brotherhood, and Volkihar Coven.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.

Sign: Born under the Shadow.

Weapons of choice: Daedric Crescent, Dawn/Duskfang, and Ruin's Edge with Soul Stealer Arrows.

Homesteads: Elysium meets Leafrest mashup, though in the Rift. Raven Castle, but make it a family thing. Also, resides in Volkihar Castle.

Class: Multiclasses. Assasin/Necromancer (School of Conjuration)/Bard.

Companions: Serana, Lucien Flavius (Follower mod, more like an apprentice.), Teldryn Sero, Shavee, Opal (an OC Bosmer, female.), Arvak, Durnevhir (Is able to summon him and does so regularly.), Babette, Tolfdir, Dexion, and Nazir.

Former Companions: Ysolda (former, one sided love interest), Lydia (The companion that was turned into a sweetroll...), Kaidan ( a mod follower. Akaviri, former lover, but just left her with no reason as to why.), J'Zhargo (Partner in crime, had gone to Northpoint.), and the Dragonborn.

Hobbies: Foraging, Cooking, Alchemy, Summoning, trying to commune with the Hist. Is moonsugar a hobby or a way of life?

Appearance: Avatar picture is of Aconita.

Eyes: Reflective yellow/silver iris, and a deep blood red sclera. Almond shaped, hooded.

Hair: Shoulder length, undercut, wavy, and a cool toned midnight black.

Skin: Very pale, "White as snow", with cool undertones. Making her skin almost "glow" in certain cold light ( That is actually a thing, in certain ambient light, with cooler undertones). Various scars due to her adventures. Notable ones are under her left eye and right side of her mouth to her clavicle (They happened when she became a Daughter of Cold Harbour). Facial tattoos of a deep blackish red on both eyes (almost looks like elaborate makeup).

Brief personality description: Unhinged, yet can be composed. Not the "SkYRiM fOr tHe nOrDs" type. Despises Ulfric. Enjoys conjuration... A little too much. Has fun with the Wabbajack. Once turned one of her companions into a sweetroll... Tried to find a way to reverse the effect... Got hungry, and well... You get the rest! She can be lethally calculating when the need arises, but gets bored easily. Has a sweet tooth. There is obvious trauma, due to the Molag Bal ritual... Light hearted, dark sense of humour. A chronic insomniac.

Referenced Mods in the RP will be: Soul Stealer Arrows, Elysium Estate, Raven Castle, Wearable Horns-TDN (Vampire Lord crown in picture.), Lucien Flavius, Kaiden, Handsome Ondolemar, Tamrielic Lore (a good one to look at!), Alchemical Cooking, Raven Witch Armor, Winterhold Restored, Magical College of Winterhold, Castle Volkihar Redux. (All of which, should be checked out and downloaded!)

Areas: I would love all of Tamriel to be traversed, or mentioned. Shivering Isles and Apocrypha. Mentions of Thras, Atmora, Yokudan, and Akavir. Frostcrag Spire.

Lore: If you need a brush up or a rundown: Uesp.net is a great place. I'll also be more than willing to help!

There is more, but will update for later.
If this is your tea? Message on the thread!

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