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Fandom 1x1 mxm literate hetalia rp (cc x cc ONLY)

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Hello! I’m looking for literate adults (18+) to roleplay Hetalia with.

I have an idea involving the ship ukfr because that’s my favorite ship from the fandom. I love their family au with Matthew and Alfred. But if that's not you're thing I'm down for a historical ukfr rp.

We could have Francis and Arthur in high school and be teen parents or have Alfred and Matthew be teenagers and Francis and Arthur are already married, or still have them meet for the first time. There’s a lot of possibilities with this couple and their family au.

As for the historical idea, we can talk more about that in messages.

I would like to play Francis and Alfred, and looking for someone who play Arthur and Matthew.

I try to play them to their canon, I ask for you to do the same. If you’re interested in 2P! Let me know because I’m willing to do that too. Though I still play François and Allen.


I only roleplay with adults. 17 and under DO NOT interact.

I’m looking for people who are literate! One-liners and small paragraphs aren't something I’m looking for.

I won’t do smut, incest, nor will I want anything forced. No p*dophilia, so please have your oc be an adult. Both of the canon characters I wanna play are also adults.

I expect you to be active. Of course, we all have lives but being completely ignored is never fun. I get if you gotta do something, just please let me know.

Be lgbt+ friendly! The rp won’t be straight and I want my partner to be comfortable with that.

No ocs! I’m only looking for canon things right now.

Looking for people who are okay with playing more than one character when need be.

Hope this interests you, feel free to reply if it does.
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