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Fandom 1x1 Longterm RP search! Genshin, Fate, FF, Tales of, DR, FNF, Original


Wait for me to come home
Hello hello hello!

My name is Hemlock/Remy, I'm a 31 year old writer-by-hobby and I'm looking to get back into RP! I have loads of time (I don't work atm) and loads of interests when it comes to RP. I can do about 1,000-2,000 words a day, though since NaNoWriMo is coming up, expect the month of November to be a little tight. Maybe like 1-2 responses per day. I'm interested in Genshin Impact, Fate/Grand Order (though I am VERY picky about my ships there), FNF, Final Fantasy, Tales Of games, Danganronpa 1-3, BNHA and more. I'm open to oc x canon as long as you do doubles, and I'm fine with M/F, M/M, and F/F pairings. I also enjoy OC x OC :) My main OC is a girl but I can definitely play guys as well. I am also open to crossover RP/crossover shipping.

Genshin Impact ships worth mentioning:
I haven't beaten Inazuma yet so consider Liyue characters and older my go-to's.

A few things worth mentioning:

  • Please be 18+
  • Please be patient, I'm disabled
  • Please be cool
Aaaand that's it! Writing sample in the post below.
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Wait for me to come home
Here's a sample of my writing:

Diluc staggered his way to the only oasis in sight, with a few barren trees decorating it, surrounding it. It had looked bigger in the distance, a trick of a mirage, no doubt. He fell to his knees at the small pond— no, really it was more of a puddle— of water. Beggars couldn't be choosers, and he lifted the grainy water to his lips and drank deeply, as much as his stomach could hold without getting himself sick. The heat was beginning to fall and his body responded gratefully to the drop in temperature. He needed to travel during nightfall and sleep during the day. As long as he could make it to the next shelter before daybreak, he’d…

His stomach rumbled. Really, he wished he’d eaten something dense before he’d left Zhongli’s palace. There was nothing he could do about it, though, and no way to carry any of the water in front of him. He’d have to keep pressing onward.

He kept a hopeful eye to the deep blue sky as he walked through the (admittedly beautiful) red sands towards some kind of destination. He could see every star out here, stretching towards the horizon and back. He couldn’t let himself become preoccupied with it, though. The night would only last so long before it was time to rest again. As each foot pressed into the sand, he walked at a steady pace onward.

Zhongli was no doubt furious and worried about him. There was nothing he could do about that, and he was bound to get an earful once they reunited. Or… maybe he sized him up all wrong. Maybe he was just… scared to lose him.

Sitting down to take a break, Diluc wondered if the kiss he gave was too premature or right on time. What he wouldn’t give to be back under Zhongli’s care. To talk to him… to take in the fact that a god had loved him. The radiance of his love was like a comet lighting up the night sky, even if Diluc didn’t shine nearly as brightly, it was hard not to be warmed by it. Maybe that.. was love? Maybe Diluc had mistaken love for passion and vise-versa. Maybe the warmth you got from being around someone who cared about you was love. Maybe he just wasn’t built for the same kind of powerful love that Zhongli felt.

That thought made him a little sad, he wanted to return Zhongli’s love just the same as it was given to him. Maybe his walls were still too far up to do so? But he missed the man. He really, truly did. He loved talking to him, he loved being listened to when he talked about things that likely only interested him. He had admirers and suitors in the past who all looked past his fascinations in order to focus solely on him and what a prize he’d be to marry. Zhongli, ever patient, only wanted Diluc to be happy.

Was Diluc… ever happy?

He stretched backwards. Maybe that was his problem. Not a lack of love, but a lack of joy in general. Maybe this life had hardened him too much…

But, he still thought of Zhongli and smiled. The thought of Zhongli, scanning across Tevyat in order to find him made him feel… good. It made him feel safe. It made him feel like someone always had his back, who wasn’t Kaeya where barbs would always be traded. It was someone who wanted him to embrace his fascinations, and more importantly, to love him for a literal eternity.

A little spark lit up in Diluc’s heart at that moment. At first, he thought it was the phoenix before realizing— ah, wait. That’s me.

And I'll revise my intro post a little bit. I realize it's a bit sparse.


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hi there! were there any specific BNHA ships you were interested in? preferably mxm! i'd love to work something out.


Haha, what's motivation ✨?!
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I'd love to do a Fate roleplay with you, as long as you are still available for roleplays!

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