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Hey there, you can call me Chi. I have at least 13+ years of roleplay experience under my belt and am currently looking for a long-term partner.

A little bit about me:
  • 23 years old
  • She/her pronouns
  • M/M or possibly F/F (depends on the fandom and pairing)
  • I will not write M/F
  • I will not write canon/OC
  • EST time zone
  • ESL sometimes I make mistakes, misuse words, etc. Please tell me so I can continue to improve.
  • Most active during evenings/weekends ( I am usually completely inactive between 8 am -5 pm due to work)
What I look for in a partner is someone who will not only write but communicate with me in OOC as well. I have found that the best partners I have had all talk OOC. It makes everything feel less tense and awkward. I have been in this game too long to treat this like another job, let's have fun with it!​

Other partner preferences:
  • MUST be over 18. I do not feel comfortable roleplaying or talking with minors. This is non-negotiable.
  • 21+ is preferred, but not required
  • Similar time-zones are nice
  • Require the ability to have at least 1 well-written paragraph in response

Type of plot preferred:

Overall, I definitely prefer AUs for all fandoms listed, I have several plots and ideas in mind. I do tend to have a lot of hurt/comfort, angst, etc, elements in my writing so do keep in mind that things are more than likely to get a bit dark at times.

Now that is all out of the way, the following are fandoms that I am currently interested in. If yours is not on the list and is anime-related, feel free to inquire, I may have missed it. The ones in BOLD are the ones that I am currently craving the most in order of most to least desired. Additionally, the character that I prefer to write is ITALICIZED.

  1. Sk8 the Infinity
    • Joe / Cherry
    • Joe / Cherry / Adam
    • Adam / Tadashi
  2. Mo dao zu shi
    • Lan Wangji/ Wei Wuxian
    • Lan Xichen / Jiang Cheng
    • Xue Yang/ Xiao Xingchen
    • Song Lan / Xue Yang/ Xiao Xingchen
    • Song Lan / Xiao Xingchen
  3. Tian Guan Ci Fu
    • Hua Cheng / Xie Lian
  4. Voltron
    • Shiro/ Keith
Other Fandoms that I am interested in include:

Fruits Basket
Genshin Impact

If any of this suits your fancy, please send me a message through PMs. I am new at navigating this site so it may be the best to reach out directly to me first. Please do Reach out, I promise I do not bite :)

I hope to hear from you all soon.

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