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Realistic or Modern 1980s Japan romance [ m/m ]

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Robin | 19 | They/He | Non-binary Transmasc
I'm semi-lit to literate i can write 2-3 paragraphs as the minimum but am capable of writing more if my partner writes alot. Though i've never roleplayed with anyone who has done novella i would love to be given the opportunity. I reply very frequently to roleplays as right now im unemployed and seeking a job however i still deal with things in my personal life that may prevent me from replying every single day. Im lgbtq+ friendly and im also open to talking ooc. I like communication and think it's important that we know each other boundaries and such.
What im looking for

  • Open minded and respectful partners
  • 18+
  • Same writing level as me or above
  • no one liners
  • somone who isnt overly senstive to mental health as my characters do deal with certain things
  • People who love doing romance just as much as me
  • Openess to discussing ideas of what to do for the roleplay
  • Im open to picrews and face claims for peoples ocs as long as i have a clear visual or description
  • 3rd person

So i dont have an exact idea for the roleplay but i know that i want to do romance to do with one of my oc's called Asahi. The roleplay is based in 1980s Japan as that's the time that Asahi is set in with his character. I would like if the roleplay was a bit of a slow burner as i need practice with those. How the characters meet and such can be discussed and again im totally open to ideas and maybe even adjusting some things as long as it's still based in 1980s japan.


Age: 28+
Sex: Cis Male
Gender: Male
Pronouns: He/Him
Sexuality: Closested Homosexual
D.O.B: 13/08
Occupation: Office job in finance
However his occupation changed later on as he quits his previous job to work as a barista.

Asahi is a very down to earth and kind man who also tends to have a serious exterior in comparision to his sweet inside. He cares greatly for his friends and those closest to him and will do anything to keep them smiling often going out of his way to do so. However this means he often will get into trouble involving his friends be it breaking small laws for thrill or beating the shit out of someone if he has to. Though he can be a sweet man he tends to bottle up his own feelings not wanting to burden others with them but also simply because he also doesnt know how to exspress or talk about them. This can lead to him getting frustrated and hard to be around sometimes however its rare he lets it impact those around him due to his catering nature to those around him. however hes also a man that stands true to what he belives in and doesnt like backing down. though he had subtle ways to go about it without it causing prominenit issues. though this could be seen as him being a coward not calling certain things out up front when it comes to his biological family whom he fears but tries to hide that.

This is what Asahi looks like art is by me.
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Bump idk if I'm entirely feeling it but if anyone has any interesting ideas involving this let me know

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