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Multiple Settings 1900-60’s Mafia/Mob/Urban street gang MxM

Sub Genres
Action, Adventure, LGTBQ Friendly, Romance


Hand over the pothos plant.
Hey rpnation, coming to you again with another craving. This one was peaked by watching “Peaky Blinders”.

Looking for someone to roleplay with my character Simon, with the following plot. (Hopefully the name will lead you to a document on his bio. If not I’ll post the link in the comments are you can dm me).

Plot: As read, Simon is a wannabe journalist who wants to impact his community. He wants to raise awareness, and promote activism amongst his generation. But is having a hard time doing so. Until someone anonymously tips him of robberies against mom and pop business being tied. Not only does he investigate it, but writes in the paper about it. But this in turn gets him trouble with the largest local mafia/mob/urban street gang.

Just to be peachy. I’ll be playing Simon, he is my character. But I welcome any changes you would like to have to the plot, as well as little things to my character. I put 1900’s-60s. Because it gives room to pick an era, which I encourage you to suggest one you like. I would like there to be eventual romance, conflict, slow burn. I’m thinking enemies to lovers sort of deal.

A quick note:
-I am 18+
-Write 3-4 paragraphs (I expect the same from you)

If you’ve read this far, thank you for reading. If you’re interested make sure to drop a comment or dm me. Thanks ! Look forward to talking to you !

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