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Multiple Settings (18/7/2019) Looking for Partner MEGATHREAD Fantasy>The Lazy One*

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A Very Lazy Man

  • I'm pretty versatile when it comes to roleplaying. That said, I'm versatile in the genres I do. Fantasy, Sci-fi, modern, horror, romance, action, a lot more. I'm a bonafide renaissance roleplayer so if you've got an idea, I'm more than eager to hear it out, shoot my own ideas towards that idea and build something together! Or we can just go with the flow with one or the other. The one thing I'm not versatile about is romances. If it doesn't feel right, it may ruin my flow altogether. I can play multiple characters.

    My mindset for roleplaying is that these are characters, and just that. What I want is and shall not reflect what they do and what they are as people. I won't create some grand scheme that involves characters doing certain things to go along a certain plot. I always just lay down some type of skeleton plot and go off from there. Whether we build more onto it or just go is entirely up to you.

    I post a minimum of a five sentence paragraph and if you ask for a maximum, you're not going to get one. I can post as much or as little as you want me to. I guarantee it. If you ask for a word count minimum, I will go on a word counter to make sure I meet your prerequisite. I will work with and for anyone that puts the time and effort into this art. However, as much as roleplaying is an art, to each their own and I respect this. Others escape with roleplaying, and sometimes, I do as well.

    If there's anything we can or should talk about, then by all means, let's talk! If you want small talk or just casual conversation on the side, then by all means, let's go for it! Although, I humbly request separate PMs for RP and OOC chats. It's easier to follow for me and I utterly appreciate organization. As seen from this thread. Much organization. And for future reference, yes. This will and is copy pasted into any PMs concerning RPs. As you can see, I'm A Very Lazy Man.
RPNation rules apply, as always.
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Summer Breeze

That one girl
Heya! I like to do an rp based around games or something ^^ perhaps something including vr and real life? Something like ready player one perhaps? Shoot me a message if interested!


I love you 3000
Hello! I'd be interested with a sci-fi roleplay with you! If you're up for discussing a plot and ocs, please shoot me a PM and we can plan out something together!

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