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1000+ Ways to get kicked out of Walmart


Deer Lord
150. Put a patch of fake tall grass on the front door of the store. Dress up as Professor Oak, and when people attempt to leave, scream at them "Hold up! Pokemon live in tall grass! It's dangerous, follow me!" and direct them to the plushie section.


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151. Sabotage the holiday display, making potatoes fall onto the heads of anyone who walks under the displays


152. Steal your neighbors' pets and release them in the store. Direct them to the food aisles and allow them to tear everything up. For the finale, release a bunch of hamsters from the ceiling. Watch people run and scream as you pull an umbrella off of a shelf and open it.


153. (only works past 8 pm) be of this universe, be somewhat normal, or have a concept of humanity and time and space.

There are no humans of this dimension in a Walmart past 8 PM.


The shortest potato in the history of ever
156: release a huge amount of poisonous snakes into the store while the siege is happening, and then put on a green princess/prince costume, stand at the top of the toilet paper fort, and claim yourself as the king/queen of snakes loudly, and with a megaphone.
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158.) Wrap EVERYBODY in wrapping paper, even the employees and customers. Then place them under Christmas trees.

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