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1000+ Ways to get kicked out of Walmart


The shortest potato in the history of ever
77. Dump chocolate powder onto everyone in the store, preferably Nesquik chocolate milk mix. Make sure that Sirenhead and Venchi end up eating some (it’s pretty bad, usually)


The shortest potato in the history of ever
84. As all this is happening, scream the miraculous theme song at the top of your lungs as background music.


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85. Make a throne out of soda boxes (any favorite or all) and say "i am the king of soda you must pay me for piece of my throne"


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88. dress up as engineer from tf2 and go to everyone that has bread in their cart, hand, or those who are in the bread aisle and say; " don't teleport bread! "
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91. Go to the electronic section and make a fort out of video game systems saying "I'm the Queen of video games and you must beat me at one if you want a system"


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92. Walk in with bare feet dirty enough to leave footprints everywhere


ree kid has autism
94. take out every single bike i the bike section, and when some asks why you are doing it say " well how else do i know if it's the right one? "


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97. Play the floor is lava and move through the store by jumping onto shelves, display's, people basically everything that isn't the floor


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98. Take a kiddie pool to the dairy section, raid the cereal section and make a giant breakfast.
optional: take all the spoons and offer to all


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99. Test out all the electric toothbrushes on display by brushing your teeth, just to make sure they work.

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