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1000+ Ways to get kicked out of Walmart


Totally not Volpina... or Lila... or am I?
26. Dress up as a banana, go to the produce section, and start screaming, “WHERE ARE MY FRIENDS? WHY ARE YOU EATING THEM? SUFFER THE RAGE BANANA’S WRATH!!!” And other things about the fact that you’re related to the bananas in the produce section.


Totally not Volpina... or Lila... or am I?
35: Smack a sandal in as many people’s faces as possible
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37: Re-enact the war of 1812 using various props found within the store. Ideas include but are not limited to; using nerf guns, riding in the shopping carts as horses, or using pillows/mattresses from the bedding section as cover. Be sure to warn fellow customers "The British are coming!"


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40. Stand in the produce section, laugh when people pick up the cucumbers. That weird laugh, you know. "Hehehehehehe..."


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42. Making elaborate sculptures out of anything you can get your hands on. Bonus points if the sculptures block the aisles.


46. Use your rabbit overlord powers to unleash the might of your rabbit army upon the produce section.


(Why is everyone attacking the produce section? xD )
47. Try on every single onesie they sell around Halloween season- without anything underneath.


Totally not Volpina... or Lila... or am I?
49: force all the staff members to wear the onesies that they sell around Halloween season - Bonus points if they have built-in face masks.

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