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1000+ Ways to get kicked out of Walmart


Totally not Volpina... or Lila... or am I?
Uh... basically you just post a creative way to get kicked out of Walmart. The goal is to list over 1,000.

I have very few rules...
1. No posting twice in a row
2. Don’t take other’s ideas, they must come straight from your mind and your mind only
3. Be creative!
4. Type the number beside your post.
5. Only one way per comment, please!

Person 1: 4, *insert way here*
Person 2: 5, *insert way here*

Ok, I’ll start.

1, Walk in using an inflatable dinosaur costume, and start annoying the customers with fake roars​
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Totally not Volpina... or Lila... or am I?
7. Hacking into the computer system and playing earrape music that nobody can stop on all the electronic devices


Totally not Volpina... or Lila... or am I?
12. Take a yo-yo from the toys section, and swing across the ceiling Miraculous Ladybug style
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13.Re-enact the whole "13 reasons why" show right in the middle of the shop


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11. Ask the meat department employees to direct you to the "pig meat." Do not accept any of the products labeled "pork." Insist that you are not looking for pork, but "pig meat."
19: Get a job in the meat department, do not answer to people asking for pork. If someone asks for pig meat, lean suspiciously across the counter with a creepy face and go "Right away, sir/madam..."

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