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Richmond high school, class of ‘94, a group of students were sailing to an island to deepen their studies. Clouds of stormy weather were approaching, as the waves began increasing in height, rocking against the side of the boat hard.. the boat unable to fend for its own. Only within a matter of seconds, as students raced for the life boats, the boat began sinking in the depths of the sea. Only two survived.. and washed up on that beach.

One of the survivors, in two words, Muse A was a shy outcast. But he wasn’t nerdy, he ran track at high school and was apart of the swimming team. He supposed athletics was his forte, rather than social interaction.

Muse B on the other hand was gorgeous, popular and outgoing. She was leading lady, or the head cheerleader with the quarterback as her boyfriend. He who had decided not to attend the trip to focus on football. But there was another side to her.

From the moment that Muse A and B met each other in their first year of school, they were inseparable and always attached at the hip. They did everything they could together- and they loved it that way. Until they reached their first year of high school, when Muse B entered the ‘in crowd’ leaving Muse A in the dust. Muse B’s boyfriend was an asshole, using Muse A as a punching bag while Muse B did nothing about it.

Muse B used to like Muse A a long time ago, but when she admitted her feelings in the summer.. Muse A didn’t return them and turned up with a girlfriend on their first day of High school completely ignoring her. Muse B was devastated, which is why she had no choice but to make other friends.

When they wash up on the same island, what will they do to survive? Will they find comfort with each or hate each other?

I’ll be playing Muse A
please be semi-lit or advanced

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