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  • I do not under any circumstances roleplay with those under 18 , no exceptions. I'm 25 and it would make me extremely uncomfortable ! I realize many don't want to reveal personal details and I won't ask for a specific age if you don't want but I WILL ask if you're 18+ if you come to me to rp. I likely won't come to you about roleplay if I don't see your age listed somewhere in your profile.​
  • I'm slow and inconsistent and have a lot of trouble focusing , I take an extremely laid back approach to role-playing , to me it's a hobby and I write whenever I feel up to it , I'm not going to force a reply / keep a schedule and I'm most compatible with those who have a similarly chill outlook. If you frequently prod for replies or expect messages all the time to say when I will and won't be replying then we likely won't be very compatible. Of course it's fine to ask after a while.​
  • the above rule is especially relevant rn as i am going through some writers block and just trying to slowly come back to writing things. responses may also be somewhat short as i'd rather try to move a bit quicker rather than take a long long long LONG time to reply to roleplays. for now at least.​
  • I don't rp with "aged up" characters , get away from me with that stuff. If a character is a child or teen they will remain so in any of my roleplays and the rp will be suitable and appropriate to those characters' ages. if a character's canon run is from from childhood to adulthood that's different i just am uncomfortable with aging a character just to ship them or anything similar​
  • I do both OC and fandom rp​
  • I'm very easy going with length and often rather some short and chill things that I don't have to think on too much. I can give more it's just not what I'm feeling right now. I'll tend to do 1-3 paragraphs. If I'm really in the mood to write though I can get longer. Probably between a 150 - 500 word count depending on a LOT of factors​
  • With romantic pairings I am okay with any genders but I don't force romance , there should be chemistry and any romance would be slow burn.​
  • I have a hard time saying no to people because I genuinely worry a lot about hurting people's feelings but !! I know I will have to when I don't see us being compatible / I'm not interested in a certain plot or rp ! Please don't take it personally , it's just I have a limited amount of rps I can take on and sometimes I have to get selective and want to really narrow down to what I'm most in the mood for ! i am going to have to be especially selective rn as not to overwhelm myself as i try to ease back into the swing of things​
  • I won't chase you for replies , I'm gonna assume you're busy or not in the mood to write. That being said it is always okay to tell me if you want to drop a roleplay / have lost interest / anything of the sort , partners are never under any obligations !!​
  • I don't like to roleplay with animated face claims , particularly anime / manga ones. I highly favor realistic / live action.​
  • We can connect here or discord.​
  • Comments will more than likely be ignored , I rather DMs.​

Roleplay Style

I'll write one liners very rarely , generally I go by semi literate. About 5 - 15 lines / a paragraph or two. I'm capable of longer but right now I'm just not in the mood for lengthy writing and can find it a bit overwhelming ! This can change of course but currently I'm feeling shorter things and 99% of the time I rather keep things short. For me at least , partners are welcome to do their own thing !

If you'd like an example of my roleplaying you're more than welcome to ask and I'll send one on privately.


I am really flexible here ! I have always loved horror !! Psychological horror , monster stories , ghosts and hauntings , southen / small town gothic , the whole lot. I like anything with mystery involved and action/adventure. I have a huge soft spot for historic settings. And I quite like science fiction too but truly I like most genres so don't shy away from proposing a plot.


I have a range of OCs , male and female , different ages , different genres , etc. I don't want to post them all here but I can talk about them with people who are interested or link you to bios , for those who I've made full bios for. i'm also fond of making up new ones so that too is a possibility !

i have some plots too , depending on genre , feel free to ask !!


☆☆☆☆☆ = currently most wanted , 99% chance i'll be way on board for this !
☆☆☆☆ = still pretty desired and will likely be down
☆☆☆ = decent chance I'll go for this but may depend a little on the plot
☆☆ = kinda low inspiration but open to interesting plots
☆ = very low inspiration , maybe have enough of this particular setting but may be convinced



AHS / season 1 - 7 ( ☆☆☆ )
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina ( ☆☆☆ )
The Umbrella Academy ( ☆☆ )
Star Trek ( TOS ) ( ☆☆ )
Futurama ( ☆☆☆☆ )
Archer ( ☆☆☆☆ )
Jeeves and Wooster ( ☆☆☆☆ )

Alfred Hitchcock Movies ( ☆☆☆☆☆ )
Dario Argento ( ☆☆☆☆☆ )
Ferris Bueller's Day Off ( ☆☆☆ )
IT / 2017 ( ☆☆ )

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina ( ☆☆☆☆ )
Afterlife with Archie ( ☆☆☆☆ )
The Umbrella Academy ( ☆☆☆ )

We Have Always Lived In The Castle ( ☆☆☆☆☆ )
Brideshead Revistited ( ☆☆☆☆☆ )

Dead Rising II ( ☆☆☆ )
Choices: Stories You Play / only certain books , feel free to ask ^^ ( ☆☆☆☆ )

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Hey! Would love to chat to see if we are compatible & talk plot if so. Shoot me a message if you’re still looking!

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