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ooof my bones
Seeking writing partners for...

my jam
> 1 x 1 forum based RP
> I love ongoing, character-driven stories
> Looking for adult ( 20+ ) partners only
> Only into queer romance
> LGBT storylines welcome
> Big into quality over quantity
> Want to vet me first? See some samples here and here.

mix 'n match some genres

> High fantasy, medievalesque fantasy
> Dark fantasy, spooky Lovecraftian horror
> Sci-fi, space opera, dystopia, cyberpunk
> Crime-noir, fedoras, gritty murder, forget it, OP. It's Chinatown
> Faux-historical, bad history meets fantasy, possibly steampunk and Eldritch terror

...post or PM me if you’re down.
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ooof my bones
Open to try anything. Bored outta my f---ing mind.
Right on. Fire me off a PM with the details of whatever you're interested. I've got a high fantasy and a dark fantasy in the works on my end. I'd love for a faux-Victorian era Lovecraftian thing, or else I'm more then happy to swing another high or dark fantasy RP

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