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The Ultimate dumbass

  • Hello hello! I am Misfitz! I am 18, and have been writing since I first got access to a phone! So around 8-10 years!

    I am 18 and will roleplay with 17+! As I do prefer rather Darker Themes in storytelling, I am a HUGE horror junkie, in love with the genre and the diversity that comes with it! Midsommar and Texas Chainsaw Massacre has been a huge inspiration in my writing and my way of describing scenes! Gore and obsession are two words I love to include within certain roleplays! Mostly because i have been watching YOU a lot during quarantine, and I've love the concept enough to try and take my own take on it which I love. But I do also enjoy softer fluff romances, adventure, action, or mystery plot lines but for me Romance is a must even if it's a side plot line or the main focus!

    **500-2000 word preference, if you don't give me enough to work with I'll drop the rp

    I am a hopeless romantic and an absolute geek! I love OOC talk, and hopefully you'll be play with me sending songs and head canons for out characters!

    ***DM me or comment your favorite Movie if you read through this***

    I will take only female roles, I’ve never felt comfortable playing males as it’s very outside of my comfort zone and fall between two extremes. {I can write limited lines for side characters}. NB or MTF characters. As so I can do F// MxF/ NB// MxNB FxNB /etc

    I can do both submissive and dominant roles!


Arranged Marriage / Stalker / Obsession / Murder / Horror /
Mystery / Age Difference / Forbidden / Werewolf / Vampire /
Interspecies / Gore / Magic / World Building / Fluff /
LGBTQ+ / Demons / Apocalypse / Steam punk /
Victorian / Futuristic / Furry / Academy
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