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Fandom đź’šPlot ideas i would like to rp: (Fandom ideas listed inside)

Sub Genres
Anime, Multiverse, Super Powers


Archer of justice
Ideas: (if it has a color heart then it is currently being rped)
1.danny phantom: my oc is a new character at school she is mysterious and kind but has two secrets, she has powers and is vlad adopted daughter who he plans to use agianst danny to take over amity but she has a crush on danny and wants to fight for good. Will she be able to see which side is good and evil? Or will vlad take her powers away
2. Big hero six: there is a new student at the san fransokyo institute, she is very shy and falls for hiro. Big hero six notice a new vigilantie in the city, they must figure out her plans and find out if she is wearing any tech. Will hiro and oc fall in love or will hiro fall for her vigilantie alter ego and be unable to see the real danger coming to the city
3. Black panther:
one night near wakanda, white archer fights two thiefs and a teenager took pictures,and the picture with story was on the newspaper the next day, will t challa be intrested in this new vigilantie wanting to help her by adopting her and teach her to use her powers (this is a adopt rp and has fighting)
3B.One day, white archer is found outside wakanda injured, they bring her inside to heal her during her healing, t challa starts to fall in love with her and helps her recover from her injury. Will white archer stay with t challa ? Or will she be killed by a villian?
3C. During a mission, a baby is found alone, black panther takes the baby with him to raise it as his own

American dragon: lily is a new transfer at jake school and he falls for her but can the american dragon work along with a new vigilantie? What will happen when his friends find out too much about her?

Totally spies: a new transfer student has joined beverly hills high school, alex, clover and sam get to know her and think she is very nice friend but when jerry assigns them to a mission to find out about this new vigilantie and recruit the new girl (or she can already be a spy and no one knows her identity). But the girls dont know why she would be a good recruitment as a spy and decide to do some digging around. things become weird: men in white chasing them down, demons and spy missions. Will they find out the truth?<3

code lyoko: Lily master, a new transfer student at kadic acadamy (im sorry if i spelled it wrong) is very mysterious and there isnt any files about her, one day her watch malfunctions opening a portal that has a very dangerous creature being controled by xana, will they stop the creature and learn to trust lily. đź’›

Miraculous Ladybug: oc is a new transfer student shows up in paris, a new villian attacks the city causing her to recieve the wolf miraculous and help chat noir, she falls in love with adrien. đź’š

mcu spiderman : lily is a new transfer at midtown high, she meets peter and they fall in love. There is also a new intern that tony hired, who is this new mysterious archer and lily is on the run from men in white who want to capture her for her guardian vlad to take her powers away.

Static Shock: there was a new transfer student at dakota high school, when lily meets virgil she develops a crush on him, but unknown to anyone, shes from another universe who came to this world to start anew and to get away from being harmed by her evil guardian. And a new vigilantie shows up during an attack, will virgil or static investigate white archer? Will lily be able to keep her idenitity safe while falling in love?

  • Kaito Kid 1412: lily is a new student at a japan high school, there she meets kaito kudo, who instantly flirts with her and is a normal high school idiot. During the night a new theif emerges and it causes kaito kid to wonder who this new theif is. Will their be love?

kaito kid,
Saint tail, precure, mermaid melody, sailor moon, tokyo mew mew, super pig, case closed and hunie pop
  • Arrow: oliver discovers a new vigilantie in the city, he and his team must figure out who and why this person is in the city. But there are also other mysterious things going on, demon attacks, stolen tech and men in white suits chasing after a female who they must capture. Will they be able to figure it out and save the city? Will oliver and lily grow close in love.
  • idea two newest idea: during crisis the monitor tells oliver that his city and someone else needed him, so batwoman took his place for the universe to be reborn, now oliver must figure out what the monitor meant while figuring out what to do now that he is back for good. Meanwhile a young girl either five or older is living on the streets and appartment in the glades alone but is visited sometimes by a friend of her mother. Will oliver discover that the young girl is his child and what will happen when he discovers she has powers.

Daredevil and flash idea or arrow:
for years now she has been hidding from the men in white, one night she leaves (team arrow or team flash) and doesnt return, a year or two goes by, the team has let go of their teammate except (barry or oliver) because they cant stop thinking about her and that they lost their chance to confess their love for her. (Caitlyn or felicity) suggest going to a new city on another world to help (barry or oliver) take their mind off lily, but what will happen when they meet the new white archer and the devil of hells kitchen. And the men in white go after the team, can they learn to work together agian? Will barry or oliver be able to confess their love before its too late?

Marvels spiderman (new series): its peter second year (or first depending on which season you have seen) and there is a new mysterious student at horizon high, his friends and himself are curious about her, the school didnt have much info either. but peter and her are starting to develop a crush for each other. but strange things have been happening, along with spidey vilians now there are men in white, demons and a new mysterious vigilantie. will she be able to avoid being captured and will she and peter fall in love?

batman beyond
spiderman ps4<3
✨The Disastrous Life of Saiki K: need saiki

Other tv series:
harley quinn
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