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Your Neighborhood Sweetheart♥️
Broken Soul
Marriage has always been a curse to Muse A as a boss of a Russian mafia. Along with the death of their wife all good in life has been ripped away from them. With a heart as cold as ice and temper most feared. Muse A ruthlessly rule over their empire, not allowing anyone close enough to see the broken man inside. Muse A's life takes an unexpected turn as a marriage proposal comes their way, one foolish o refuse at it would grand peace between tow families long at war. In need of hire and encouraged by trusted men, Muse A agrees the arranged marriage to Muse B, someone younger and full of life. Will Muse B be capable of bringing life back in Muse A's heart when there's still a shadow of their past lover lingering around? How this marriage between people so different work when the peace is as brittle as glass?

Honeymoon from Hell
Muse A and Muse B just got married and now are on their honeymoon in (Pick a place). They are both agents and are taking a very needed break from work. The first two days went well then the third day turned into hell, after a walk Muse A almost gets shot luckily Muse B pushes them out of the way before they get hurt. After that incident people keep on trying to hurt them so Muse A and Muse B get ready before any more attacks happen. Muse A and Muse B now have to somehow get to an airport and that leads them to a long journey. Will the newly wed couple make it? Or will they end up stuck fighting for their lives?

The Italian Mafia
Muse A has had it tough in life. Each day is spent as a fight for survival. quite literally. In order to earn enough money for things like food, Muse A is forced to attend street fights. Over the years Muse A has gotten quite good and that catches the eye of the Morello family. Italian mafia. The boss had taken a liking in Muse A's skill and personality and sees them fit for a challenging yet rewarding job. One fateful night, Muse A is approached by members of the Morello family and is offered to become a bodyguard of the only child of an Italian mafia boss. It's a hard offer to refuse, especially when asked to...politely.


The bad boys good girl
Muse A was always the good girl. Quiet at school, humble to her teachers and professors, always achieving good grades. Often called a nerd by her fellow female peers, she simply accepted that as the truth. She read millions of books, studied ahead of class, even used her old PS4 till its circuits fried. Obviously, she was exactly what they called her. Why did they pick on her? Because any girl could see she was a hidden beauty. Not only was she pretty, but she was kind, quiet and caring in her own round about way. Boys often failed to see that. They saw her for her appearance. She learnt to blend into her surroundings and keep quiet. She had no interest in battling with the basic rules of life. Muse B was a rebel, a hot rebel. He had women swooning over him left and right. He was a bad boy, smoking, drinking, staying out late with other girls. Sarcastic, sassy and drop dead gorgeous. That was what everyone saw and what everyone accepted as the true him. No one cared about his life. His broken household was the reason he was the way he was. Of all the girls he had ever met, all wanted him for his body. No one cared about his interests, loves and dreams. He liked gaming, long walks in the park and the stars. But no one ever cared. Heck, even asked. And he continued to live his life like that. Wearing a sultry mask to conceal the sensitivity, hurt and childlike-self he was to scared to show. Till he met her. Muse A had never caught his eye. Not till the day Muse B moved next door. He had never paid her much attention, but Muse A had had him in her sights since she first lay her eyes on him. He was the forbidden fruit. It wasn't that she didn't want him. It was as if she felt she wasn't allowed to quarrel with him. He made her want to do things she had never even imagined she would want to do. He intoxicated her, made her want to break the rules for the first time in her life. And she knew it would be like playing with fire.

About me:
~I only play female characters unless we double up
~I’m a very active person
~I’m doing online school right now
~I am open to almost anything
~I do MxF and FxF pairings
~I am super nice so if you have any questions let me know I will answer to the best of my ability and if you have any parings you would like to do let me know
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