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The Witch Son

and a swift justice to those that got away with it

The Justice League has had a rough go of it. Founded over twenty-five years ago, they've created a base called the Watch Tower stationed in space in order to avoid accountability to the United States or the United Nations. Space is neutral territory, and no one can sanction them there. Besides, it's better to be stationed where they can best meet an intergalactic threat before it hits earth rather than after. It hasn't happened yet, but they aren't taking their luck for granted. What little of it they've been afforded.

Super Heroes seem to be idolized by the working class and heavily criticized by the upper elite, thanks the President Luthor and his propaganda. It's a wonder they've retained any popularity at all but it holds true that people they help directly are in fact always grateful. Luthor can't take that real-life, incredibly important work from them. These heroes are more battle hardened than their parallels in other, softer, multiverses, they strike a bit more terror into the hearts of their fierce opposition and tend to act with an iron fist. They might maintain their no-kill rule but no one said anything about maiming.

But even these legends are not impervious to the ravages of time. Some of them have children, sidekicks, young partners and they've gotten older. They should have began training their successors or done something in the way of guiding new supers but things always seemed to get in the way of that goal. No more, it can't be put off any longer. The League council has gotten together and developed an HQ and overseeing department for official training of the next generation of super heros. It's been dubbed project Young Justice.

setting 01 ⫷

The year is 2160, and unfortunately the world is not enjoying hover cars. On the contrary, one could swear that in some ways it's even digressed. The divide between the haves and have nots is wide, with very little in between, and where there is widespread poverty there is widespread crime. Cities are a bit dingier, a bit grittier, a bit more ruthless than before. Gotham isn't the only place to boast some next level crazies anymore. Everyone thought that things would improve when super heroes showed up, but paradoxically disasters and villains have risen to meet them in intensity at every turn, and civilization seems to be just barely hanging on. Heroes might fight crime but they don't fix the economy and they don't move the needle on government policy.

President Lex Luthor has been elected a total of four times now, serving for eight terms. That's thirty-two years. And on paper the economy is flourishing, the stocks are doing well, supposedly more and more money is being made every year. Its just that regular working class people aren't the ones enjoying that bounty. His policies on Supers are strict and ruthless, leaving the United States Government and Justice League often at odds. President Luthor is a very skilled politician, and produces very effective propaganda. How else has he managed to stay elected for so long? How else did he manage to flip the narrative on heroes and convince the public to let him serve eight terms and running? How else does he convince the public that the police need armored cars and that there is no profiling problem?

It's difficult to stay innocent in this cruel world, but it still exists, hope still lives. Maybe it doesn't in our young heroes, but regardless of the circumstances of their soul they've been convinced by a member of the Justice League to appear in Jump City to attend an initiative that will train them to be vigilantes.

lore 02 ⫷

As I accept characters more may be added to this section.

- Lex Luthor is President of the United States, he is 61 years old and has served an unprecedented 8 terms.

- Superman is 56 years old, but it has become clear he does not age like humans do. He looks not a day past 30. Lucky Lois Lane.

- Batman is 50 years old. He and Catwoman are finally going steady.

- Carrie Kelley is the current Robin in Gotham, she is 14 years old and will not be joining the Young Justice Project. She has been Robin for around six months at the beginning of the rp.

- The Justice League includes many members but the council is made up of founding members: Green Lantern, Flash, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Martian Manhunter.

- Things between the humans and the Atlanteans are tense. President Luthor in particular is hostile in policy towards them.

- Earth has not experienced an alien invasion as of yet, but villains from outer space have visited earth.

- Dr. Harleen Quinzel left the Joker ten years ago, she is in her early forties now and married to Professor Pamela Lillian Isley. They are both retired.

characters 03 ⫷

You do not have to use BB code sheets! I am far more interested in what's in your character profile than how it looks, that being said code however you like. The only thing I ask is that you include every category answered accordingly that I included in the character sheet given. You're free to re-order or add on categories as you like but unless the category is marked as *optional you must include it.

Please spend some quality time on your character sheets, this is not first come first serve. I am looking for a group of characters that are well made and interesting. You're free to bounce off ideas to me and others, I will do my utmost to be prompt and answer any and all questions you have. I'm very open and flexible when it comes to canon, I even encourage pillaging Marvel characters to use in this DC universe. You want to make Spiderman's successor? Sure! We can make Spiderman a canon in this multiverse and your character can be their successor, I could care less about actual canon here. As long as it is well written and interesting feel free to create rip offs. Let's have fun!

As for canons, they will be an option for people accepted to take on minor characters/NPCs, there will also be the option to create NPCs from scratch.

There is a character cap of two. There will be no cap for NPCs.

Alias: *if they aren't established as a vigilante they might not have one yet and we can figure that out later
Age: [14 - 24]
Affiliation: *if they have none just put n/a
Occupation: *Student? Do they have a job?

Height: *in feet and inches
Weight: *in lbs
Body Modifications:
Distinguishing Features:
Faceclaim: *real life FCs only, please include at least one picture of your character's FC in your profile


Likes: *give me five

Dislikes: *give me five

Hobbies: *give me five

Fears: *try to stay away from listing phobias, explain their fears to us, explain the why


Quirks: *give me three


Vices: *give me five

Virtues: *give me five

[B]"A quote from your character that illustrates their personality."[/B]
*At least 300 words here please

*optional only if your characters does not have a power
*please break your character's power and their uses down thoroughly, be sure to mention any drawbacks or limitations or weaknesses

*Skill: and then description of skill, be thorough please

*include linked pictures to your gear if you can, it's good to get a visual

*I'm gonna need at least 500 words



links 04 ⫷

RESOURCE || super powers wiki
RESOURCE || DC database
CHAT || discord channel
OOC || ooc tab
CHARACTERS || character application
MAIN || IC [not open yet]
code by RI.a

05 ⫸ RULES
- This rp is literate - meaning I expect you to at least be capable of writing 500 words per post. Quality > quantity but you can't have much quality if you don't have any quantity to judge off of. I might ask for an rp sample if I am having trouble gauging your writing ability through your profile.

- I expect you to be available for 2 posts a week but that isn't a super strict schedule. I'm fine with people taking breaks so long as you communicate with me in the discord. If you drop off the face of the earth without saying anything for 2 weeks we reserve the right to tragically kill off your character in a mission gone wrong. Don't worry their funeral will be beautiful and there will be tears.

- That being said, I won't enforce a posting order necessarily but if you're posting too often I might ask you to remove a post in order to allow others to respond. Don't railroad over others, give people an opportunity to respond. I trust you'll exercise good judgement on that.

- If there is a conflict between players please come to me with it. I'll settle it and I hope you trust me enough to be fair. I will do my utmost to be prompt. Please don't start drama, we are all here to have fun.

- No godmodding. It's rude. Just communicate with your fellow player.

- There is an ooc but please keep in mind that I will be expecting you on the Discord chat. Announcements will be made there and it's good for group planning and morale. So if you don't like to use discord then perhaps this is not the rp for you.
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The Witch Son

and a swift justice to those that got away with it

Stray Cat Strut

Faceclaim: Aaron Bernards
Name: Sascha Dae-Jung Petrova
Alias: Stray
Alias ID's: Alexander Jones a nobody, and most commonly Sascha Kyle adopted son of Selena Kyle
Nicknames: Catwoman calls him "Kitten"
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Nationality: Russian/Korean
Species: Human
Sexuality: Yes
Affiliation: The only person he's truly entirely loyal to is Catwoman
Occupation: Heir to the Kyle fortune/Theif

Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Black
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 170 lbs
Body Modifications: No Fingerprints. Tattoos on his right thumb, left forearm, right ankle, right upper ribcage, right forearm, left hip, left lower back, right shoulder blade, left bisep, lower left inner ribcage
Distinguishing Features: Eyebrows, bullet scar on his right shoulder blade that a tattoo of the moon hides but otherwise surprisingly free of large scars
Faceclaim: Aaron Bernards

Moral Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Likes: music | art | literature | shiny objects(like diamonds) | likes video games but sucks at them | movies | the rain | making fun of birdbrain | academia | coffee | sweets | cats | kids | galas | libraries | fashion

Dislikes: tea | soda | red meat | black mask | the kardashians | Picasso | Ancient Grecian Philosophers | The Joker | crowds | country music | the sewers | dance clubs

Hobbies: baking | cinema | reading | painting (he's quite good) | drinking champagne | wearing diamonds | being an art history nerd | messing with the code on bureaucratic government websites | dressing better than you

Fears: There isn't much in ways of cages or restraints that can hold him, but it's to be noted that the longer he's in them the worse his anxiety and irritation get, to the point of irrationality. One of his biggest fears would be a cage he actually couldn't get out of. For example being encased by a bubble from a green lantern would probably enrage him. Perhaps that's why he's such an excellent escape artist despite a low instance of getting caught, fear drives him.

-Selena is getting older, and that scares him a little, she can still out perform Sascha any day don't get him wrong. But what if something happens to her? She's his only family. He worries after her and can get quite overprotective, to the point where he on one occasion was actually willing to go to Batman to ask for help when she got in a little too deep with Penguin. She was furious with him about it but ultimately it was sorely needed.

-Sascha is also not necessarily the vigilante type when it comes to combat. He’s a lover (loves to steal diamonds) not a fighter (doesn’t like fighting for said diamonds). There's an inherent fear of injury that's probably stronger in him than in your run of the mill caped crusader. He's more selfish, more self preserving, he lacks the general masochism involved in throwing yourself to the fire for the sake of others. He prefers evading combat rather than engaging in it.

-The Joker, can you blame him?

Ambitions: Selena and Sascha were not built for suffering. They enjoy the finer things in life, and enjoy padding that fine life with shiny expensive things, tasty food, beautiful clothes, and just about anything else that falls under the umbrella of luxury. Part of Sascha's ambitions and goals involve in protecting that way of life for him and his den mother.

Sascha's secondary but no less important goal is a bit of a crusade of his own, in the form of art restoration. He might not follow a traditional sense of justice or morals, but that's not to suggest that he's bereft of those things. They just mean different things to him. Leave it to an alley cat to create his own set of rules. - Sascha steals art, artifacts, exotic animals, and heirlooms that individuals and governments acquire from different family's or countries. The Louvre and London museums are only so grand because they stole most of their art from other poorer, often colonized countries in Sascha's opinion. It has been his steadfast work to return these items to where and whom they belong. Greece and various African countries especially over the years have been able to open new national museums of their own thanks to the large number of artifacts and scultpures returned to them. Many Jewish descendants from holocaust survivors have seen a return of their family's art and finery as well. And notedly, the exotic animal trade is taking major hits. Far be it from Sascha to take any credit for this work however, as he will outright deny having a hand in any of it.

- The more tired he is, the more childish he gets.
- A bit of a slob.
- An excellent cook. Honestly Selena would've gone her whole life eating take-out if her protege hadn't been there to feed her.
- Can't miss a chance to making scathing commentary seriously he will implode before shutting his mouth.
- Doesn't at all seem phased by authority figures or powerful supers; but is afraid of the Joker, and has the scar to remember him by.
- Hates overly loud methods of combat, such as blowing shit up and guns. It irritates him. This is also why he hates dance clubs.
- Despite how flashy he is really he's more of a home body.

Friends/Allies: Occasional Batfamily team-up | Catwoman

Vices: Selfish | Flagrant | Arrogant | Lazy | Vain | Dramatic | Demanding | Manipulative

Virtues: Generous | Charismatic | Calm | Enigmatic | Perceptive | Shrewd | Intelligent | Funny

"Why should I play fair when I can just cheat?"

While to Selena Kyle her art of seduction was always a facet of her personality, for Sascha it was always a learned thing. Making the “character” of Stray an act. He can turn it on and off in mere moments. This also means that salacious seduction is not nearly as big of a part of his personality as one might think had they only ever met Stray and not Sascha himself. Stray is vague and speaks in metaphors and riddles, flatters and bewilders and teases you - Sascha is much more blunt and funny. Though the way they move is pretty similar to well trained eye, Sascha can't help the easy feline grace that comes with his training, even with the mask off.

Seeing Sascha out of his catsuit is in contrast to Stray in a lot of ways, he's much more normal. Though to be sure the act of becoming Stray has certainly changed him. And while Stray is pretty similar to Catwoman, as he was trained to be, he does have his differences. He’s more technical about his process of operation, less natural about it than Selina is. She tends to go with the flow and he tends to map out a plan. He’s also used to operating in a certain way, Catwoman runs interference while Stray gets away with the goods, making Stray more quiet and evasive than Catwoman. Stray has also been much more active in dishing out “justice” than Catwoman has, even though Catwoman is hardly blind to suffering she doesn't necessarily go out of her way to alleviate it in others. With exceptions of course. Stray does go out of his way though, and seems to have his own brand of justice that he’s willing to dish. Stealing from the rich and giving to the poor is a favorite past time for him. Catwoman has also been in the past willing to work with certain villains for gain. Stray, unless dragged along by Catwoman, is not at all known for this. Ironic (hypocritical) that a criminal judges other criminals poorly, but Stray doesn’t care, to him it makes better sense to stay away from such riff raff even if there’s a huge payoff from working with them. Contrary to popular belief, there isn’t any honour among thieves, and it’s one of those things that keeps biting his mentor in the butt. Stray doesn’t intend to make the same mistakes of his own volition.

Trust issues in general seem to be a recurring theme with Sascha, not only with fellow criminals, the rogue gallery, and heroes - but with everyone. The only person Sascha has ever been willing to do anything for is Selena Kyle, even at the risk of his own life. And perhaps, just maybe, he is a little bit too attached at the hip to his den mother. We can add abandonment issues to his roster. He’s clearly weary of giving things about himself away, guarded with his information. He lies easily and one often has to read between the lines to see it. And while he’s a lot less reliable than Selena is, he’s still slippery, and would rather tell you that he’s going to do something and then not do it than tell you outright he’s not going to follow that order. It’s also difficult to tell if he’s taking a situation seriously, as his playful teasing and biting commentary lack the gravitas of life and death situations. If asked, he unhelpfully answers, “I always take everything seriously.”

Underneath his shell of scathing wit and beauty however, is a passionate person with unconventional ideas of right and wrong and a clear sense of compassion despite his denial of it. He does want to help people, he’s vindictive at his worst but clearly has kindness in him towards others - with his actions if not always his words. He wants to build relationships with others and doesn’t actually fancy being solitary the way Selena does, but is afraid to let people in. He can be very charming and playful and his good mood can fill a room, but that takes some warming up for him to relax enough to just be himself. Despite his line of work he craves a sense of safety and security in an environment. His current residence he guards jealously and was very upset when he found out Batman knew where it was. Feeling as though the entire sense of a home was ruined.

Towards those, however few, he does actually like or is fond of Sascha can actually be extremely thoughtful. He’ll go out of her way to make them laugh or alleviate their burdens. If only he could stick around in one place or with a group of people to bring those qualities out in him more regularly.

Lie Detection: Due to an incident involving an ancient ornately engraved cat’s skull that he was trying to steal from a museum in London to return to Rome where it belonged, Sascha has an ability that is magic in nature. Courtesy apparently from Veritas, the feline goddess of truth.

In an uncharacteristic lack of grace, Sascha fumbled the thing and fell on it. Since then, he has been able to decipher lies from the truth as people know it. This has come along with a supernatural affinity for cats, but also a supernatural aversion to dogs. He now doesn’t like them, and the feeling is quite mutual.

He has a suspicion that his balance and agility have been positively affected from this incident as well but that could also just be a result of training, and he has no way of telling otherwise as it doesn’t appear to quite delve into the realm of metahuman.

Peak Human Agility/Speed/Balance: If you can slip out of the reach of a flying freaking Grayson and his antigravity powers (you can't convince him the bastard's not got metahuman abilities) then there's not much else besides a speedster himself that can catch you. That is the limitation of this skill however, he's human, and that fact means he doesn't measure up to those with superpowers in this area.

World Class Thief: Selena Kyle is number 1, and number 2 in the world is her sidekick, Stray. He is an expert in high and low tech heists, everything from pick-pocketing to armor secured safes and everything in between. You'd be hard pressed to keep him out of places, in places, or keep things he wants out of his hands. This skill includes stealth and disguise as tools he can use.

Hacking: While there are other ways around security systems and programs you can swipe to help you out, it pays to be computer program savvy, something his mentor doesn't much bother with unfortunately. Sascha's no Oracle when it comes to computers but he gets the job done, and can create a little bit of fun havoc while he's at it.

Research: While not necessarily detective work per-say, his ongoing mission to return culture to their rightful places, in the form of art and artifacts, has made him quite the investigator. Some might even call him a reverse archaeologist of sorts. He's also at times worked alongside various members of the Batfamily in temporary truces to meet common goals, his investigative perspective includes a unique insight into the criminal underworld and contacts that can be squeezed for information.

Combat: Sascha learned combat from Selena and fights like she does, sparing little in the way of brutality when faced with people he knows can beat him, but toning it down with those who don't really deserve to have the snot kicked out of them. There's a big difference between Sascha fighting vigilantes and Sascha fighting other morally ambiguous individuals. Thankfully enough, Sascha has also always been acutely aware of his own limitations, possessing a lot of performative arrogance sure, but that's just show. He has the insight of when to push and when to pull away. This has also been proven useful in a team setting, as he's able to voice accurately when he is out of his depth. "There's no shame in knowing your limitations, but there is in being a dead fool." - A lesson Selena made sure he knew. Ultimately when it comes to combat though, Sascha prefers not to engage if he can avoid it.

Stray's Gear:
- Stray's bodysuit is made from a thick insulating cloth, protecting him from the cold, the wet, electricity, and fire. It doesn't hold much protection from anything combat-wise, and is open to attacks from sharp blades, but it does protect against energy based and most chemical based attacks. While Catwoman wears no armor plating of any sort in order to maximize agility, Sascha has found that adding plating to the knees and elbows doesn't weigh him down in the least, and that doing so adds both protection and aid in combat situations. The plating on his elbows come in the form of external slip-on bands however because his suit is sleeveless. Over this suit he wears a faux-leather biker jacket made from material similar to his suit with the words "Stray Cat Strut" in white embroidered on the back. This seems to be a purely fashion-aimed design decision on his part. He lacks a cowl like his mentor uses and instead goes for a half mask in the shape of a cat skull, all in black, with opaque orange goggles built into the eyes and a pull-up hood to hide his head if need be. Or to just look cool it's whatever. He often wears his bodysuit with the circular zipper pulled down a tad, not as far his mentor would pull it down but still clearly showing skin for no other sake than sass. His lace up knee-high boots are heeled, but the heels are designed with the same steel as his claws (for kicking) and muffled with material at their tip so he can walk around silently. Stray's elbow legth gloves contain special retractable claws which are formed of a strong steel which extend from and retract into his gloved fingertips when he triggers pressure switches. They can pick locks, shred a bullet-proof vest, punch through an aluminum frame car door (they might get stuck that's happened before), or dig into porous surfaces to climb.

- He has a habit of wearing a diamond bracelet or necklace that he recently stole, purely for showing off purposes. He loves stealing tiaras the most, though keeping those on is tricky.

- Stray also employs the use of a black leather braided bullwhip which is normally carried on his person, wrapped around his hips.

- An extra weapon he has begun training with is his Khukuri, but he is no expert with it and more often than not leaves it behind.

- Ah yes there is also a hidden knife in his right boot, for posterity's sake. What kind of mongrel doesn't carry a knife in their boot? What do you take him for a novice??

Not EVERY vigilante or villain is an orphan story, but most of those orphan stories do tend to come from Gotham. Must be something in the water. A little too much residual fear toxin and joker venom maybe.

Specific memory with his father is unfortunately vague for him now, besides fleeting moments that stayed with him, but he does recall that his father was kindly and knowledgeable. He was a tenured professor of art history, and something of a social activist as well. His father raised him as best he could, his mother having left them both when Sascha was a baby. Sascha always blamed her for that, but his father never did, a point of contention between them that was never resolved. -His father was often involved with charity galas, and was known to the upper crust of Gotham’s elite, but Sascha himself only attended one or two since he was very young. He would later fall away from upper Gotham society when the devestation of a fight between Batman and Lobo took the last of his blood relatives.

Their house was crushed, and Sascha was stuck under rubble for hours before he was found, by then his father’s body had quite begun to stink, and Sascha became familiar with what death smelled like.

At the orphanage Sascha dealt with his trauma by withdrawing and going through a mute phase. Unable to speak or express himself. As a result he wasn’t particularly well received by his also traumatized peers and got locked in broom closets or the headmaster’s dog’s cage by older kids frequently.

He didn’t put up with life at the orphanage for very long, and ran away, attempting to make his way to the rubble that used to be his home in between attempting to appease the kid street gang he inadvertently found himself in to survive. He couldn’t quite find it in the end, but he did find that the elite of Gotham were faring far better than the rest of them. He had been born a have, and was now a have not. Sascha was becoming familiar with the entirely of what he had lost upon inspection of the big nice houses he was not allowed near. His fascination with them was a mixture of envy and curiosity. The street gang he found himself a part of were basically petty thieves, and given that he out of all of them had been performing the poorest...

He tried to rob Selena Kyle’s house, and while she was in it no less. She was not very impressed by this and this isn’t how she ended up taking him in, despite her love for the dark caped crusader - she was no Batman. She had no penchant for taking in orphans and her attitude towards becoming a mentor was riddled with anxieties of messing some poor kid up with her own particular brand of issues. Lord knows her sometimes lover was certainly doing a number on his own sidekick.

Fate however, had its own plans, it kept putting him in her path. She’d recognize him walking in the street, and observe him barely getting away with pickpocketing what should’ve been an easy target. She’d see him at night, looking for cardboard boxes and making friends with the alley cats, whom he seemed to have a love for. And at one point she found herself following him to the Gotham library, where he seemed to spend an absorbent amount of time researching art and history.

It was during his next bigger target that she decided enough was enough, and dropped in on his heist taking place during a gala. He’d smartened up by then, and pretended to be one of the staff’s kids to slip in. She was attending as Selena Kyle, socialite extraordinaire. Together they made off with the mistress of the house’s pink diamond set and a load of money from the safe, and they’ve been inseparable since.


Stray, Catwoman’s sidekick, is now 20 years old and formidable in his own right. He was having fun doing his own thing and making a name for himself when Selena handed him a curious invitation. Telling him it was from the bat. Naturally he ripped the thing up and had no intention of going, but Selena for some god awful reason insisted. And what Selena wants, Selena gets, even from Sascha.

Pinterest Board

Odd Look || Kavinksy Ft. The Weeknd
Sweet Dreams || Eurythmics Atomic Blonde Remix
code by Ri.a
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Madison Jones

  • FULL NAME: Madison Marie Jones

    AGE: 20

    ALIAS: Jinx Jones, (alternate aliases for purposes of evasion inlcude: Quinn Gacy, Maddy Vee, Jane Smith, Marie Veidt)

    GENDER: Female

    NATIONALITY: American

    SPECIES: Human

    SEXUALITY: Bisexual

    AFFILIATION: Joker crew / Mayhem Gang (off-shoot of Joker loyalists) -- as well as Justice League and related vigilantes (through admiration alone, though Madison reasons she's got the least amount of reputation to have the mutual reliability)

    OCCUPATION: Petty thief, Mayhem Gang Affiliate, Occasional Soup Kitchen volunteer

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Benjamin Levi Strange
...successor to doctor strange...
fc: victor chitanu
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Name: Sybil Williams
Alias: Pythia, Magic8
Age: 20? (presumably- Sybil doesn't really know.)
Gender: Female
Nationality: American, ethnicity unknown to her.
Species: Meta human
Sexuality: Bisexual probably, she hasn't really thought about it much.
Affiliation: Criminal past and somewhat suspicious present, though she is tangentially related to the Batfam through Oracle.
Occupation: Assistant to Oracle. Oracle pays her to help ferret out tricky information, and has been teaching her computers and technology. Additionally, she takes on surveillance and information gathering as 'Magic-8', which Oracle was NOT pleased to learn she had been doing, and set restrictions on what sort of gigs she could take. So that's been way less fun.

Eyes: N/A. See below.
Hair: Black, straight. She usually wear it short in some sort of bob, with the neck cropped so that the eye tattoo on the back of her neck is exposed but long enough in the front that she can at least partially hide her eyes behind it.
Build: 5'4", 157 lbs. Sybil is not really 'in shape', but she's not 'out of shape' either. She's just.... Whatever shape she is, and she's fine with it. She doesn't really go to the gym or anything, but she does a lot of pushups and arm curls while she's waiting on information, so her arms do have some muscle definition beyond your average youth.
Body Modifications:
Sybil has many tattoos, all of different designs of eyes. She has a large one on the back of her neck and one in the middle of her collarbone. She has eyes on both shoulderblades, and eyes on the back of her hands and the inside of her wrists. She has eyes on the outside of her knees. She has a lot of eyes, basically.
Distinguishing Features:
Where Sybil's eyes should be is a mess of scars- What looks like might be burns from fire or acid, as well as scars that were probably caused by knives or other sharp instruments. It looks like someone did their damndest to remove Sybil's eyes from her head, and succeeded.

She usually covers these scars through a variety of means. She has small, flesh colored masks that adhere to her face and cover her eye sockets, and these masks have an eye drawn on the left side. By herself, she usually ties a bandana around her face as well. In public, she wears dark, chunky sunglasses and low brimmed hats. The scars are mostly contained to her eye sockets, but are not entirely covered by these concealment methods and a bit of burning can be seen on the right side. If she is going out and about, she will hide that with makeup.

She has considered plastic surgery- one doctor she consulted with said he could restore the left socket enough to hold a fake eyeball and make the skin look more normal- but she hates the idea of going under someone's knife.

Faceclaim: Subin Kara Ahn
Weirdly, there's a shortage of models and actresses who are missing their eyes and are covered in tattoos of eyes.... So, you'll have to imagine those features!



Likes: being right | high quality items like blankets and food | music, of a wide variety- she is particularly partial to big band sounds and opera, and genres with strong instrumentation | making others uncomfortable, especially with bad jokes/puns about her eyes and scars | mythology, especially greek or related to eyes | when she is successful at computer stuff

Dislikes: children, pretty much anything about them | having to apologize or admit being wrong | people gawking or making any comment about her eyes or scarring, commenting on her blindness or lack thereof | waiting, especially for food | having only one ‘view’ on any given scene | religion and/or religious people

Hobbies: What are those? Things to do just for fun?

Not being useful. Sybil has based her entire worth in her abilities and the information she can collect. If she can't provide something of value, what's the value of her?

Her past catching up to her, or being known by others. Sybil collects other people's secrets, but she has some of her own. She would like them to stay buried.

Trusting or relying on others.
Sybil spent the first decade of her life with no one who cared for her, and no one she cared about. It was easier that way.

Being abandoned. Ties into the above- People always leave. That's just the way it is. If Sybil doesn't get attached to anyone, she can't be hurt when the inevitable happens.

Being unable to see through any means. Sybil is legally blind, and she exploits that to her advantage. But the idea of being truly without sight terrifies her. This ties into how strongly Sybil correlates her abilities with her own self worth. It might also have something to do with how painful it was to lose the eyes she was born with, and the fear that 'losing her sight' again would be similar even if she's old enough now to know that logically wouldn't make sense.

Dark, confined spaces. When using nonbiological eyes (like all of the ones on her own body), Sybil doesn't have great night vision. She pretty much has never turned off the lights in her apartment.

Ambitions: Sybil wants to hold power over people, though she isn't quite sure what that looks like anymore. Mostly, she never wants to feel afraid again. She also likes it when she impresses Oracle.

Sybil often hums when she works- Nonsense tunes as she sketches what she sees, or sometimes muttering under her breath trying to read lips or describe something in a way she will remember.

She is ambidextrous, but leads with her left foot.

She doesn't like strong smells, especially floral in nature.

Without her eyes, Sybil has learned to be very expressive in other ways to get her point across- Her mouth and eyebrows are constantly contorting themselves.

-Oracle/Barbara Gordon is her mentor and employer, and has helped her bury her past and keep her nose (relatively) clean in the present. Sybil does not know Barbara's real name or face, though has figured out that she is based in Gotham and has connections to the Bat collective.

-The Syndicate & Mister X. The Syndicate was a Los Angeles gang led by a man who went by Mister X, who 'adopted' Sybil when she was maybe 9 or 10 and raised her as both a daughter, and a resource. When X was killed and the Syndicate fell, Sybil was forced to fend for herself until Oracle took her under wing. Sybil has 'uncles' in prison from this time period of her life, but whether or not she keeps track of any of them is unknown.

Vices: Self centered | Immature | Cynical | Arrogant | Habitual liar | Nosy and interfering, with no understanding of privacy

Virtues: Self sufficient | Confident (maybe a little too much, and usually more than she actually feels) | Quick thinking and adaptable | Reflective and willing to improve herself (so long as she does not have to admit to it) | ONE MORE

"Everyone's got secrets. It's about knowing which ones are worth the digging."

Sybil is a jaded, unpleasant young woman. She is frequently rude and abrasive, and seems to have little respect for authority. Her morals seem loose at best, non-existent at worst. She can pretty much always be relied upon to be self serving.

Interestingly, though, what she deems to be best for her does seem to be… Mutable. When she first began working for Oracle, the only thing she cared about was her paycheck, and tended only to think of the immediate future in terms of reward. Over the years, Oracle has noted a shift. Sybil considers consequences of her actions not in days, but in months and years. She has begun to think about how what she does might affect both herself and Oracle, and their shared operation in the long term.

Sybil now tells her if someone else is after the same information, and not follow that announcement up with an extortion demand. She will also contact Oracle with information she thinks will be useful to the older woman, instead of only answering very specific questions or sharing just what she was assigned to learn. She seems to have learned that cooperating with others and looking out for them, means the favor will be returned.

This may not seem like a lot…. But Sybil is young. In her age, yes, but also in her maturity. She has a lot of growing to do, and Oracle is relieved that she actually seems to be doing it, finally. Sybil did not exactly have a stable, happy environment in which to grow up and learn the sort of lessons normal children do. In her first ‘home’, she was seen as a monster, a corruption of humanity, something to be cured. In her second, her abilities were highly valued and she was given almost anything she wanted. She went from no one to care about or care for her, to only being cared about because of what she could do. The fact that she’s had difficulty adjusting isn’t really much of a surprise.

Sybil is naturally distrustful, and generally assumes that any kindness comes with strings attached. Though cagey around individuals, that distrust is even greater when applied to organizations- Any hierarchy in which she is not in the top rungs is inherently ‘bad’ in her mind.


power: Optical Transference.

Sybil can ‘see’ through eyes that aren’t hers, and even through the images of eyes. This may sound like an incredibly useful and powerful ability, which it certainly is... Or at least has the potential to one day be. The reality, however, is that even though Sybil’s sight is unlimited, her focus isn’t and she’s not nearly as omniscient as she pretends to be.

Practical Limits:

Sybil must be able to conceptualize the eyes she wishes to look through before she can do so. She needs to know what it and its surroundings look like, and she needs to know where it is in relation to her. She can ‘hop’ to an extent to get to where she wants to see, by using one borrowed eye to determine the location and image of the next one, but cannot see through eyes she herself has never ‘seen’ before in some capacity.

  • Accuracy. Sybil sees what the eye she is watching through sees, and no more. She is merely an observer, and cannot change the direction or focus of the eye. Her view is subject to colorblindness, far or near sightedness, or poor depth perception. When using a non-biological eye, she only sees in hues in the color the eye is depicted in. She prefers flat images of an eye, as the rounded plastic eye of a stuffed animal or something similarly dimensioned would give her a distorted, fish-eye view. (She once looked through the eyes of a fly, just for fun, and threw up within five minutes.)

  • Attention. Sybil likes to be thought omniscient, but that’s hardly the truth. Like a desktop screen, there’s only so much space in Sybil’s mind that she can devote to her sight. Opening ‘new windows’ as it were, means she has to reduce the size of the existing windows to keep them all within view. In reality she usually has maybe six ‘scenes’ that she’s actually paying attention to at any given time, and she’s giving the others just enough attention to be aware of them. Eventually she will lose views if she hasn’t actively given them attention, especially ones based in biological eyes because they can move and if she isn’t aware that their location is changing, she will no longer know the eye’s location. Sybil has been working to expand the size of her metaphorical desktop and number of open windows for years, but the progress is much slower than she would like and she seems to have plateaued for the time being.

  • Sleep. Sybil tends not to sleep more than four hours at a time, as she tends to start to lose her windows if she’s unconscious for longer than that. She cannot observe while she is sleeping, so she tends to arrange her naps around her opportunities for spying. She is also more likely to lose windows if she hasn’t actively paid attention to them in some time, and if she has too many open.

  • Spying Through Other Metahumans. Sybil can usually spy through someone without them being aware, this is often not the case for those with powers of their own, or even a regular human who is particularly in tune with their body. Sybil’s presence is generally felt as a slight twinge where the optic nerve connects to the eyeball, and a heaviness in the occipital lobe. These are not painful sensations and are usually very faint, but someone expecting them could notice when they appear. Sybil has been forced out of someone’s vision on occasion, usually only by someone with mental-based powers of their own. Much to her annoyance and frustration.

  • Alterations to an image of an eye. If Sybil is spying through a photo and someone uses a pair of scissors to cut through the eye she is using on that photo, she would seize up and cry out in pain, and lose that window. Same if someone took a knife to a human or animal eye she was using. The eye must actually be damaged, and not just covered, in order to cause pain- Using black paint to conceal the eyes on a photo does render them useless to Sybil, but doesn’t hurt her. Sybil experiences the same level of pain regardless if she is actively using that view or not.

Meta Limits:
As noted above, there are many limitations to what Sybil can see, and it’s actually quite easy to prevent her from learning something, intentionally or not. What I’ve written above is mostly just the highlights of Sybil’s ability and I’m certainly down to explain further if there are any questions! Please let me know if you have any ideas about how Sybil’s abilities can be utilized- or deceived!- to instigate plot.

My basic guidelines for using Sybil’s ability in an RP are 1) she isn’t going to reveal anything specific about other characters or subplots unless I’ve already discussed it with the affected writers in OOC and 2) if we need to create some conflict, Sybil will provide. She is useful that way!

If we (me, an individual writer, the collective group of writers, whoever) decide that Sybil is totally unaware of something (a secret a character has been protecting, that the baddies are preparing to attack, whatever), then she is unaware of it. Sybil is not a respectful character, but I am a respectful writer (or try to be, at least!).


Technology. As Oracle's 'apprentice', the older woman has been teaching Sybil an astonishing breadth of things that Barbara Gordon deems 'good to know'. Some of this is obviously related to surveillance and information gathering- Sybil is assigned different corporations or law enforcement agencies whose records she must access in a certain amount of time. She is tasked with designing her own code to filter information or some other goal, to generate spoofed data, to ruin facial recognition programs, to create false identities that hold up to increasing levels of Oracle's scrutiny. When they talk over the phone or online, Sybil and Barbara are almost always playing a game to see who can access the other's system first- Sybil got onto Oracle's computer once. (And her damned mentor had stuck a sticky note over the video camera anyways.)

But Oracle believes in being 'well rounded', so Sybil's lessons have also involved things like learning how to disable the GPS locator on most car models, repair a broken comms piece (okay, several broken comms pieces, where does O get them all?), build her own computer board and restore data from a waterlogged USB.

Sybil is certainly not at Oracle's level yet, and she probably doesn't have the patience to ever be. But her mentor has declared her to be 'proficient', which is as about as strong of praise as Sybil is likely to get. And she recommend Sybil to run Young Justice's comms and surveillance, so. She must be doing something well.

  • Sybil is ambidextrous, as she never wants to be unable to record what she sees because she is unable to use a hand. She would love to be able to write different things with either hand concurrently, but right now is only able to simultaneously write simple things, like the alphabet.

  • Sybil is a pretty decent artist. She is better at layouts and schematics than people, but her portraits are... Recognizable. If not always flattering.

  • Sybil can lip read in English… To an extent. Less than 50% of a conversation can be understood through lipreading alone, and that drops off further if Sybil doesn’t have a context with which to make educated guess. To say nothing of accents, or people who rush their words. And it isn’t like people who meet up to share clandestine information tend to sit in a circle with their mouths clearly in view.

  • Sybil has excellent spatial awareness, as she prefers to use multiple viewpoints to construct each ‘scene’ she is observing and has been doing so most of her life.

  • Sybil is a decent fighter- If fighting an average person. Her spatial awareness gives her good insight on the reach of someone’s fist, and she uses her ability to ‘cheat’ when fighting by observing herself through her opponent’s eyes and using the half second between when they look where they are going to punch and when they would land the punch to avoid it. Usually she uses her ‘advantage’ to give her time to escape- She likes to think ‘getting away with minimal injury’ is its own sort of win.


Guide Cane. Sybil is legally blind, and while she denies it... She does kinda need the cane. This girl does not pay attention to her surroundings. Also, hers is telescopic and made of steel, which she has used against kneecaps on a few occasions.

Notebooks, pens and pencils. Sybil is constantly sketching and writing down what she sees, though this is more habit at this point. For important things, she generally uses a secure app she and Oracle designed for voice memos.

Justice League level tech equipment. (Once she gets to Jump City) Is she excited about this? Yes. Will she admit it? No.


Asking Sybil about her past isn't a wise idea- Depending on her mood, it might significantly sour her opinion of you. It certainly won't get you answers. Either silence, or grandiose lies.

But if someone had the resources- someone like Barbara Gordon, perhaps- they could do some investigation. Half a year or so before Sybil began advertising her information and surveillance services under the alias 'Oracle', a gang in Los Angeles called the Syndicate was taking down through the combined efforts of local law enforcement and area heroes.

'Mister X' and several of his associates were killed, and others were brought in to face questioning and serve justice. Between the bodies and the prisoners, almost all the gang's notable members were accounted for. The exception was the girl- Young, with dark hair and dark sunglasses, seen in photos at Mister X's side over the course of the last few years.

The loyalty Mr. X inspired in his ‘employees’ meant that very few gave up any information about him or the organization. But a fellow by the name of Jacobs was a bit more loose-lipped. Someone with the resources to gain the classified transcripts from his interrogation might find he said some interesting things about the ‘creepy little brat’.

No, he didn’t know her origins for sure. Mr. X referred to her as his daughter, but they certainly didn’t look related. Jacobs said she’d started living with Mr. X about seven years ago, after the mess with the 32nd Sect of the Church of the Retribution. Bunch of extremist cultists living out in the desert who’d taken the whole 'Church of the Retribution' thing too far and gotten obsessed with curing humanity of 'unnatural' abilities. Nutso-cuckoo, the lot of them, according to Jacobs. They moved some good product, though. But they’d tried to go against Mister X, see, and he’d burned the compound to the ground and took over the operation.

Jacobs was sure that was where the girl had come from, from those cultists out in the desert- She was a right weirdo, and she had some sort of powers, he was certain. With technology or cameras, he figured, which was how Mister X always seemed to know so much. Jacobs was willing to talk, he told them. In exchange for certain favors.

Jacobs never learned if those favors might have been secured for him, and the investigators never learned what else he might have to say. He was found dead in his cell the next day.

This at least, is what Barbara Gordon was able to infer after her extensive research. But that was three years ago, and thanks to Barbara Gordon, similar research can no longer be done. The information is gone.

Instead, 'Sybil Williams' exists. Daughter to a pair of perfectly unremarkable California residents. Unremarkable student, unremarkable life. Only survivor of the car crash that killed her parents when she was 18. The records are all falsified of course, but Oracle is good at her job. Sybil Williams has a birth certificate and a medical history and a bank account and even middle school grades.

That favor was the basis of their working relationship and it's grown to something like mutual trust. But that may not be enough for Sybil to thrive in Oracle's world of heroes and heroics.
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Kid Finesser


"that's the best 'ya got?"​

Name: Connor Lance-Queen
Alias: Green Canary
Nicknames: Playboy Son of Oliver Queen.
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Nationality: Caucasian
Species: Second-Generation Metahuman
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Affiliation: Team Arrow
Occupation: Heir to Queen Industries

Eyes: Emerald Green
Hair: Blond with darker roots
Height: 6 feet 2 inches
Weight: Approx. 180lbs.
Body Modifications: Earrings on both ears, often adorned with diamond studs
Distinguishing Features: Bright white smile, dimples, bright green eyes
Faceclaim: Matthew Noszka

Moral Alignment: Chaotic Good. Connor is a crime-fighter, and is strongly against the bad guys. This doesn't stop him from being overly flashy, and disrespectful in how he takes down the villains, and carries himself with the authorities and media.

Likes: Women, cars, money, adrenaline, the thrill that comes with beating up the bad guys, new technology and upgrades, seeing himself in news papers, success, expensive clothing, shiny objects

Dislikes: Being told what to do, limitations, losing, spending restrictions, other rich males

Hobbies: Archery, Swimming, Shopping, Driving, Racing in Private Tracks, Basketball, Training in the Arrow Cave, Catch with Pops

Fears: Losing his father's approval, death of any loved one, his own death, failure, rejection

-Connor hopes to one day become the CEO and manager of Queen Industries following his father's retirement. In spite of his lack of business intelligence, he believes he's capable of bringing success to the arms company.
-Connor also hopes to become a famous super hero, one mentioned amongst the likes of Superman and Batman. He strives to go down as one of, if not the best super hero of all-time.

-He tends to pause, and admire himself in reflective surfaces (eg. mirror, puddle, window).
-Has unnaturally good position due to the strictness of posture that comes with archery. He's grown accustomed to standing upright.
-When making big decisions, like when he's drawing an arrow, Connor always takes in a deep breath to relax and focus.

Due to his father's role as a key member of the Justice League, Connor has met, and acquainted various top-tier super heroes, as well as their children.
His closest ties lie with members of Team Arrow, along with Team Flash due to how close the two (Green Arrow and Flash) were in their hayday. As well as those affiliated with the Birds of Prey, as his mother was a member of the team. Asides fr

Vices: Vain, gullible, emotional, short-tempered, short-sighted, egotistical, stubborn, greedy, selfish, uncooperative, manipulative.

Virtues: Amiable, funny, charming, confident, quick-witted, disciplined, ambitious.

"How about you give me your number and we get some cheese burgers after this?"
Connor is one of the most confident individuals one can come in contact with. Raised in wealth, elite training, and to one of the greatest heroes of all-time, he's had a hard time not letting it all get to his head. Due to this, he carries himself with an utmost importance and belonging. This has aided him in becoming very sociable, and charming, as he doesn't have a hard time expressing himself, voicing his interests, and ultimately attaining his goals. Because of just how much faith he has in himself, Connor is prone to outlandish goals, but is unfazed by outwardly influence. He's hard-set on what he believes, and in spite of being just another metahuman, doesn't see anyone as real "competition" for him.

This unwavering self-confidence has proven useful in multiple scenarios though. As a child, he excelled both athletically and academically by holding himself to such high standards. His father had always been a goof, but he definitely takes to his mother in how he handles the things that are most important to him. His drive to be the best has propelled him great lengths in the past, and likely the future, and is definitely something that has set him aside from others. Even aiding him in his archery talents and proficiency. When it comes to his life as a hero, Connor believes he'll always be an underdog till the day he's "famous." Due to this, he purposefully attracts attention, and fire in hopes of putting down large threats, and going into the paper as often as he can.

Though it seems that everything is a joke, or game to Connor, he's deathly serious about his ambitions, and most of all, his family. Where wealth can definitely buy someone happiness, it can't buy one's family and friends. He holds his friends and family to his same high standards, but though he may come off as harsh, he's a stickler for family. Though he'd never admit it, Connor would fight tooth and nail for his loved ones, and sacrifice every dollar if it meant he'd have so and so.

Sonokinesis: Like his mother, Connor possesses a sonokinetic metagene.
*Sonokinetic Blast: Similar to Black Canary, Connor is able to fire off a blast of raw sound, dubbed the "Canary Cry." He's been able to reach up to 300 decibels with his scream that comes off as a strong concussive blast. The length of each blast is determined by how much breath he has left to cry.
*Voice Mimicry: Connor is also able to mimic any voice he's heard before to its absolute detail.

*Archery: First and foremost of Connor's abilities is his prowess with a bow and arrow. He can use anything from the most simple bows and arrows to complicated composite bows and trick arrows with full efficiency. Trained by Oliver Queen, Roy Harper, and the likes of Team Arrow since birth, Connor's archery skills come naturally to him. His marksmanship in other areas, and with other objects is just as potent (If you see him play basketball you'd know).

*Acrobatics: Both of Connor's parents were expert acrobats, and parkourists. They used the skill to maneuver, and get around their home cities, and the skill definitely didn't skip their son. Constantly skipping around Queen Manor as a child, and an odd obsession with the Flying Graysons footage, Connor is an exceptional acrobat and gymnast, with above average flexibility and body control.

*Stick Fighting: Whether it's with batons, escrima sticks, or his bow, Connor was taught to fight with sticks, and blunt objects in the case he ever runs out of arrows.

*Close-Quarters Combat: A last ditch effort, Connor has basic fighting skills, but is nothing more than an amateur.

*Music: With his metagene, Connor has to exercise his sonokinesis in order to have a strong hold over it. He's turned to the sax, and harmonica from a young age, and is also an excellent singer in a variety of genres.

  • Green Canary Suit: Made with a kevlar-lined leather mesh. It sports the original Green Arrow hood, mask, and a quiver that can be separated from it.
  • Arrows: Connor has various arrows in his arsenal, and apart from the standard arrow, his arsenal includes:
    • Standard Arrow
    • Glue/Foam Arrow
    • Flashbang Arrow
    • EMP Arrow
    • Greek Fire Arrow
    • Electric Shock Arrow
    • Grappling Arrow
    • Explosive Arrow
    • Ricochet Arrow

Connor Queen was born in Star City to Oliver Queen, and Dinah Lance-Queen. Connor grew up primarily in the care of his nanny, and was raised in a lavish Star City penthouse (his parents weren't one for situating in a home permanently, habits die hard). Growing up, Connor was made aware of the double lives his mother and father lived. Asides from their day jobs as "Oliver Queen, businessman," and "Dinah Lance, D.A.," Connor's parents fought crime in the darkness of night. Connor had been inspired by their crusade since he was a child, and he tended to rush his homework and chores just so he could turn on the news and see what sort of crime mom and dad had foiled. Earlier in his life for obvious reasons, Connor was shielded from the super hero life and the dangers it attracted, but this didn't stop the boy from yearning to grow and go on his own crime-fighting crusade.

With the little he did have control over, Connor "trained" himself by entering into various sports, and athletics. He made sure to do a variety of events to work out various parts of himself, with notable sports he participated in being: basketball, football, gymnastics, dance, and archery. Though he was in sports to one day become a hero in future, Connor became gifted athletically, but as he excelled in so many different activities, his grades and intelligence dwindled down the drain. Still, due to simply genetics, charm, athletics, and riches, Connor equally attracted the opposite sex, and thus birthed his adulterous spirit and ego.

In his early teenage years though when it was apparent he wouldn't be gaining any metahuman abilities, Oliver and Dinah decided to train their young boy in the case he had to defend himself. Not much was needed as he'd already tasked his body, and he wasn't much the fighter either (anything to preserve that pretty face). The training was short-lived, but in that experience, Connor realized that in no world were his parents going to just let him become a hero. Instead, he invested money in a ragtag suit, and hoodie, and fought crime wherever his father appeared (by having a friend of his tap his father's communications). Oliver himself warned the new vigilante to flee, and get lost, but upon unmasking him, found his son underneath. Realizing that he'd never truly put out his son's fighting spirit, he took Connor under his wing, as he himself was getting old anyways.

At the news of a team though, Connor was against it. He saw being on a team as his father's excuse to not have to look after him as they patrolled Star City. Due to the stress, and anger of it all, Connor unlocked his metahuman Canary Cry, and has only recently began training to use it as well.


*Connor has never been the staple businessman, ha.

coded by natasha.
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Very witty
Name: Sylas Orion Todd
Alias: Peregrine
Nicknames: Kid, Sy, Bird Boy
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Nationality: American, Egyptian
Species: Human/Amazon
Sexuality: Bisexual
Affiliations: The bat family, the Outlaws (formerly)
Occupation: Former sidekick to Arsenal, current masked vigilante in Jump City after leaving Gotham

Eyes: Right eye green, left being gray
Hair: A dark red-brown
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 190lbs
Body Modifications: Two piercings over his left ear
Distinguishing Features: Heterochromia, Sylas's eyes are two different shades.


Likes: I Coffee I being by himself I the rainfall I nighttime I crime fighting I stargazing I

Dislikes: I Following orders I being by himself (an internal conflict) I the Joker I relying on others I Gotham City I

Hobbies: I Smokes cigarettes I Practices martial arts I Regularly listens to local Police radio I Tirelessly works to find any leads on the Joker I Actively patrols Jump City at night I

Fears: I First and foremost, The Joker. Sylas works tirelessly in search of the mad clown, however something he would never admit out loud is the abject fear he feels towards coming face to face with him. What would he do when he finds the maniac? How would be react? Would he fall into a trap and get killed, just like...?I
I Along with his restlessness, Sylas has seemed to develop a sense of paranoia with apprehending criminals and fugitives. In this certain respect, the boy frequently worries what the outcome would be if he hadn't stopped half as many of the crooks he had. What else would have been stolen? Who else would have gotten hurt, or killed because Sylas couldn't be there quick enough? What if one of these scumbags knows where to find the Clown..? I

I Crazy it must sound for a boy to have to worry about, abandonment. It is this fear that hinders Sylas from becoming close with others. By either catastrophic incident or by choice, those who would have been closest to the boy are no longer by his side. That feeling of loss, guilt, self-loathing.. The path Sylas has chosen was sadly not built on friendship and trust. It was one of loss and hardship.. I

Ambitions: The boy's drive was presented to him at a young age in the form of his parents' murder by none other than the Mad Clown of Gotham. Being the sadistic creature the Joker was, the madman saw it fitting to revisit the Todd family once again, in a manner that would finish what he started with Jason all those years ago. After the firsthand witnessing of his parents' death, Sylas's goal became clear. He never wanted another child to live without their parents. He never wanted another family torn apart by corrupted people. He never again wanted the terror of the Joker to reign over the innocent..

-Sylas appears to suffer from an affliction similar to ADHD, as he is often restless and on the move
-Although underage, the boy regularly smokes cigarettes
-His combat specialty is aerial take-downs, either striking grounded enemies from above or intercepting a mid-air foe

Friends/Allies: Sylas per say couldn't verify any 'friends'. Given his parentage however, the boy is indeed affiliated with Justice League members, including Batman and Wonder Woman. He was also able to meet and speak with Mr. Terrific on several occasions. Along with arguably Jason's closest friend, Roy.

Vices: Introverted I Not trusting of others I Overconfident I Stubborn I Argumentative

Virtues: Protective I Disciplined I Observant I Instinctive I Honest

"I'm going alone. You'll just end up getting yourself hurt."

Sylas has currently shown no indication of possessing the meta gene.

Peak Human Conditioning: Sylas is at the very peak of human potential and perfection. By matching his former mentor in combat he has proven that he is far superior to Olympic-level athletes, just as Red Hood and Artemis were. His strength, speed, agility, reflexes, stamina, durability, endurance, and senses are practically superhuman; near the limits of a super-soldier’s inhuman capabilities. He represents the pinnacle of human physical potential/perfection much like Arsenal and Red Hood, even for his young age.
Expert Acrobat: Sylas had been taught acrobatics and gymnastics routines from both his parents before their deaths, as well as Roy.
Adept Martial Artist: Sylas is a highly skilled combatant, due to having been rigorously and extensively trained by Red Hood, Artemis, and Arsenal. Much like his father, Sylas's fighting style focuses on brutality, strength, and speed; he is shown to have mastered over half-a dozen fighting styles and has proven to be a master of Aikido, Judo, Capoeira, Silat, Kung Fu, Karate, Ninjutsu, Savate, Krav Maga, Muay Thai, and Taekwondo. He has effectively combined the martial arts he has mastered into a unique harmonious style that suits his strengths.
Master Marksman: Having been trained by Arsenal, Red Hood and Artemis, Sylas has perfect aim when using throwing projectiles, firearms, archery, etc.. In terms of prodigal skill, his precision and accuracy is superior to even the former Red Arrow.
Expert Tactician and Strategist: Sylas has learned to survey his targets before attacking and subduing them. He spends long hours scouting targets and assuring that they deserve his brand of justice. He is well-versed in various military-grade tactics, strategies, and protocols.
Multilingualism: Taught by Roy and his parents, Sylas is fluent in several languages having spoken English, Spanish, Japanese, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Egyptian, Mandarin and Russian.
Genius-Level Intellect After being adopted by Roy Harper, Sylas received an excellent education and tutoring from both private tutors and Roy thus, has deep knowledge in many subjects, including Science, Math, Medicine, Geography, Criminology, World History and English.
Indomitable Will: Sylas is able to function while tolerating massive amounts of physical pain and won't stop a mission until it's done.
Features: Sylas had designed a specialized suit with the help of Mr. Terrific. This design, little to his knowledge, would later be used as the first steps towards the future of the batsuits; BEYOND Tech. It is bullet-proof and resistant to most forms of attack (explosions, blunt trauma, falls, etc.) It is also flame-retardant and insulated. The gloves and the boots are reinforced to nullify the impact of punches and kicks. The panels on the cape are feather-shaped metallic blades capable of projectile combat. The cape is extremely light and can be used to glide long distances. The mask is used as identity protection, as well as air filtration and transmitter-receiver communications. The small circular power cells serve serve to absorb and store kinetic energy afflicted to the suit for later use. Examples would include either discharging a concussive blast, emitting a brief kinetic shield, or releasing stored energy through the boots for a forward or upward surge. His utility belt has since held plastic explosives, nerve toxins, smoke bombs, a fingerprint kit, a cutting tool, a Grapple Gun, and a re-breather.
You would think for a kid, living in a world of superheroes and supervillains would be an imaginary dream come true. But once you come face to face with with that world, behind the flashy costumes and the extravagance of metahumans, you see the ugly truth. Cars, buildings, homes, families... all things constantly sitting in the crossfire of a warzone where mankind stands no chance against the aftermath brought upon by both sides.. A dream come true? No..it was a nightmare. This was the sad, cynical view of a young vigilante. Sylas was born in Gotham City, New Jersey. He was the only child of Jason Todd, former protege of the Bat himself and known all over Gotham as the infamous Red Hood. Jason had wed and bore this son with the Amazonian Artemis, whose strength and combat skill was renown all throughout Thymescira to rival even Wonder Woman's, Princess Diana. In the past, The pair, along with Roy Harper, formed a trio known as the Outlaws. They were able to systematically overthrow and eventually control the entire Gotham crime syndicate.

The extensive history of all three persons involved had set an indefinite course for the young Sylas when he was born, even after the disbanding of the Outlaws. On one end, there was his mother; an Amazonian that was taught to learn how to fight at birth and to train tirelessly in combat to ensure victory. On the other end, his father; former sidekick to a founding member of the Justice League and was later resurrected after his brutal murder, proceeding to later become one of the deadliest vigilantes in the world: The Red Hood. As Jason's closest friend, Roy Harper stayed close with the family and acted as an uncle figure for the child. Arsenal was a former sidekick of the Green Arrow, another memebr of the Justice League and one of their top marksman. All these factors converged as a triumvirate of un-measurable capability for the young Sylas as he would grow up. The boy had shown quickly in the years to be nothing short of a prodigy. Learning, training, fighting, surviving...that was all he would learn to know.

The trio loved Sylas, so much that they would protect him with their lives, but also make sure that he could protect himself when they finally pass. However in doing so, they had blindly robbed the boy of a childhood. Sylas didn't grow up chasing butterflies, playing with toys or other children. It was something that creates a kind of unknown trauma in children, especially during their adolescent years. This was something that coincidentally, Batman and a few other League members were concerned with as well. Bruce and Oliver both believed it foolish and selfish of the three to have thrown the child into their world from the very beginning, without any chance of leading a possibly normal life in society. Diana showed more compassion and understanding, knowing that his life would probably never be normal, given his birthright..

By eleven years old, Sylas had become a black belt in four different martial arts and could fluently speak six languages, along with possessing a college-level mathematic intellect and a photographic memory. Any parent would be proud of their child for such accomplishments. Jason and Artemis certainly were. That was, until one fateful day for the Todd family during an assignment gone horribly wrong. Jason and Artemis has set out on a trail left by the Joker and his henchmen after what seemed like a typical robbery. Little did the pair know that they had walked right into a trap set by the clown himself. He wanted to lead Jason out, and finally finish what he began all those years ago. Killing Artemis was just a convenient bonus that the Joker had prepared for either way...

The two were bound and surrounded in a room full of live explosives, and no less done so while their eleven year old son, beaten and bloody while bound to a chair, watched with horror as the Joker wreaked his terrifying havoc upon his parents with monstrous delight. Artemis was impaled, mortally wounded by a sacred spear stolen from the Amazon Donna Troy. Joker wanted Jason to relive that initial day, beating the Red Hood mercilessly with a crowbar while the man was bound. Blood carpeted the stone floor around them..

Sylas's wide eyes couldn't look away, couldn't blink no matter how badly his eyes stung from the tears. The pain searing through his body and the tightness in his chest left the boy in a panic, wriggling helplessly while bound in the chair. The last thing he saw before his eyes finally closed, were the draining gazes of his parents looking towards him from the distance..before the view was obscured by a towering figure with the devil's very eyes, laughing hysterically and issuing a 'goodnight' before going across the boy's head with the very crowbar used on his father, causing him to lose consciousness. Joker and his men had left the scene safely before eventually detonating the explosives, a small boathouse that was blasted into pieces right into the Gotham harbor beside it, the Todd family along with it.

Jason and Artemis's bodies were fatally destroyed in the explosion, where Sylas's was merely thrown from the concussive blast, shattering the chair he was bound to and leaving his unconscious body floating along the harbor soon to be found by Batman and Arsenal. Miraculously, there was still a pulse and no fatal injury. But sadly, that day the world had lost the Red Hood and Artemis of Bana-Mighdall. And a boy had lost his parents. It was from that day, did Sylas find his drive to pursue the life his family had trained him for since the very beginning. But it had also created in the boy, a deep resentment for Batman; something that the Joker had hoped for. While kidnapped, the mad clown had disclosed everything about Jason's past and for how long he and Batman have been in this endless, destructive cycle of cat and mouse that has left countless dead in their wake. And the Bat still lets that monster walk this earth..

Diana was able to console Sylas at times, but her words and care would only help so much. The boy had shut himself out from the adults, being left with Roy as his caretaker and trained with Arsenal for four years after that day, honing his skills and particularly excelling at marksmanship. His trained eyesight became extraordinary, as keen as a falcon's. Sylas had taken all of these skills, all of what he learned, and made himself into a deadly weapon that quickly acted out of irrational impulse on his own accord, ambushing and ruthlessly beating thugs within an inch of their life, looking for leads on the Joker. This had obviously not gone over well with Batman, who acted promptly and gave Sylas an ultimatum. Given the options.. the boy had reluctantly left Gotham and had relocated to Jump City on his own. He was told that he will be under careful watch of the Justice League, and to be wary of taking any further action to pursue the Joker. Meanwhile awaiting further 'instructions', Sylas had taken wing in Jump City for a year now, fighting in the night as the masked Peregrine..
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  • name. nevaan gupta
    alias. maharaja
    nicknames. nev
    age. 23
    gender. male
    nationality. british-indian
    species. metahuman
    sexuality. heterosexual
    affiliation. chandi gupta / justice league europe
    occupation. morgue assistant
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Old soul
Damian Wayne.
: Damian Wayne
alias: Robin
nicknames: 'demon'
age: nineteen
gender: male
nationality: Arab, white-American
species: human
sexuality: heterosexual
affiliation: Bat-family
occupation: heir to Wayne enterprises, masked vigilante by night

: animals (has a loot of pets because of this ever-persisting love & the number of 'orphaned' animals on the streets of Gotham). sweaters. video games. people laughing at his intentionally made jokes. samosas. old movies. feeling in control.
dislikes: bossiness without merit (and sometimes even with). overly quiet spaces (doesn't really like being left to his thoughts for long portions of time). bullies (tends to feel defensive of the underdog). liars. feeling boxed in. excessively sugary or salty things. screamo music.

hobbies: reading (not necessarily tied to one genre though his interests tend to stay in the non-fiction and social-fiction realms). painting (has always been good at it, though at this point the times he does paint are out of more habit than any true love of it).

falling short. Damian is accustomed to others having high expectations of him. Being perfect is a mantra his mother drilled into his head in his childhood (something he consciously knows now is virtually impossible) and even without her dominating influence in his life, he can't help the need to fit those high expectations. He wants to be the best, will do anything to be the best. Prone to beating himself up inwardly when he feels he's failed, especially when it relates to those he cares about.
death. He knows its a stupid fear, acknowledges it as such. But even nearly ten years after his death and eventual rebirth, he can still - at times - feel death's heavy hand on him, can feel it with every risk and every bump. Knowing its an inevitable doesn't make it any less scary.

ambitions: to succeed his father, be better than his father - ultimately to make him proud.
- very conscious of his physical appearance as well as others'. Registers and gets irritated (though he'll rarely express it out loud) by little things like a hair on a sweater or a small stain.
- gets cold when he's nervous/anxious, teeth chatter and he tends to rub his hands together unconsciously.
- vegetarian and has been since his youth.

friends/allies: Acquainted with a good amount of League and outside parties members. His more direct ties however are closer to home, with the Bat-family of course and his grandfather's league of assassins and mother (at times), though relations on that front have become a little strained as of late.

vices: stubborn. easily irritated. generally distrusting of outsiders. blunt. sensitive. reserved. grudge-holding. sardonic.
virtues: empathetic. passionate. persistent. ungrudging. astute. introspective. self-assured. driven.

"If I had something to say, I probably would've said it. Yea, to your face."

Damian wants to be the best, always in everything that he does. That instinctive lean towards perfection is something practically ingrained in his psyche, something he can't help but feel is virtually inescapable after ten years of his mother's insistent expectation. So it's only expected that he take failure extremely hard, struggle with it and internalize it even long after the fact. This inclination for internalizing things is one of his ruling natures - he's always been quick to keep things to himself, take things to heart though he'll never vocalize it. Fiercely self-sufficient and unwilling to talk about his darker 'emotions', Damian is private in this way though he considers doing so a favor to others because who really wants to get into that gooey stuff. One would expect someone with this propensity to be prone to explosions and out-of-the-blue temper tantrums but Damian has always been good about getting his frustrations out elsewhere, namely in training or on the battle field. Even despite this he carries a lot of anger within him, a lot of self-resentment in spite of his self-assured - confident even - exterior.

Well-trained by now in what parts of himself to present to the public as his father is in meticulously concealing the darker Batman facet when dressed to be Bruce Wayne, Damian's cover has always been dependent on a cool sort of arrogance when in the public eye, a haughtiness that he carried even in his youth. However little Damian appears to have changed to the public, in truth a lot of that over-confidence has been weathered by both time and experience on the field. He recognizes his own limitations in relations to others and responds to them by pushing himself to overcome them. In this, his stubborn side comes out as Damian is unwilling to stop even when his body wants to do so.

This obstinance is another notable facet of Damian as he's extremely head-strong and unwilling to vocally admit when he's wrong in the rare instances that he is. Wildly passionate and unwilling to let go of his beliefs in the same stubborn fashion, even when they're proven to be wrong. Although this obstinance does have a lot of negative parts of his personality associated with it, that same bull-headedness is present in the way he's also unwilling to give up on his friends, his family. He wants to believe the best in people (though he'll never voice this, instead being quite cynical in his everyday speech) because he wants people to always believe the best in him, extend to him that second chance if it should ever be needed.

: deep brown though they appear almost hazel in some lights.
hair: dark brown and just touching his shoulders. Has a bit of a natural curl to it.
height: 5"11 and 3/4
weight: 155 lbs
body modifications: n/a
distinguishing features: probably his brown eyes and the accompanying dark lashes.


Combat - A formidable combatist thanks to his early training by the league of assassins in multiple styles of martial arts as well as individual time learning and training with both Batman and Nightwing on several occasions, Damian is adept in multiple style of combat, Ninjitsu, Capoeira and Krav Maga being among them. His style of combat however, doesn't stick to just one of these tenets, rather being an implementation of many. For the most part, Damian favors close-combat where the reliance is not on strength but rather speed paired with deadly precision. Capitalizes on confusing and disorientating his enemy with care for environmental factors in a way similar to an assassin. In that same sense tends to fight quite dirty with an anything-goes perception of battle.

Master of Stealth - has a certain penchance for silence perhaps in part due to his training as an assassin. Prone to sneaking up on enemies and acquaintances alike. Helps in the case of surveillance mission as paired with that skill he's excellent at coming up with makeshift disguises and generally blending in (so long as he keeps his mouth shut).

Master Hacker

- can escape from nearly any trap, ranging from handcuffs to rope ties given the time and energy to devote to distracting an enemy, whether that be with mocking comments or merely conversation.

Acrobatics - Not nearly as proficient as Nightwing in this area, though he can pull off the occasional 'fancy move' in battle.

Trilingual - speaks English, Egyptian-Arabic (his mother's native tongue. As he's gotten older and uses the tongue less, he understands more of it then can he can actually speak as of now), and more recently some Mandarin thanks to his schooling.

Swordsmanship - his favored weapon in combat, and one he has mastery over. trained since he was a child in dual and single wielding techniques with his katana
Marksmanship - Has perfect aim in utilizing batarangs and other throwing projectiles. Is proficient in a variety of other weapons as well though well as a variety of other weapons, in battle. However lack of full exposure to firearms (thanks to his father's dislike of guns even being in the manor) means he's not as proficient as another might be.

*include linked pictures to your gear if you can, it's good to get a visual
green domino mask: fire-proof and allows for thermal sensitivity, night-vision, some (though not absolute) protection from flash-bombs and other such bright distractions
Katana: one of his most notable variations from the standard equipment of a 'Robin'.

utility belt
- Pellets: generally smoke & explosive
- Flash Bombs
- Batarangs (some with sonar/EMP capabilities upon contact) - of the Batfamily variety with some modifications by Damian.
- Grappling hooks
- first aid kit

Born the only son of Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul, Damian's childhood was hardly a normal one.

Much of it was spent at the whims of his only moderately sane mother who was hell-bent on continuing her deceased father's legacy as well as enacting revenge on the Batman. That agenda as well as business affairs kept her quite distant from her son, the result being that their relationship never truly fell within normal mother-son constraints as Damian more so looked at her the way one might see a celebrity. His father whom he could only see depicted in photos or from his mother's words he perceived in the same light, thus fostering within him early on a sort of admiration of the man.

Damian was groomed from a young age to be his father as well as his grandfather's 'perfect' replacement - trained by his mother's League of Assassins the moment he could walk while also being taught of his grandfather legacy as well as of his father. The dichotomy between the two very different stances on the world that Rha al Ghul and Bruce Wayne had adopted was very confusing for young Damian to wrap his mind around, and he never truly would take sides on the matter until he was placed in Bruce's care in his pre-teen years.

Their relationship from the start was a tumultuous one as Bruce was unprepared for the boy's rather abrupt entrance into his life, much less the stress of parenting a brilliant though arrogant and violent boy. Time together however has granted the two a measure of familiarity and watered down some of Damian's more violent tendencies. For example his inclination to kill is no longer a ruling force in battle, though he's still not above shows of brutal aggression. This very aggression kept Bruce from granting his son the mantle of Robin early on, instead putting Damian under Nightwing's tutelage.

Damian perceived this action as his father being unwilling to take responsibility for him, as an attempt to try to ignore his presence in his life. Grappling with feelings of being 'unwanted' by all of the parental figures in his life, Damian redirected much of this rage towards Dick Grayson who he felt had very little he could even try to teach him. This resistance on Damian's part strained the relationship between the two for quite some time, though dislike later would turn into begrudging respect on Damian's part the more time they spent together.

Their time together would be extended even longer then expected when Batman was ruled "dead" for a time and Nightwing was forced to temporarily to take on the mantle of Batman, keeping Damian alongside him as Robin. Thanks to their early partnership, together they were an efficient force in Gotham, maintaining order 'till Bruce re-emerged and re-took his role. A now more experienced and slightly older Damian finally took the mantle of Robin beside his father, this ultimately ending in his death at the hands of his own mother.

Eventually brought back by his father (thanks to his grandfather's rebirth of choice, a Lazarus Pit) Damian re-emerged about the same, though tasting death had ultimately changed him in some ways and not all of those were necessarily for the better. Recognizing his own limitations was one plus that came out of it, and Damian's arrogance in battle at least was extinguished momentarily. However, re-living those moments of choking darkness begin to cripple him in battles, bring out a cowardice and stall in action even he was ashamed of seeing.

This forced Bruce's hand ultimately as he did what he felt any father would do in this situation - he stripped his son of his title and duties as Robin, "temporarily" he said. It didn't make it any easier for Damian. He was pushed into attending a private academy in Gotham, taking on what his father called a more 'normal' life for someone of his age. Doing chores, home-work, eating dinner and sleeping at what Pennyworth called a reasonable time.

Although Bruce's installation of him at the institution sprung from good intentions, school ended up only making Damian more miserable. He kept to himself for the most part, feeling he couldn't relate to the others his age, their small problems. Ultimately every conversation he did allow started and ended with his famous last name, a sneering Damian getting accoustomed to shutting down these exchanges with the harshest words. While he did attain some of the highest scores during his time at the academy, his free-time he committed to his own pursuits. If Batman didn't want him patrolling alongside him in the city - fine, Damian would head out by himself, prove himself worthy in his own way.

These escapades into the city initially started in efforts to distract Damian from the nightmares of the darkness that had begin dominating his sleep, from thoughts of his mother's willful anger and the feelings of failure that were beginning to infect his very being. But they quickly turned to more because Damian found he genuinely liked the feelings that came with helping someone. He liked the gratefulness, the admiration that sprung from doing something he perceived as simple for someone he wouldn't normally see in his day-to-day life.

And finally he was beginning to feel like he could escape that vacuous darkness. As far as Damian knows, his father didn't take notice of these midnight adventures nor did he notice the changes that were finally beginning to take place in him. But he knows Richard did because one foggy night when he took on a task greater then he could accomplish it was him who appeared to fight beside him.

Afterwards although Damian expected admonishment, even quiet anger, he got neither. Richard offered only support, maybe a bit of nagging ("What if I hadn't been there Damian, what would you have done?") but it was tied in beside words on self-improvement, suggestions, offers for support from Dick himself should he call for it. Bruce didn't once come up in their discussion and Damian was glad for that, glad it seemed Richard could keep a secret. If that guarantee came only because of the strain that was in Dick and Bruce's relationship currently, fine, Damian was better for it either way.

Although as far as he knows Richard didn't breathe a word of it to Bruce, ultimately (as he kind of knew would happen) his father found out. Like with Richard there was no anger from Bruce, not even a brooding silence. There was only a grim sort acceptance from the man of the fact that there were some things even he couldn't control, his son's insistence on being a vigilante one of them. Somehow in the events following this, Damian organically slid back into the role of Robin beside his father without any outside discussion and continued to aid him in his war on crime. It was almost like he'd never left, but now having assumed the position he'd fought so hard to regain he couldn't help but look outside of it, think about the time he'd had alone.

Perhaps that sort of introspection is what aided him in so easily making the decision to once again exit the position of Robin, join Young Justice at his father's behest.
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Walk with your safety buddy out there, kiddos.
Callum Lynn

Name: Callum Ryker Lynn
Alias: Blitz / Destruct
Nicknames: Cal (kinda hates it)
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Nationality: North American
Species: Possessed (??) Human
Sexuality: Extremely confused
Affiliation: n/a
Occupation: Works at a pizza place, often as the delivery boy

Eyes: Cool blue
Hair: Curly, almost black
Height: 5’11
Weight: 130
Body Modifications: His first and the only tattoo that he regrets on his left side under his arm, to the right of his spine, upper right shoulder blade
Distinguishing Features: His eyes, a thin white scar down his right shin, a jagged scar on the left side of his chest that crosses over to his sternum and down a few inches
Faceclaim: Tyrone Smithers

Moral Alignment: Neutral Good / True Chaotic

Likes: A good redemption story § Lemonade § Climbing things § Animated tv shows (kids shows) § Savory food § Also, hella spicy food § Finding things (pennies at the checkout, a nice rock, etc.) § Glitter spray paint § Alternative and pop music §

Dislikes: Getting dragged into conversations § Having people in his room § Pens (pencils are better) § Being the center of attention without his mask on § Swanky places § Knowing what to expect (that’s way too much pressure) § Stew (why’d you ruin soup?) § Bodies of water (can’t swim, barely floats) § ”People. You know the type.”

Hobbies: Orange peel art § Graffiti § Sitting on rooftops at night (yes, really) § Reading articles about vigilantes, villains, heroes, and police work to learn § Organizing his living space § Crime fighting (it isn’t that unhealthy...shhh) §

Fears: Callum’s growing fear over the last couple years is losing Destruct. Although the strange, reckless being that shares his body is far from good company, he worries about what would happen if someone found a way to separate them. Anything that reminds him of his near-death experience tends to bring up this particular fear. §
On the other hand, Callum has another, slightly lesser fear, of being stuck with Destruct forever. In general, thinking about the future brings up a lot of conflicting and unwelcome feelings, so he tries to avoid it. But what will it be like, always having this barely-controllable beast in his head? This is a big driving factor behind his discomfort with bonding with people. §
Although he is fairly set on his course of being a vigilante, he sometimes wonders if it even matters. There is always someone bigger, stronger, and badder to take the place of anyone he can stop. There will never be a moment when the job is done. He’s just going to die one day, and the world will keep setting itself on fire.

Ambitions: Callum just wants the world to be happy, at peace. He wants to do whatever he can to go after the source of the problem, instead of just sticking bandaids on the world’s fires. For now, that means being a vigilante, but he hopes to find a more effective way someday. §
He’d like a house. Nothing fancy, but he has the nesting drive in a big way and wants a comfy, safe place to call home. He would also like to have a pet, but he’s not sure Destruct could handle it. Maybe a fish.... §

Quirks: Callum usually carries sticky notes and a pencil in his pocket to talk to Destruct, although someone (^~^) keeps switching out the pencil for a pen §
Often pauses and stares thoughtfully into the distance. This is misleading. Destruct is probably just saying something stupid in his head. §
Always seems to know where a bathroom or the exit is, even in new places §
Can’t ignore animals for the life of him, and will usually loudly announce what species it is (Destruct does this too, oddly enough) §
He tends to try to make food or some artsy thing for someone if he knows that they are sad or angry. He is horrible at cooking, but seems to be unaware of it (although he won’t eat anything he makes himself, unless it’s a sandwich) §
On a similar note, he finds ‘cooking’ to be relaxing, but since he never learned how to actually cook, he just stirs random stuff in a pan on the stove and throws it away when he has calmed down §

Friends/Allies: Met a nice street kid once § Destruct kinda counts...right? § ”No.”

Vices: Reckless § Insecure § Aloof § Compulsive liar § Pushover § Horrible communicator § Invincibility complex

Virtues: Independent § Steadfast § Driven § Doesn’t do verbal fights § Well-meaning § Unflinching § Self-sacrificial

~ Callum "It’s never too late to make a worse decision. What I’m saying is, be flexible."

Taking elements of his personality from the wild train of people who have featured in his life took a toll on who Callum might have been. Once effortlessly optimistic and carefree, optimism now takes an effort that is sometimes impossible to conjure. But isn’t that just growing up?

Callum tries, with his limited social skills, to connect with people, and he likes listening to the stories of people who had a much different life from him. But then, suddenly, he finds that he doesn’t have much to say about himself. Despite the things he’s been through, he often feels shamefully basic and uninteresting, which fuels his preference to keep his mouth shut around people.
Not to say that he needs an excuse to not talk; introversion came naturally to him. He doesn’t actually know what it takes to get people to like him, and even then, he doesn’t know how much he values being liked. Throw in his conviction that he is uninteresting, and he really wouldn’t be the one to make the first, second, or last move. In fact, he doesn’t usually notice that he missed the opportunity until it’s too late anyway.

The all-black getup that Blitz sports is not just aesthetic and practicality; in many ways, Callum does embody the silent ninja trope. He likes to be a bit of a mystery, speaks only when asked, and climbs things because he can; traits that are all more apparent in group settings. Apart from being the silent type, Callum feels most comfortable outside the circle, looking in.
That’s not to say that he can’t handle being the center of attention, but he often fears that’s just Destruct’s influence on his personality. There have been enough times where he has been filled with a courage, a boldness that feels invasive, that he’s beginning to wonder if Destruct can live through him sometimes, influence who he is.
However, an aspect of himself that he freely attributes to Destruct is his recklessness. Truthfully, he, himself does generally prefer to step back and plan important things, strategize, but he does undeniably get a thrill from living on the edge, questioning a decision only after it’s too late and he’s falling.
Watching this dichotomy can be baffling. His brooding nature isn’t false, but it can be a toss of the coin, really. His long-distance stare sometimes encompasses heavy ponderings and a secretive thought that is better left uninterrupted, but it could just as likely encase the quiet before the stupid-storm. As a loner, it works for him. He’s never had to own up to how unpredictable he can be.

Although Callum himself does not have superpowers, a creature of unknown origins is bonded to him. Going by the name Destruct, he has various abilities that can benefit Callum.
Destruct -
- Starting small, Destruct can block the pain receptors in Callum’s brain, granting him a limited period in which he feels no pain (or less pain depending on how injured he already is). However, Destruct can’t physically heal any of Callum’s wounds or alter his physiology in permanent ways.
- A slight exception is when Callum is so severely injured that he is likely to die. Destruct can keep his heart beating and his lungs going (unless Callum’s heart or lungs have taken a direct and severe injury that renders them useless) until actual help arrives. However, there is still no guarantee that Callum won’t die, since Destruct can’t heal him or keep his brain working. If Callum dies, it seems likely that Destruct will also die.
- Although Destruct doesn’t usually have a form of his own, he can move his cells outside of Callum’s body in a protective, far stronger shell. With Callum encased inside his own form, Destruct has full control over their movement and can utilize his superior strength, agility, vision and hearing, and increased resistance to physical attacks. Destruct’s time in this form is limited since he expels a lot of energy in these episodes (usually rampaging) and he has to rest afterwards. If he takes an injury in his own form, it will not usually show up on Callum’s body except in the most extreme situations. The worse Destruct’s injury, the longer he needs to rest.
- The biggest downside comes when Destruct is resting. Should Callum come under attack while Destruct isn’t available, then he is simply a seventeen year old boy with limited skills and no powers. This downside is what almost ended his life once.
- Though not necessarily a power in itself, Callum and Destruct can communicate mentally with each other. However, once Destruct forms around Callum, Callum’s inner voice is severely muted, and Destruct often chooses not to listen while he is rampaging anyway. Conversely, Destruct’s inner voice becomes muted when Callum is emotional or heavily distracted. This is when the sticky notes are useful for bridging the gap, since Destruct is able to see whatever Callum sees, even when he can’t access Callum’s other senses.
- Unless Destruct is resting, he can be essentially summoned by the sights and sounds of violence. While he and Callum can usually work together to control this impulse, there are times when Destruct is more vulnerable to being ‘summoned,’ such as when Callum is emotional or tired. When Destruct is summoned in these situations, he tends to be even more violent and reckless than usual (meaning almost anyone with strategic thinking could probably beat him).

Street smarts: Having spent his whole life on the streets, Callum knows what it takes to survive in an urban setting with limited resources. He can spot a drug deal from a distance, knows when he is being followed, and can usually tell who can beat him in a fight. He also has a natural skill (or luck) with navigating twisting streets and alleys.

Climbing/Parkour: Although he has received official training in neither of these areas, he started climbing buildings at a young age, mostly for the view. While his sense of balance can abandon him entirely on normal, flat surfaces (like sidewalks and floors) the threat of falling makes him pretty steady on his feet at increased heights. He also has years of experience with trying to get through urban obstacles in the most efficient ways possible. As a bonus to this experience, he is reasonably strong and agile for his age.

Interpersonal Efficiency: Callum is not a people person, nor is he particularly socially competent, but he knows the general rules of ‘talking to people.’ Most evident in short conversations with strangers, Callum is fairly good at getting the simple information that he needs without pushing for it. The secret is that most people like talking to anyone who listens, so he listens. However, the gentle nudges that work on a bored gas station employee clearly won’t work on a super villain who is expecting to be questioned, so this skill is fairly limited in practical uses for hero work.

Although armor and costumes are rendered useless when Destruct forms, Callum does sport some basic identity hiding equipment. When he is on the prowl, he always wears his mask (slash-security blanket in social situations, shh) which is made of a semi-solid material so he can quickly stow it away if need-be. It is also pretty durable (as in, it won’t break if he gets punched in the face, but it won’t hurt any less either), but it has gained a few scratches over the years.
Other typical vigilante gear of his includes an oversized black hoodie so the hood can cover his face in emergencies, black pants with plenty of pockets, and short black combat boots. He did stick with tennis shoes for a while, but they kept falling off, so the increased agility they afforded him didn’t turn out to be worthwhile.
As far as weapons go, Callum’s access is pretty limited. He does carry multiple knives that he has found over the years, such as:
His oldest knife, it’s rusty and blunt so the biggest threat to criminals is probably tetanus. It stays in his pocket, but still goes with him on patrol on principal.
His second knife, it folds and goes into a small case that clips onto his belt loop. It’s probably his go-to weapon if he has the time to pull it out.
His double-bladed knife is the only one where he saw the person who dropped it. He tried to give it back, but she took one look at him and told him to keep it (he wasn’t wearing his vigilante gear, so he still hasn’t decided whether to be embarrassed or honored by the gift).
And finally, his new twin knives and the only ones he bought himself. They have a little sheath in each of his boots and are quite handy in a pinch.

For the formative years of his life, the best love Callum knew was that of strangers.
He was a chubby toddler in the care of a government-run homeless shelter...officially. In reality, the slums of Metropolis took care of themselves. If a few addicts trying to get straight and other random people down on their luck couldn’t raise a kid, who could? Certainly not his parents.
Callum never really had a reason to complain, and the case of his missing parents was simply something to wonder about at night in his little bunk bed. After all, he was lucky; not many kids his age got to run around all day doing whatever they wanted, then fall asleep to the bedtime stories of strangers.

Callum was around seven years old when the authorities became aware of his stowaway status. In a flash, his life changed. Child services swept him up into a black van and delivered him to a couple in a modest home in the suburbs of Metropolis. He was their first and only foster child, which was alright with him. They had a cat named Stacy, so what more could he want?
But Brad and Lisa were rather detached, in his small view. They both worked and had friends and family that he didn’t get to call his own, so he felt strangely unwelcome. Many times he dreamed of running away; back to the shelter, perhaps, and all the people there who would let him do whatever he wanted all day, but he was never the sort to do something drastic.

Going to school was a new experience for him. He was significantly behind the other kids academically and socially, but he discovered that he did actually like learning. He never really got better at making friends though.
Despite its drawbacks, Callum might have been able to spend the rest of his childhood with Brad and Lisa as his foster parents, and he wouldn’t have loved it, but it would have been something. Something to call his own. He likes to think it changed for the better, though, when one day he was visited after school by an old friend.

Barkley, as he was always known in the shelter, had been one of the steady adults in his life before he was sent to Brad and Lisa. Callum had a soft spot for him, since he had never been one to tell Cal what to do or deny him a more gritty life story. When Barkley showed up on the modest doorstep of the suburbs, it didn’t quite feel real, but Callum was still thrilled.
Brad and Lisa wouldn’t be home for hours, so when Barkley asked to come in, Callum saw no reason to say no. They sat at the kitchen counter and made awkward small talk before Barkley eventually got to the point.

Shortly after Callum was taken from the shelter, a rumor started going around that ‘child services’ was really just an act, a farce to trick Callum into leaving his only semblance of family. It was said that ‘child services’ had some grudge against Callum’s parents, whoever they were, so placing Callum with Brad and Lisa was some sort of leverage in case Callum’s parents came back.

It all sounded fantastical to Callum, who had never felt that significant before, but this was Barkley. Even if these were just rumors, they must have seemed serious enough if Barkley took the time to find Callum and tell him himself.
Callum didn’t know what to do, but Barkley was ready with a plan. He had some friends nearby, a group of former Metropolis thugs who were willing to take him in and keep him safe, hidden. Swept up in the intrigue of it all, Callum agreed to pack a bag and go with him.

“Atta boy, Cal. I’m just glad I got to you in time. Who knows what mighta happened to you if I hadn’t.”

Barkley said he couldn’t stay with Callum, but Callum trusted that he would come back eventually. So, he stayed in the outer slums of Metropolis with a group of people he barely knew and no personal possessions to speak of. At least he already knew what life was like on the streets.
The floor fell out from under him quickly, when he woke up a few days later, alone, with nothing around him but empty tents and trash.
He never really came to terms with the shock, the sudden betrayal, but he moved on. The streets wouldn’t cater to his weakness.

He got into a groove of living on the streets again (he never even considered going back to Brad and Lisa), but there wasn’t anyone to lull him to sleep at night now: he wasn’t a child anymore. He was thirteen, and old enough to take care of himself.
It was shortly after he settled back into the street life that he found Destruct.

He had always been rather opposed to stealing (he had never seen the need while he was living at the shelter), so he spent his days hunting through dumpsters and trash heaps. It was a prideless occupation, but he got by.
That fateful day was one that at first seemed promising. He had recently discovered a recycling facility with warehouses and open lots covered in piles of random trash and hidden treasure. It was his second day rifling through the place when he came across a moderately-sized metal container; like an escape pod for a child alien, he thought. He almost knew better than to touch it, but the promise of something valuable was too tempting.
The latch was simple, almost like it was meant to be found and opened, only, when he opened the little metal door, he blacked out.
When he came to, he was lying several feet away from the container, which glared at him with an empty stare. He tried to get up, but his body resisted him. A strange feeling came over him and for no identifiable reason, he spoke.



To say that he had been shocked at the new voice in his head was an understatement, but after the first two weeks of denial, fear, and anger, he got over it.
Make no mistake, living with Destruct was a horribly difficult adjustment to make. The first year was so full of accidental rampages by Destruct that Callum was forced to consider that he might be a villain now. The news certainly thought so.
It wasn’t until the second year that Destruct was brought forward by the sounds of fighting near Callum’s makeshift home. When Callum came forward afterwards and saw the gang of ruffians laid out around their shocked and shaking would-be victim, he realized that he and Destruct might have hero potential after all.

This sparked a big change in Callum’s life. He began trying to work with Destruct and communicate with him, instead of ignoring him. As his confidence in his body-buddy grew, he began to seek out crimes-in-progress to see what Destruct could really do.
At first, it was mostly uncontrolled destruction, which made sense, and earned his ‘vigilantism’ further unfavorable reports in the news. Slowly, though, Destruct was able to focus more on taking down the bad guys, instead of smashing buildings. After months of redeeming vigilante work, Callum and Destruct were labeled the unknown vigilante, Blitz.

While Callum was still riding the high of being an official vigilante as far as the media was concerned, he made his first big mistake.
For months, his habit had been to run headlong into any fight he came across and it had never gone too badly for him, aside from the initial learning curve. So, that day he decided to aim for bigger game. A group of gangsters, self-proclaimed Joker followers, were carrying out a rampage of their own through Callum’s area of Metropolis. Fresh from a fight with bank thieves, and feeling nigh on indestructible, Callum hunted them down (it wasn’t hard, just follow the screams) and confronted them in a side street.
There were maybe twenty guys in all, decked out in clown masks and armor, riding their stolen police hummer and toting machine guns all around.
Callum loved the irony of walking up to the bad guys, clearly just a skinny kid, despite his vigilante disguise, and promising them a can of whoop ass. Then, of course, Destruct would flood into being and deliver said can.
The punchline came, the gang laughed and circled around him, and Destruct was nowhere to be seen.
It was pure survival instinct that woke Destruct up, groggy, and throbbingly aware that something was wrong. He reached out and felt the blood, their blood, pouring on the ground as Callum rasped and fought for each breath. Somehow the gang of madmen had been satisfied to leave him with air still in his lungs, so Destruct was able to help Callum fight for life and breath until the blessed sounds of sirens pierced the air around them.
Weeks spent in the hospital helped to solidify in Callum’s head that he wasn’t invincible. Far from it; he was just a kid.

That sparked another big change in Callum’s life. Once he fully recovered, he searched for a job, a real one, and was lucky enough to find Papa’s Pizzeria. He was only the dishwasher, but Callum found pride in having some money in his pocket for once. It was several months (scattered with more careful vigilantism) before Callum could afford an apartment, but the night he moved in was one of the best nights of his life.
Since then, Callum has grown more confident in Destruct and his own abilities as a vigilante, but with a tentative edge that wasn’t there before. On the positive side, his normal life got a bit of an upgrade since he got a promotion to ‘sometimes delivery and checkout boy’ at the pizzeria. Any news about Blitz is now far more positive, too, since he limits himself to only what he knows he can handle. Still...he’s looking forward to the day that he has no limits. ”As it should be.”

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Height: 5'7
Weight: 125 lbs
Hair: Black, long and wavy.
Eyes: Bright green, almond-shaped eyes.
Distinguishing features: Her unusually bright eyes that glow with her powers and almost golden skin.
Body Mods: A few battle scars.
Faceclaim: Marlen Valderrama Alvarez

  • Name: Kataly'a
    Nickname: Kat, Princess
    Hero Alias: Valkyrie (a Norse Goddess that chose who would live and die in battle)
    Human Alias: Katalia Ziran
    Age: 19 human years
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Pansexual
    Species: Alien from the planet Almerac
    Affiliation: Almeracian Royalty, Blood Royale.
    Occupation: Alien princess, trying to fit in as a college student.






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The First Son.... (aka Superboy)

Alexander Luthor Jr is the son of President Luthor, and does great things for the man's ratings- Who could resist those bright, twinkling eyes? His charming press interviews! And those dimples!

But beneath the grin of America's favorite First Family member, this perfectly-normal-and-totally-human-and-absolutely-not-a-human-kyrptonian-hybrid-clone teen might be more than he seems.

As Alex seeks to protect his father's legacy from those who would disregard the President, he might find that that legacy isn't all that he thought it was- How far will Alex go to prevent interference of his father's plans? And is that father's love genuine, or just a façade?

More info to be revealed at a later date!

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