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The Witch Son

and a swift justice to those that got away with it

project YOUNG JUSTICEโœฎ
The Justice League has had a rough go of it. Founded over twenty-five years ago, they've created a base called the Watch Tower stationed in space in order to avoid accountability to the United States or the United Nations. Space is neutral territory, and no one can sanction them there. Besides, it's better to be stationed where they can best meet an intergalactic threat before it hits earth rather than after. It hasn't happened yet, but they aren't taking their luck for granted. What little of it they've been afforded.

Super Heroes seem to be idolized by the working class and heavily criticized by the upper elite, thanks the President Luthor and his propaganda. It's a wonder they've retained any popularity at all but it holds true that people they help directly are in fact always grateful. Luthor can't take that real-life, incredibly important work from them. These heroes are more battle hardened than their parallels in other, softer, multiverses, they strike a bit more terror into the hearts of their fierce opposition and tend to act with an iron fist. They might maintain their no-kill rule but no one said anything about maiming.

But even these legends are not impervious to the ravages of time. Some of them have children, sidekicks, young partners and they've gotten older. They should have began training their successors or done something in the way of guiding new supers but things always seemed to get in the way of that goal. No more, it can't be put off any longer. The League council has gotten together and developed an HQ and overseeing department for official training of the next generation of super heros. It's been dubbed project Young Justice.

setting 01 โซท

The year is 2160, and unfortunately the world is not enjoying hover cars. On the contrary, one could swear that in some ways it's even digressed. The divide between the haves and have nots is wide, with very little in between, and where there is widespread poverty there is widespread crime. Cities are a bit dingier, a bit grittier, a bit more ruthless than before. Gotham isn't the only place to boast some next level crazies anymore. Everyone thought that things would improve when super heroes showed up, but paradoxically disasters and villains have risen to meet them in intensity at every turn, and civilization seems to be just barely hanging on. Heroes might fight crime but they don't fix the economy and they don't move the needle on government policy.

President Lex Luthor has been elected a total of four times now, serving for eight terms. That's thirty-two years. And on paper the economy is flourishing, the stocks are doing well, supposedly more and more money is being made every year. Its just that regular working class people aren't the ones enjoying that bounty. His policies on Supers are strict and ruthless, leaving the United States Government and Justice League often at odds. President Luthor is a very skilled politician, and produces very effective propaganda. How else has he managed to stay elected for so long? How else did he manage to flip the narrative on heroes and convince the public to let him serve eight terms and running? How else does he convince the public that the police need armored cars and that there is no profiling problem?

It's difficult to stay innocent in this cruel world, but it still exists, hope still lives. Maybe it doesn't in our young heroes, but regardless of the circumstances of their soul they've been convinced by a member of the Justice League to appear in Jump City to attend an initiative that will train them to be vigilantes.

lore 02 โซท

As I accept characters more may be added to this section.

- Lex Luthor is President of the United States, he is 61 years old and has served an unprecedented 8 terms.

- Superman is 56 years old, but it has become clear he does not age like humans do. He looks not a day past 30. Lucky Lois Lane.

- Batman is 50 years old. He and Catwoman are finally going steady.

- Carrie Kelley is the current Robin in Gotham, she is 14 years old and will not be joining the Young Justice Project. She has been Robin for around six months at the beginning of the rp.

- The Justice League includes many members but the council is made up of founding members: Green Lantern, Flash, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Martian Manhunter.

- Things between the humans and the Atlanteans are tense. President Luthor in particular is hostile in policy towards them.

- Earth has not experienced an alien invasion as of yet, but villains from outer space have visited earth.

- Dr. Harleen Quinzel left the Joker ten years ago, she is in her early forties now and married to Professor Pamela Lillian Isley. They are both retired.

characters 03 โซท

You do not have to use BB code sheets! I am far more interested in what's in your character profile than how it looks, that being said code however you like. The only thing I ask is that you include every category answered accordingly that I included in the character sheet given. You're free to re-order or add on categories as you like but unless the category is marked as *optional you must include it.

Please spend some quality time on your character sheets, this is not first come first serve. I am looking for a group of characters that are well made and interesting. You're free to bounce off ideas to me and others, I will do my utmost to be prompt and answer any and all questions you have. I'm very open and flexible when it comes to canon, I even encourage pillaging Marvel characters to use in this DC universe. You want to make Spiderman's successor? Sure! We can make Spiderman a canon in this multiverse and your character can be their successor, I could care less about actual canon here. As long as it is well written and interesting feel free to create rip offs. Let's have fun!

As for canons, they will be an option for people accepted to take on minor characters/NPCs, there will also be the option to create NPCs from scratch.

There is a character cap of two. There will be no cap for NPCs.

Alias: *if they aren't established as a vigilante they might not have one yet and we can figure that out later
Affiliation: *if they have none just put n/a
Occupation: *Student? Do they have a job?

Height: *in feet and inches
Weight: *in lbs
Body Modifications:
Distinguishing Features:
Faceclaim: *real life FCs only, please include at least one picture of your character's FC in your profile


Likes: *give me five

Dislikes: *give me five

Hobbies: *give me five

Fears: *try to stay away from listing phobias, explain their fears to us, explain the why


Quirks: *give me three


Vices: *give me five

Virtues: *give me five

[B]"A quote from your character that illustrates their personality."[/B]
*At least 300 words here please

*optional only if your characters does not have a power
*please break your character's power and their uses down thoroughly, be sure to mention any drawbacks or limitations or weaknesses

*Skill: and then description of skill, be thorough please

*include linked pictures to your gear if you can, it's good to get a visual

*I'm gonna need at least 500 words



links 04 โซท

RESOURCE || super powers wiki
RESOURCE || DC database
CHAT || discord channel
OOC || ooc tab
CHARACTERS || character application
MAIN || IC [not open yet]
code by RI.a

05 โซธ RULES
- This rp is literate - meaning I expect you to at least be capable of writing 500 words per post. Quality > quantity but you can't have much quality if you don't have any quantity to judge off of. I might ask for an rp sample if I am having trouble gauging your writing ability through your profile.

- I expect you to be available for 2 posts a week but that isn't a super strict schedule. I'm fine with people taking breaks so long as you communicate with me in the discord. If you drop off the face of the earth without saying anything for 2 weeks we reserve the right to tragically kill off your character in a mission gone wrong. Don't worry their funeral will be beautiful and there will be tears.

- That being said, I won't enforce a posting order necessarily but if you're posting too often I might ask you to remove a post in order to allow others to respond. Don't railroad over others, give people an opportunity to respond. I trust you'll exercise good judgement on that.

- If there is a conflict between players please come to me with it. I'll settle it and I hope you trust me enough to be fair. I will do my utmost to be prompt. Please don't start drama, we are all here to have fun.

- No godmodding. It's rude. Just communicate with your fellow player.

- There is an ooc but please keep in mind that I will be expecting you on the Discord chat. Announcements will be made there and it's good for group planning and morale. So if you don't like to use discord then perhaps this is not the rp for you.
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The Flowiest on site
I've done the minimum and the max of what I'll do in a cs aha

If it isn't good/wont fit

feel free to delete it I hold no hard feelings

The Witch Son

and a swift justice to those that got away with it
bruh cody rhodes is 34 there's no way he's passing as an 18 year old imao

but besides that my character sheet gave some minimums that i don't think are too much to ask for and I can't accept it as is

The Witch Son

and a swift justice to those that got away with it
You could always make her a FORMER purple lantern who went red or something? Currently going through a crisis is par for course in this rp tbh lol

The Witch Son

and a swift justice to those that got away with it
I added the following to LORE "- Carrie Kelley is the current Robin in Gotham, she is 14 years old and will not be joining the Young Justice Project. She has been Robin for around six months at the beginning of the rp."

The Dark Wizard


The Witch Son

and a swift justice to those that got away with it
He is.

I love superboy too, but I don't agree with his pairing :P. I'm a gay all the things kind of person. /shrug

There are some straight ships I adore, but superman/megan was not one of them. I like Night Wing x Starfire more, tbh.
ooooh same, i always like superboy with tim tbh

I'm a DickBabs person myself but cartoon network starfire and robin were valid

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