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Futuristic ๐™ช๐™ ๐™ž๐™ฎ๐™ค.๐™ง๐™š๐™ฃ๐™š๐™œ๐™–๐™™๐™š online (Now Accepting!)

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Action, Adventure, Cyberpunk, Dystopian, Mystery, Slice of Life, Super Powers

____________ renegade online [ o ] _________

You were born to do the dirty work of a man/woman that you've never met. You don't know if you have a family and the fellow lost ones around you are all you have. They are the only ones who could understand the experience of watching hundreds of living beings lose their lives and you, not even able to tell them why. There's never enough time to cry over the lost and there is never enough time to prepare to take another one down. But the cycle continues, on and on until you perish. Running away is not an option. At Least...not with that robot's giant gun in your face. Why are you here? Who is this for? And what did you do to deserve a life as this? Where you can either adjust to it and fool yourself into enjoying it or you feel yourself break each new mass amounts of faces you get to see, wishing for a world that you can never stay in. Onward and forward, Renegade. Load up or Crash.
____________ renegade offline [ o ] _________

This roleplay is about a group of characters who are apart of a band of outlaws who were born and raised in the same group. The group is called Scimachy's Crooks. Unrelated to one another but all seemingly dumped in the same place since birth. They are forced to do tasks by an unseen Boss that points them from place to place or else they are promptly executed and replaced. They are marked like living cattle, dragged through cities by their A.I. Overseer to do assignments that can range from something as simple as grabbing fresh milk or something as brutal as wiping out the city and its people with it. No matter the job, saying No is never an option. And most of the world is against these Outlaws, unaware that they didn't ask to be criminals.
  • Setting: The setting is on the world of Vex,a futuristic society where everything is ran on a grid system with a robot is controlling everything from only a certain place. What remains of the natural world isn't around anymore and it's all artificial bioengineering. From nature's ecosystem to all of different sized cities that are all one with each other. It is always night time but a sunprojector exists to emulate the sun.

  • There will be a fighting system, including healing/offensive/and defensive. Along with a quest system designed for the characters to not only be challenged but unveil the mysteries that the World of Vex has to offer. Characters may have the risk of dying. The characters also will have 'powers' in a sense that scientific alterations to the characters forms has given them powers dedicated to the role (support/offense/defense) that comes with their own drawbacks.
  • There will be a limited amount of people able to join. At the moment, I'm thinking about 8. Maybe more if I see more traction than I thought. Also, I am NOT that experienced in GMing but I intend to do my very best.
  • This likely will be a para-rp mixed with text/internet chatting style elements here, I'll go more into depth about that later on. But basically, be able to craft more than 3+ lines at least. Also, the ooc part of the rp will be in Discord so please be prepared to be on discord for all things OOC.

Interested? Have any questions? Got any suggestions to add? Let me know below!

EDIT: The Character Thread and Extra Information about Ukiyo Renegade is now finished!

Extra Lore and Information: Ukiyo Renegade Website

Character Thread to submit applications: Submit Applications!
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I need sleep but an offensive/support hybrid with an electromagnetic power set and a Frankenstein's Monster gimmick is in the works.

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