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Realistic or Modern π™˜ 𝙧 𝙖 𝙫 π™ž 𝙣 π™œ 𝙨 .

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welcome to my second (and super specific) search thread!

β€” q u i c k i n f o

⋆ evelyn, over 18, from europe.
⋆ replies are anything from three to ten paragraphs. never less than three, usually more. seeking someone who writes similar amounts.
⋆ plays female mains, mainly fxm for this specific craving (though might be convinced to do fxf β€” ask!).
⋆ likes juicy plot twists, detail, quick replies, ooc & moodboards. let’s be friends!
⋆ multiple replies a day - one reply per day - a few replies a week.
⋆ roleplay over pm or email.

β€” c r a v i n g s
⋆ mafia β€”
ya know. drama filled mafia families, complicated (but passionate) relationships, family drama, adrenaline rushes & corrupt cops and lawyers. asshole characters & actual psychopaths.
⋆ gangs β€” chaotic & messy gangs, ruthless leaders, terrority wars, drug dealing, prison, undercover rivals, forbidden romances, enemies to lovers, serial killers, fight clubs, toxic relationships.
⋆ inspo β€” the irishman, bad blood, sons of anarchy, suburra, good girls, money heist.

all i’m looking for is anything organized crime related. really, that’s it. please do come to me with your plot ideas & cravings, characters and even song or show inspo!

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