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character sheets.
post your character's here! below is the preferred skeleton, but you don't have to follow every aspect of it.

► name
► nicknames ( if have any )
► gender
► sexuality
► role
► age ( between 19 and 23. )
► ethnicity
► appearance ( could be picture or description

► hair color , texture etc.
► eye color
► height
► weight
► body type
► clothing style

► virtues / positive traits
► vices / negative traits
► paragraph to sum it up??

► character name here and how they feel about them
character name here and how they feel about them
character name here and how they feel about them
character name here and how they feel about them
character name here and how they feel about them
character name here and how they feel about them
character name here and how they feel about them

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07413414-F953-4FC9-9999-AEFC8B2FD4C8.jpeg►NAME: Joy Amaritha Young
►NICKNAMES: “Sunshine”; “Sunshine Girl”; Young; Smiley;
►GENDER: Transgender Female
►SEXUALITY: Heteroromantic Asexual
►ROLE: The Rose of Energy and Eccentricity
►AGE: Nineteen / April 25th / Taurus
►ETHNICITY: Korean-Hawaiian

►THEME SONG: Lush Life — Zara Larsson


►HAIR: Honey Blonde; Waist-Lengh; Layered;
►EYES: Brown — Bright and often bounces light;
►HEIGHT: 5’9 ; 177 centimeters
►WEIGHT: 101.4 pounds; 45 kilograms
►BODY TYPE: Ectomorph: With a lack of curves and lanky legs, Joy is in fit shape from running and enjoying her days outside and in the sun.
►CLOTHING STYLE: Joy wears a lot of cute, pastel outfits, either sporty or gyaru-inspired. Her favorite colors are lilac, pink, and pastel blue. She loves crop tops and skinny jeans, pleated mini skirts, frilly blouses, gingham, thigh-high stockings and sweaters with vibrant prints. Her favorite brand is Liz Liza.


►BIO: Joy lives in an apartment with her father in Japan, mostly due to his work as a professional chef. Her mother had no interest in being either a mother nor wife, and left them both when Joy was just weeks old. Her father had a difficult time coping with this, but was able to raise his child without many hardships or a lack of money.

Born by the name of Jake Amare Young, and with the assigned gender of male, Joy grew up knowing she was a girl. At the age of ten, her father realized she was trans and was nothing but supportive. They have an amazing relationship, and are basically the best of friends. He even helped her pick her new name. They try to have movie-nights together once a week.

►PERSONALITY: Joy is a fun-loving ray of sunshine. She’s smart, witty, and funny, and though she can be extremely sassy, she’s a very sweet girl. She’s social, perceptive, and fiercely loyal, always looking out for her friends. A very happy and positive person in general, always ready to brighten the mood, and likely crack a joke even when she’s crying. She’s very energetic and outspoken around others, but because of her bright and cheerful personality, it can be hard for her to be serious, and she is prone to ignoring her own problems as nothing compared to others.

►LIKES: milkshakes (especially strawberry); roller skating; boys; ice cream; snacks; pastels; being outside; being in the sun;

►DISLIKES: Hugh Grant; sexism; putting effort into something that won’t work out in the end;

►Joy tends to carry about an Instax camera with her almost everywhere, and tends to take lots of snapshots of her location, herself, and friends.
►Though athletic, she enjoys spending her time during the weekends lazinf about and watching anime marathons.
►Along with strawberry milkshakes, crepes are also Joy’s favorite food.
►weeb level: infinity and beyond.
►She fights dirty, with every ability she can use possible.


Chiruka — It is apparent that both Chiruka and Joy are complete opposites. Even when claimed to be despised straight to her, Joy hides the pain of it well. She tends to shut herself down a little around him, in the fear that she is annoying and childish. But with them being close friends, Joy is loyal and enjoys hanging out with him, no matter how other people see her with him. If she would ever get the chance to pick someone above herself, it would be him.

JUNKO — Upon meeting her, it was obvious that the girl was different from the rest, and this intrigued her. Being the social butterfly she is, Joy welcomed the girl with open arms and a smiling face. With very little known about each other, Joy often allows herself to let Junko strike up a conversation, maybe to learn a little about one another. There is a sort of protection put over Joy by her, though she doesn’t mind.

CHASE — Being quite active and into running, Joy would often pass Chase during runs and and would occasionally strike up a conversation. He seemed very close in her personality and they enjoyed joking around a bit. It was nice to see a familiar face hanging about the the lake, and had seen him almost everyday in the week she ran. Often or not, if she catches his eye, she’ll wave.

conquer | from | within
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junko mori

beautiful enigma

junko mori
persona // rose of mystery

hair // snowy white, layered into a neat bob.
eyes // pale blue.
body type // lithe and supple.
clothing style // simplistic, yet elegant. deeper
tones make up the majority of her wardrobe pallet.

virtues // soft spoken, methodical, controlled,
rational, organized, sympathetic, understanding,
vices // reserved, blunt, detached, formal, private,
amoral, candid, obscure, evasive.
► Evidently, Juno isn't one for for many words.
She's quiet and reserved, opting out of
conversations in favor of sitting in the back
and observing from afar. While she may appear to
be cold and unapproachable, Juno is not opposed
to starting conversation with someone. She just won't
talk about herself, is all.

involuntarily blows her bangs out of her face.
shifts from leg to leg while waiting.
while her english is nearly impeccable, juno still struggles with a strong accent.
ends almost every sentence with an upward
occasionally pats down her outfit with her hands.
tilts her head to the side when intrigued.

juno is surprisingly great at public speaking.
you'll always see her drinking green tea or
black coffee.
plays the harp, along with the piano.
has never been late for anything. ever.
her favorite food is steamed tofu.

In the Mori family, tradition is the set foundation
that dictates their way of living. For Juno, her life
was dedicated to setting up a perfect image for
her household. Every grandparent, every great
grandparent, and every family member onward
was treated with an upmost respect. It was the
bare minimum for an honor upheld highly in the
town of Kawamizu. To everyone living there, Mori
was a name maintained in high esteem.

And Juno- Juno was the legacy that was established
the moment she was brought into the world. Her
parents, though strict and rigorous, molded
their daughter in a respectable young woman.
She excelled in her studies at Kawamizu's local
school and swiftly set a standard for others in the
small town, but little was known of her home life after
she left for the day. But she would always be back,
and she would always be prepared. Stoic in
her appearance and soft in her speech, Juno still
proudly carried her hard work upon her shoulders. It
was merely what was expected from her.

After all, she does have a family name to uphold.

relationships //

aito chiruka // a mutual understanding would be
the best way for juno to describe her and aito's
relationship. it's not a traditional label of friendship,
but she's mindful of his reserved nature.
► joy young // a person beaming with happiness all
day wouldn't seem like they would get along with juno,
but joy has a charming way of changing the status
quo. juno sees joy as a beaming light in a dark world,
and in result the young woman has a sense of duty to
protect her.
► akira haruta // similar to joy, akira strikes juno as
WIP fuck

► chase huges // chase is, well, chase. juno's
never understood his open and flirty energy- maybe
they just got off on the wrong foot. she doesn't hate
him, per se. she's just doesn't exactly understand
his teasing disposition.
► luna saski // wip
► hyunjae kim // at the moment, the both of them
don't exactly get along. juno has her own theory for

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⠀♡coded by uxie♡
aito chiruka.
"i could care less."

age | 20
nationality | american
ethnicity | japanese
sexuality | greyromantic bisexual
role | the rose of no emotion.

to die

to die

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If music is my soul then rhythm guides my feet


► name Akira Haruta

► nicknames Aki, Haruta, Haru, Kira

► gender Male

► sexuality Pan

► role: Rose of Kindness and Care

► age: 19

► ethnicity: Japanese

► appearance ( could be picture or description
a906475274daaf35b89f0d5136d23ecd (1).jpg
► hair color , texture etc. -Soft black hair

► eye color- stormy gray/ dark grayish with hints of dark blue undertones
► height- 5'2

► weight- 135lbs

► body type- petite,(mesomorph) small, and short

► clothing style- oversized sweaters and fitting jeans or slacks.


► virtues / positive traits- Kindness, dedication, Persistence, Loyalty, Sacrifice.

► vices / negative traits- Self-doubtful, lack of confidence, over working,stubborn, slightly forgetful of own needs, Self-Sacrificing

► Personality and Background
Akira puts the lives of others and their wants above his own needs, believing himself to be an unimportant part of any group. He hides these insecurities behind a busy mind that is structured around others needs rather than his own. He will often overwork and stress himself for the sake of complete strangers, going as far to sacrifice his own health (hence his lower than average body weight), for the betterment of someone else. His own desires and even his own needs are overlooked or forgotten, leaving him forgetting to even eat properly when he is dead set on a goal.. This nature of thinking is extremely self-destructive. However, this nature isn't only negative, as it allows him a sense of purpose and loyalty to whom he entrusts with such acts. And while this trust may be a freely given gift, it's one of faith. He emphasizes heavily with those whom lash out onto others as they suffer themselves.

Much of his traits stem from a lonely childhood of a single mother in a small community where his situation was pitied. After ridding themselves of his abusive father at age 10, they were broken, his mother especially. This was when he began to pour his entire heart and soul into caring for others, especially her, as a way to hide his own injuries and fears from the world's eyes. He never learned what happened to his Father aside from him apparently remarrying and having two other children he deemed worthy to love. A month before his eighteenth birthday his mother passed away in a hit and run incident on her way to work. he knew his neighbors would have happily offered sympathy and help, but he told none of them of her passing until she was already buried and he had already become the age of an adult. So for all intents and purposes, he is without any relatives in his life. Once again he moves forward by ignoring his grief in lue of helping others, fearing he may burden others if he allowed himself a moment of selfishness.


►Aito Chiruka: Brotherly sort of relations, neighbors in adosolence, close.
►Junko Mori: Mutual respect(possible friendship!)

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ew?? ew.



Name: Chase Hughes
► Gender: Male
► Sexuality: Bisexual
► Role: The Rose of Flirtation and Self-centeredness
► Age: 20
► Ethnicity: British-European

► Hair details: light brown hair that waves at the bottoms
► Eye color: deep brown
► Height: 6’3”, but he’ll lie and say 6’4” when he feels like it
► Weight: 159lbs
► Body type: Lanky but Athletic
► Clothing style: Simple but makes a statement; Chase loves to look like he knows what he’s doing. He wears a black pair of glasses, but occasionally will put in contacts.

► Virtues / Positive traits: Chase has a way with words that could practically sweep anyone off their feet. He's very convincing and seems very trustworthy.
► Vices / Negative traits: He's incredibly self-centered. Most people have insecurities about how they look, but Chase seems to have none!

Chase is practically the definition of confidence. He exudes a sort of intimidating energy without even realizing it. His smile is infectious, and he knows it. He's a serial romantic and very flirtatious to everyone he meets. He likes to charm people for fun, even when he's not necessarily into them. To him, every person is a challenge in their own way.

Basically, he would hit on anything with a pulse.

Though on the surface, Chase may seem like your run-of-the-mill fuckboy, he can be a genuinely in interesting person. He makes money by being a freelance photographer, so he finds the beauty in everyone and everything.

Chase didn't originally grow up in Kawamizu. He moved there with his family when he was 15, but he didn't know why. His family was pretty wealthy, so he was used to moving around for business. He was expecting to move back to England in a few months, so it wasn't a huge deal to him. Back at home, he was a swimmer and on the water polo team. He was quite a social butterfly in his upper-class school. After 5 months went by, 9 months, 2 years, Chase realized he wasn't going home. Some of his old belongings from home were transported to Japan, but most of them were left behind. Luckily, his favorite camera was brought over. Despite his homesickness, he made the most out of it. He perfected his Japanese, took a lot of new photos, and made new friends. Sometimes, his British accent still came through when saying specific words. There wasn't a water polo team in the town, so he resorted to running long distances and swimming when he had the chance. Years passed, and Chase still found himself in the same town. Why had he not moved? He didn't know.

► Chase refuses to go to bed barefoot. Without socks, he feels too exposed.
► Chase's dream was to be an Olympic swimmer, but after he moved he realized that it wasn't possible anymore
► Chase is a total baby when it comes to the cold. The moment the temperature goes below 40 degrees, he has to put on something warm.
► Chiruka: Chase and Chiruka have crossed paths before in town. Chase makes sure to say hello and strike up a conversation, but he's usually shut down pretty quick. He has a feeling that there's a real person with human emotion deep down there, but he can't quite break through his tough barrier. Chiruka didn't seem like the flirting type. Maybe that's why he never wanted to talk?
► Joy: Joy was sort of the "girl next door" type to Chase. She lived a few streets down, but they crossed paths occasionally. Sometimes they would fit in a little banter, and she seemed to bounce back on Chase's humor well. When the summers were particularly hot, he could see Joy running around the neighborhood while he's doing laps in the lake.
► Juno: Juno might be the one person Chase will never get to. One time, in town, he tried to speak with her. They were both getting coffee, and he cracked some kind of dumb ‘did you fall from heaven’ pick up lines. He laughed and grinned, and she stared at him in irritation for three straight minutes without breaking eye contact. One day, Chase might be able to find the right situation to butter her up.
► character name here and how they feel about them
► character name here and how they feel about them
► character name here and how they feel about them
► character name here and how they feel about them

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𝐛𝐥𝐚𝐜𝐤 𝐬𝐞𝐚𝐬.
lou, lulu, nina |
19 |
female |
heteroflexible |
rose of emotionality |
black and japanese |
white (naturally black) |
dark brown |
5'4 |
120 pounds |
body type:
hourglass |
clothing style:
cute preppy style. pink blouses and sweaters, miniskirts, flats, cardigans, high knee stockings, etc.
► vices
manic, volatile, arrogant, intrusive
► virtues
kind, creative, perceptive, animated

► personality
When she's in a good mood, Luna is a caring, pleasant girl who enjoys the company of others. She is friendly and quite a creative thinker, coming up with new ideas as quickly as she disposes of old ones. She has a strong sense of curiosity and always wonders about things, even when it doesn't concern her. Her enthusiasm encourages her to actively search for answers to her questions.

However, when Luna is in a bad mood or having a manic episode, it's best to leave her alone. She becomes arrogant to the point of feeling better than everhone and belittling people when they disagree with her, getting easily upset and calling them "annoying buzzkills" among other things. During the episodes, her mood swings worsen and a few "mean" words can make her lash out with a vengeance. She is easily stressed and can break down quickly, even if she seems fine.

► biography
tw: mentions of csa, abuse, manipulation/grooming

Luna was born to a Japanese father and a Nigerian mother living in Kyoto, Japan. She grew up speaking both Japanese and her mother's native language, Yoruba. In elementary school, Luna was bullied because she looked different from most of her classmates. She never told her parents, but she knew they loved her very much, so that helped a bit. They were very busy, but she could manage being by herself.

When she was 10, she was sent to live with her aunt and uncle in Kawamizu. Luna didn't know why and she still doesn't, but she never asked questions and never really saw her parents again. Her aunt was a lovely, kind woman who was like a mother to her. Her uncle, however, made her life horrible. He was manipulative and he groomed and touched her, later manipulating Luna to think this was "okay". He would belittle and bully her loudly when she did somerhing wrong or didn't sit on his lap, lowerng her self-esteem and making her feel worthless. She was 15 when she experienced her first series of episodes after she said she couldn't go to school because she felt sick. Luna stayed in her room for several days, which alarmed her aunt and angered her uncle.

Just after 4 days, Luna came out of her room, acting overly happy and not being herself. Her aunt, while relieved that she was no longer locked in the room, took her to see a psychiatrist and she was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder. She was given medication, but never took it. When her uncle found out, he became so angry that he beat her, and her aunt walked in seeing her niece on the ground, with bruises on her face. The divorce process took a year and custody was given to her aunt. Living with her aunt was like heaven, but Luna soon developed hallucinations related to the help of livinv with her aunt.

► aito:

► akira:

► chase:

► hyunjae:

► joy:

► junko:

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The bored one
Name: Hyunjae Kim
Nicknames: Jay
Gender: female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Age: 20
Ethnicity: Korean

Hair color: very soft dark brown hair
Eye color: green
Height: 161 cm
Weight: 46 kg
Body type: thin but athletic
Clothing Style: always has one jacket, with either an oversized sweater or a t-shirt, thight jeans and this hat thing

Virtues/Positive traits: the “cold head” in difficult situations, analytical, determined, trustworthy
Vices/Negative traits: too direct, seems like she doesn’t care about others, regretful, sarcastic, thoughtless

She lived for 15 years in Korea, a few days before her 16th birthday she and her family moved to Japan, to the little town Kawamizu. She didn't really understand why they did it, just saying "We had to move over. It's safer there" Thousands of theories rotate in her head why they could have moved here. But with the years, she learned to like Japan; it's nothing compared to Korea but ... it's still not her home. She got cold, couldn't understand why she is here, even now 3 years later, she didn't make any friends in the town, they call her ghost girl, or that she has a heart made of ice. But 6 months ago, a accident destroyed her little bubble she's been inside for so long. Her parents died in a car-crash.
This changed her so much, she doesn't care about others anymore, because everyone she cared about left her.


(hope that's okay so.. uwu)

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