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little monster
heya! i'm kaede, here's some stuff about me! i prefer ooc chat on discord since it's easier for me to access and reply to at a much faster pace. for pairings, i'm a-okay with what you're comfortable with so let me know. my own preference is mxf writing girlies, but i am willing to double up and play multiple characters or write couples you like writing. i can write for up to five main characters, but will only heavily focus on a max of two for posts. i'm a sucker for romance so including it keeps my interest (ofc letting things happen naturally), but having multiple characters opens to a lot of different relationships. comfy with healthy poly ones, platonic ones, all good to me! can use wanted faceclaims if you provide a list since my characters are usually made on the spot. i lean towards using unrealistic ones, but i might be open to realistic depending on the plot. my posts are around 100-1000 depending on what's going on and what i'm given, i do my best to mirror. reply times really don't matter to me, mine can range from daily to once a week. classes plus work are super important, so prioritize whatever you'd like! if you need me to edit my post, let me know. i am ghost-friendly and open to starting things again if you feel like it. if we have more interests in common, i'm open to starting multiple threads with a single partner!! onto interests, thanks for taking the time to read!
if there's any interest or questions, pls pm me!

♡ evol x love / mr. love queen's choice | would love to write against victor, ling xiao, gavin | can write any of the main guys, cyril (with a diff take on him prolly,,) | i have played up to ch 24 on the eng server, and am translating future chapters because my patience is thin,, but thanks to the anime coming out this month, i'm super craving this. can write multiple dudes for you! while i'd prefer an au since i have a lot more ideas for them, i'm good with og loveland. for aus, i'm craving something based on fleeting times event, and have plenty of ideas. could even combine some plot points from rose in the embers with this, and playing around with evol or no evol in this timeline. another au could be ancient cn / west moon event, also really interested in this!! and last, vampire / night chant event because,, vampire guys.
♡ psycho pass | oc x oc | admittedly i haven't watched this in a while but,,, i loved the concept with it, and think it could be really cool combined with something like,,, idk tokyo ghoul or parasyte? kinda just pulled out of nowhere but ghouls in a futuristic crime-filled world, or put 'em in a steampunk setting? sorry if this is far from what psycho pass is but just throwing some things out there! the complicated enforcer / inspector dynamics, characters shifting from side to side, ghouls being added to the enforcer / inspector mix with some ghoul hunters on the run and having mixed reputation, cyeberpunk-ish and futuristic setting, all ideas and more sound fun to play around with!
♡ webtoons | oc x oc (w/ exceptions listed) | midnight poppy land (craving!), purple hyacinth, subzero, freaking romance, luff, devil number 4, the devil is a handsome man, ava's demon, lookism (i love eli,, will double canon x oc for this), suitor armor.
♡ obey me swd | would love to write against mammon, lucifer, levi, solomon | can write any of the demons, angels, solomon | mass-playing lessons, i'm currently on nine but have been spoiled up to 23. i still have a shaky grasp on things, but what can i say i'm in love with mammon 😔. i'm cool with running with the og plot of the exchange program, helping belphie outta the attic as a main arc, but also adding our own ideas and changes. maybe open to aus? or even something like ocs knowing the brothers before their fall / having a 'devil is a handsome man' take on it with knowing them even before the war/rebellion + that sweet reincarnation stuff.
♡ magic police | oc x oc | inspired by magical girls, various magic stuff. but witches/magic users are separated into different levels depending on how strong their magic is. could focus around an academy open to all ages to help them improve their magic, or not! one idea is magic police who make sure no 'illegal' magic is being used (details can be discussed). would love the levels to be 1-5, and 6+ being banished to the outside lands. i could go over the world lore a lil more in dms if there's any interest, but has a lot of room for multiple characters, and different settings.

☾ stuff that i'm not exactly craving, if you have plots + ideas i'd love to hear! | code realize (maybe canon x oc? just because i love van helsing, impey, & saint-germain.... give me some time to play the route of ur dude / get a feel of side characters that don't have a route) a:tla (oc x oc, i just finished rewatching all of it on netflix and i love avatar sm,,, i don't have any ideas but here i am) gokurakugai sanbandori no ken (oc x oc, was a one-shot manga that i recently read & loved!) vocaloid songs (that vocaloid phase i never truly got out of, at least i don't try to karaoke them on ipod karaoke with my voice anymore 😔) spy x family (oc x oc, i just loved that fake family to complete mission stuff with none of them truly knowing their own secrets to agreeing with the family thing!!! growing fond over their lil family, running into spy & assassin trouble with their kiddo, faking it in front of others, just,,, chefs kiss) mystic messenger (canon x oc, i loved jumin & v a heckton, and am currently reading the webtoon. unfortunately didn't continue playing when saeran & v's routes came out though, so would prefer an au for this) fire emblem (only fates, awakening, & 3h. super fond of xander, saizo, kaze, gaius, chrom, dimitri, claude, hubert, & seteth. would strongly prefer an au since i'm burnt out on the og plots) ib (oc x oc. loved the idea of characters getting stuck in some gallery, could be painting x artist, painting x gallery-newcomer, something like king of the blue maze which was a fancomic where the person trapped in a painting agreed to the deal of switching places with someone not trapped inside of the painting).

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little monster

welcome to the mlqc part of my search because every single update has me losing brainparts. i'm mostly listing aus here, but at this point i'm willing to come up with something following the original plot/willing to write something following the original plot. i strongly prefer canon x oc, especially for aus. i'm fine with writing all the main dudes, and if we have the same interests i'm okay with having multiple threads, or even having multiple threads for separate romance options!!
the guys i'd love to write against are victor, shaw, and gavin. from the guys, i am comfortable with writing all of them, if you really want mc/youran, i don't mind writing her either! i have less experience with cyril, and it would most likely have to be our own take on his character but whatever floats the boat.
i currently have no plot ideas for the original world and plot.
the aus i'd love to do are:
gang/mafia au | fleeting time event (would love to have our own take on it rather than the actual dates with it being dress-up just bc,,, could maybe pull plot points from another game called rose in the embers?) | west moon event (historical very high wuxia setting, i only play eng server so i can't go off of canon for this) | bodyguard au | night chant / vampire event | atla au / bender au? | psycho pass au | secret agent au | assassin au | if you just want some slice of life domestic stuff idm,, at this point anything sounds appealing.
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