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hello! my name is peyton (she/her) and i'm currently on the lookout for some new partners. in this fancy shmancy little tab, you'll learn a bit about me as a person and a writer. fair warning, i wrote this sleep-deprived at 1am so it might be a little scatter-brained. also sorry i feel like it's excessive & extra.

β™‘ i'm nineteen years old! i live on the east coast (est) and am pretty much available all the time to chat because my sleep schedule and life are both non-existent. i do attend college and have hobbies and whatnot, but i mean it! i have no life! chances are i respond to messages in .02 seconds because i'm desperate for friends. i'm not around to reply to roleplays all the time, though. generally, you can expect around one reply a week or more if i'm really into it.

β™‘ i love making friends. communication is the most important thing to me! talking to me often (whether it be related to the rp or not) is a requirement. it feels way too professional if we're both writing without any sort of relationship at all and i just don't vibe with it. discord for ooc (NOT roleplaying) is really encouraged.

β™‘ i've been writing for about ten years and roleplaying for about five-six. i use third person (never first) and both past and present tense. i'm a huge believer in quality over quantity! i don't expect you to send me a whole novel each reply. i'll personally rarely go under three decent sized paragraphs but i don't expect you to constantly do the same. that being said, i do prefer a partner who can stick around two-three paragraphs at least.

β™‘ i'm a huge fan of romance! for pairings, i strongly prefer m/m. f/f is next in line. i will rarely do m/f so please do not ask me to. although i love romance, i'm also a huge fan of platonic pairings! if we were to go that route, i don't mind you playing any gender at all. most of my characters will be lgbtq+ in some way or another, though. i refuse to roleplay with anyone who uses obvious sub/dom dynamics to describe their character. i'm not here to fulfill your sexual desires. while i'm okay with effeminate characters, if i get the feeling you're trying to push harmful stereotypes onto characters, i'll probably pass.

β™‘ i'm ghost friendly! i totally understand if you're not interested and feel to anxious or are unable to let me know. i get it even! bc same. if you're able to, though, a message letting me know what's up would be really appreciated. i will never be upset with you for dropping a roleplay regardless of the circumstances.

β™‘ i don't double, but i do love having a large cast of characters. although it's absolutely not required, i would love it if you did too! i really think it brings a story to life when you have more interactions with npcs and whatnot. plus it's always a great way to incorporate some fun drama. i'm also a really big fan of slight world-building. not so much into creating whole, actual worlds, but i really dig coming up with fictional settings and coming up with some history for them.

β™‘ at the moment, i'm only interested in using art faceclaims or descriptions. i'm a baby artist! i've been really into drawing my characters lately and using realistic images kinda kills that creative freedom for me. you don't have to draw your own characters by any means, but i'd appreciate if you could stick to art or descriptions for appearances. and! chances are, if i like the story we have going on, i'll give you some bad character art.

β™‘ i don't have any triggers aside from graphic mentions of sexual abuse and suicide and self harm. i enjoy both dark themes and light themes! the best of both worlds right here. if you decide to go the darker route with me, please let me know your triggers and what to avoid. i don't want anyone to be uncomfy.

β™‘ i'm happy to provide a writing sample and anything else you'd like! just ask! if you have read this far i love you so much, ok. that seemed rly long but it's fine. it's fine. haha.
β™‘ don't be a doodoo head. this goes without saying but every now and then you get that one person with rancid vibes. don't be that person! i'll respect you and i expect you to respect me. if you're gonna be mean or judgmental or anything that is just generally unkind, please don't message me. i'm a baby and my feelings are hurt easily.

β™‘ you! have! to! talk! to! me! like, i'm sorry, i feel like it's such a silly requirement but i just cannot physically get into it if i don't feel like we have a connection. talk to me! share memes! share art and playlists and edits and stupid things that make you happy! i wanna be your friend, dude. please have an active discord.

β™‘ third person, past or present tense. on average, about three paragraphs is preferred. not a requirement at all but i'll likely lose interest quickly if you send lacking responses one after another. i like substance.

β™‘ no realistic images, please. they're just not something i vibe with at the moment. i feel like they kind of take away from part of the creative freedom, y'know? limited appearances and all that.

β™‘ ghost friendly.

β™‘ over eighteen.

this is where things get hectic. i have so many ideas! i'm also down to hear some of yours or plan something entirely from scratch but here's what i have. most of them are just general vibes right now because most of the plots i've been using have gotten quite stale for me. i have a few more fleshed out ones but they're all inspired by movies and tv shows, oops! also have so many meet-cutes and au shit from tumblr... they're small but could be a fun jumping off point?? idk. also! feel free to mix and match. a lot of these ideas go well together, imo.

word bank & vibes β™‘ dystopia, crime, rebellious rich kids, trauma, apocalyptic, characters on the run, under-qualified people solving murders, 'perfect' places that aren't what they seem, murder (but not killing each other i'm not into that), horror, character death (like way down the road but hoo boy, i like it), fucked up families, dark secrets, punky teens who mess around and suddenly have a criminal record, hanging out with the wrong crowds sorta deals, haunted houses, supernatural beings (but not like vampires & werewolves), scary creatures, dumb kids who rob gas stations and start fires for fun, the fate of the world lying on our character's shoulders. romance, opposites attract, fantasy, dragon-riders, magic-users, coming of age, prophecies and quests, exploring new places, socioeconomical war, beach life, etc! stuff like that! you get the gist.

plots italicized role is the one i prefer!
the bucket list: one summer, muse a proposes the idea of a cross-country road-trip to their best friend, muse b. they compose this super long list of everything to have the most epic summer. the thing is, they haven't told muse b the real reason for making the list. this summer vacation will be their last.

a walk to remember: inspired by the book & movie of the same name, muse a and muse b come from different worlds. muse a is known in their small town as being the bad boy/girl. they hang out with all the wrong crowds and get in all sorts of trouble. after a certain prank goes wrong, landing a student in the hospital, muse a is blamed and punished accordingly. their punishment? community service and they're required to join the [insert some school club here], where they meet muse b. Despite their differences, the two become close, but muse b has a dark secret that can set them apart.

healing waters: inspired by the movie a little mermaid (not the disney version, the really bad netflix one). muse a is a mermaid/man who fell in love with a human and sold their soul for legs to a wizard who keeps it for safe-keeping. the wizard keeps muse a, mermaid by day and human by night, as the main exhibit in their circus, spreading the word about the magical healing abilities the water from their tank possesses. muse b is a struggling journalist wanting to make the story. they take special interest in muse a's story, both for a story that will sell and out of hope for a cure for their life-threatening disease/illness/etc.

journey to the past:completely inspired by the movie anastasia. muse a is a royal, forced to run away as a child after an evil sorcerer killed most of their family. during their fleeing, they fell, hitting their head hard enough to forget about their life as a royal. they would spend the rest of their childhood in an orphanage, completely unaware of their past. until they meet muse b, a con-man/woman trying to find a suitable actor to play the role of the lost prince/ss of the royal family. muse b has promised to share half of the reward. muse a agrees, needing a place to live after aging out of the orphanage. it isn’t until much later down the road that they both realize muse a really is the lost prince/ss-- not just some damn fine actor.

prompts, meet-cutes, pairing dynamics
β™‘ glass bones x concern
β™‘ edgy, jaded kids helping each other deal w their issues
β™‘ evil buttheads who are only soft with each other
β™‘ idiot parents who won't stop embarrassing their kid
β™‘ sweet & dorky x rowdy &doesn't understand feelings
β™‘ proud & (v) loud x shy and embarrassed of loud

β™‘ your friends dared you to jump off your roof into your neighbor's yard and you did and now you're in my pool hi there
β™‘ we both had the wise idea to break into the neighborhood's haunted house on halloween night.. i'm so sorry i punched you i thought you were a ghost
β™‘ you were chased by cops, hopped into my car, and just yelled "drive!!"
β™‘ we're both on a really long plane ride... did i mention i'm scared of planes?
β™‘ i'm on this REALLY bad date and you witnessed it and pretended to know me to save me
β™‘ we're both on our schools kiss cam during a game and.. we don't even know each other? but... the people want what they want
β™‘ you're a photographer who's been trying to get a picture of this rare bird for weeks... and i'm the dumbass falling out of the tree trying to draw it
β™‘ i just moved into the beautiful countryside, in an old house on the hill, near the forest, and you're my closest neighbor. i know that because you fell out of a tree in front of my house

these are the things that i absolutely will not rp! pregnant main characters, alpha/omega/beta universe, male pregnancy, anything that caters to gross "sub/dom" or "uke/seme" stereotypes, non-consensual relationships, stockholm syndrome, and probably more than i cannot think of right now but will add later.

hello there! thanks for stopping by my lil partner search. if something strikes your interest please send me a message unless you are unable to! i'd like to keep this as uncluttered as possible. currently, i am only looking for one or two partners. i am really, really, really craving something inspired by outer banks on netflix so! please shoot me a message regardless of whether or not i'm still looking. i generally only do ocs but i'm even willing to discuss the possibility of playing canon characters at this point.

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bump! looking for one or two more partners. really craving something inspired by outer banks on netflix.


bump again! still looking for only one or two more partners. really craving something inspired by outer banks & some good fantasy.

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