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bismuth &
hello! my name's christy and i'm in the market for a few partners since a couple of roleplays of mine fell through.

i have a few new ideas i want to try out, and i might be a little picky when it comes to partner selection because, a) i don't want someone who'll ditch and b) i want someone who can give me quality content and will contribute to the plot just as much as i will.

i'll get further into the details of what i'm looking for in the next tab!
i wouldn't call these rules, per se. if you feel like you can fit in with everything i've stated below, then we'll definitely be great partners!

quantity & quality
i usually prefer quality over quantity any day. that being said, i also can't do much when i'm given just a single paragraph. i won't give a minimum paragraph limit, because i don't want to hinder any creativity, but i will say that i find it hard to work with a response that's under two paragraphs, or just a few lines long. i myself tend to match my partner, but i average around 3-4 paragraphs per response, with 5-6 lines per paragraph. and by quality, i include: proper sentence structure, good grammar and proper punctuation & spelling.

i require a partner who can plot with me. it can get really dull when i'm the only one driving the roleplay. nothing makes me happier than having someone to bounce ideas off of, and to feel like my partner is as invested in our story as i am.

i like ooc. i like getting to know my partner outside of the roleplay because i feel like it helps when we're building our story. however, i won't say i require idle chit chat. i know some people aren't comfortable with it, and i'll respect that. what i absolutely can't do without, however, is some kind of communication. i would like to know if you're going to be away, or if there's something about my writing, or me, or the story that bothers you. communication is key, and i believe that it is necessary for any roleplay to survive.

long term
all of my roleplays are long term. i find ways to extend them and throw in twists and turns so that it remains entertaining for us. i'm not looking for something short and sweet.

this might be a bit of a big point because there are a lot of things i want to address. first and foremost, i require the use of face claims, and they must be real people/celebrities. i won't accept anything else, and usually won't be willing to begin a roleplay without one. in terms of genders and pairings, i'm primarily looking to portray female roles, at the moment, in mxf pairings. i'm not very interested in doubling right now, because i don't think i can handle playing more than one main character per roleplay. on the topic of character sheets, i usually require one before beginning, but i'm lately more interested in keeping things simple and leaving room for character development in the roleplay. i've realised that detailed sheets take me too long and i eventually lose interest, so i'd rather keep it short and get down to roleplaying.

romance will be a main theme in all of my roleplays. i feel like i can't maintain a roleplay without it. aside from this, most of my rps will contain themes of violence, drugs, alcoholism and characters that curse like sailors (most of the time). if any of these themes don't sit well with you then i'm afraid we might not be good partners. aside from this, there are a number of sensitive topics that i occasionally include, and there are too many to list, so if you have any triggers that are not mentioned here, please let me know beforehand, and we can definitely avoid those topics.

final word
just a few random things i didn't want to make a whole rule about: please be patient with replies, as i will always be patient with you. no godmodding, no perfect characters, and please keep in mind that i will only roleplay via threads or pms on rpn, and nowhere else. oh and when you contact me please tell me about yourself and your writing style and your interests. if you just give me one sentence or just say โ€˜iโ€™m interestedโ€™, chances are that i wonโ€™t get back to you.
fleshed out plots!
all these plots were written down by me, but most were heavily inspired by various tv shows, movies and/or books.

the plan
muse a is a popular kid. he's your typical jock, really. he's great with sports, known by everyone, comes from a well off family, and he could get any girl he wants. muse b is the total opposite. she's new to the school and right off the bat, it's clear that she cares only about her education, instead of fraternising with boys or going to parties, but joining this new school has introduced her to the kind of glamorous life she never would have otherwise been a part of, considering her background. one day, muse b witnesses muse a doing something he's not supposed to, and out of fear that she might tell on him, his friends convince him to try and seduce her, first to make sure she doesn't talk, and second, to put her in her place and humiliate her in front of the whole school after making her fall for him. now, she's a tough cookie, and she's certainly hard to get, but muse a tries his best. and through all of his trying, he has his eyes opened to see a whole new world, from her perspective. now, he's really starting to like her, and she's feeling the same, but one jealous ex and a few other rivals could turn things upside down for these two by revealing how their relationship came to be.

not what it seems
muse a and muse b both attend a rich, prestigious school. muse a has always lived a life of luxury and he's used to being surrounded by people with money and going to fancy fundraisers. muse b got into the school on a scholarship, partly because a parent of hers works in the school. muse b, afraid she won't fit in with the rich crowd, asks her parent to act like nothing more than just a teacher, so muse b can pretend she's just another one of the elite. she sews her own fake labels, and passes it off by wearing it with confidence. muse b immediately catches the eye of muse a, from the moment she joins school, and at first, things are okay. but she can only keep her secret life a secret for so long. eventually, someone's bound to find out, and it's going to be hell when the news is revealed to the whole school.

hot for teacher
muse a just got out of college and decided to travel before he would start his new job as a teacher. muse b happens to be in one of those countries with her dad, who's there on business. since her father is busy most of the time, muse b decides to explore on her own, which is when she runs into muse a, the first person she found to speak english since he isn't from there either. the two of them end up spending the day together, and the next few days together two, eventually hooking up before muse b has to head back home with her father. it certainly was a summer she could never forget, but, as it would turn out, when she started her senior year, she walked into her first class of the day only to find muse a sitting there โ€” behind the teacher's desk.

my sister's fiancรฉ
muse a is in her senior year of high school. she comes from a competitive family where everyone strives for excellence. it hasn't always been easy but because of the way she was brought up, muse a has always felt pressure to be the best, even if she's getting sick of it because she can never be as good as her older sister, in her parents' eyes. muse b is the fiancรฉ of muse a's older sister. they met in college, and got engaged after a year of dating, and the pair have come home to plan out the festivities. with the country not being muse b's native country, muse a is told by her sister to show him around and while she doesn't want to, during the tour, the pair hit it off. perhaps a little too well. the days that follow only help their relationship develop further, and it's slowly moving into dangerous territory because once the line is crossed, there's no going back.

love & other drugs
muse a and muse b both attend an elite school. you'll only find the children of rich, well known families, and maybe one or two scholarship students. muse a is one such scholarship student, primarily because of a health hazard at his old school. because of that, he was one of a hundred students from his old school that were chosen to attend this elite school on a scholarship, whether he had the grades for it or not. muse b, on the other hand, while rich, was never born into money. her father became a drug lord and earned his living through shady means, and muse b didn't always think much of it. till she befriends muse a, that is. they become close, to the point where muse b is beginning to develop feelings for muse a, but it all comes crashing down when muse b's dad offers muse a a job. all he had to do was deliver money, and not actual drugs, but either way, it was a dangerous business, and muse b wasn't happy about the fact that muse a took the job. suddenly, their relationship just got a whole lot more complicated.

muse a is a wealthy man and related by blood to the (cruel) king. he lives a peaceful life without interfering, because he doesn't believe in the cruel ways of his brother, the king. whilst most of the wealthy people treat their servants with disrespect, muse a has always tried to give opportunities to those less fortunate, since he has many positions available in his large mansion. one such person is muse b, someone of a lower class hired to work in the mansion. she happens to be attracted to the large library muse a has, and unlike many others, she knows how to read, and so she tries to as much as she can. muse a catches her one day, and is fascinated. they spend hours talking about books and the literary world, ultimately getting closer, till eventually romance blossoms. in a world where such a relationship is seen as taboo, will muse a try to keep it hidden from his brother, the king, who would likely have muse b killed if he found out? or will a rebellion slowly start to form?
word bank!
here is a word bank which should give you an idea of what i'm interested. in case none of my plots interest you, feel free to pitch some of your own if you feel like they include any of the themes listed below:

class differences
height differences
drunk phone calls
deception & the following guilt
slow burns
m x f
conflicting ships
heroes & villains
bad x good
rich x poor
supernatural x human
royalty x commoner
chance encounters
enemies to lovers
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piss off with ur ridiculously good plotlines u babe.


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bump before bed !


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