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β™ͺ Bury a friend ➀ Billie Eilish β™ͺ

my disaster ~ plot

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β€· Two groups of two (2 boys and 2 girls/girl&guy/another 2 guys), both won a prize from a lottery that was held in their respective hometown. The prize was a free vacation to NY city where they will be staying in a hotel (St.Regis is the one I'm using for this) and spend their whole week there. Upon arrival, they were given one of the best suites which was none other the grand suite. Though the catch was there only gave each group one room and there was only a king sized bed which was okay to share since each came with their best friend(group one) or perhaps beloved? (group two could be either) Either way, the first night seemed okay as the two group spent their time around the hotel. There was a nightclub ( I added that), two restaurants, and of course along with a pool and a gym. So, you don't need to get out of the hotel just yet.

the room

"Not everything is as what it seems." However upon the next day, something felt different. The atmosphere and the people there seemed a bit off. It was as if something was watching each of your every move. What's the most weird was that there wasn't a soul that walked past the front door to the lobby, even the elevators couldn't get to the basement from some reason. Also, when one of them do try to walk out of the front door, they would just black out and find themselves back in their hotel room. They were still able to go to the pool that was on the top floor but there seemed to be a fog surrounding the building which made it harder to know what was happening outside the building. Calling 911 didn't work as not only was the whole line cut off, there wasn't a single signal for any of them to reach out to friends or family, the TV had no breaking news whatsoever either. It only played some movies and stuff. So who was there inside the hotel? The hotel staff that wouldn't answer your question, and the club that seemed to be always packed with people with no intention of talking to any of the four. They just won't respond and there was a rather weird look in their eyes. Their skin were always so pale almost corpse like. They also don't seem to be going elsewhere other than the nightclub.

the pool
the nightclub

However on that faithful night, the two groups came across each other. Before they could ask or do anything else, there was a growl, coming from all sides (they met at the side of the dance floor). The music had stopped, the crowds had suddenly disappeared, leaving a few people with dark void in their eyes. They were all baring their teeth at the four of them. Surely enough, they ran but got separated from each other, only to try and fight their way back out of the club. When their life was about to slip from their grasps, they felt something coming out from themselves, perhaps a sense of survival? No, not really. It was something different, something that wasn't supposed to be there and that something helped them to fight these weird people away from themselves. And yes, they just discovered that they had powers. With the world out of their reach and these creatures on their back, will they survive and get out of there alive?​

uncertainty ~ rules

try to be active and if you need more time please let me know
romance is allowed but don't force it.
Rp nation rules apply
ic post should be one paragraph at least
the rest is common sense
preferably use real life fc
if you have any questions please ask!

our truth ~ spots

group one

Kane Mclaine
Boy one ( 2 1+) - played by @Nathas21na

firstname l.
boy two ( 2 1+) - played by

group two

firstname l.
boy / girl ( 2 1 +) - played by

firstname l.
boy / girl ( 2 1 +) - played by

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