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could i be the sky on the fourth of july?
hi, i'm sunsets. i can play male or female characters, with no real preference for either. when it comes to fandoms, there are only a very select few that i'm interested in. i can double. i don't like one-liners, nor do i do them. i always write two paragraphs minimum. my preferences are mxf and mxm. lastly, i ask that anyone interested be 18+ as i am 19.

the fandom's i'm most interested in right now are;

stranger things.
i can play: steve harrington, jonathan byers, nancy wheeler, billy hargrove
i'm looking for: steve harrington, jonathan byers, billy hargrove

call me by your name.
i'm looking for: elio perlman

as for pairings, listed below are ones i'd do;
;bad boy x good girl/boy

;best friend's brother/sister
;mafia member x mob daughter

;mafia member x member from opposing mafia group
;best-friend's falling in love

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