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nicknames .optional.

physique (height, wegith/bodytype)
hair color
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distinguishing features
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Anti-social Extrovert
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the peony.
I will
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Choi Seo-Jun
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Name Lee Kong-Jwi

Name meaning Prior to his birth, his Umma was told she was having a baby girl. Therefore decorated everything with the name 'Kong-Jwi' which was the name of a Princess in an old Korean folk tale Kong-Jwi and Pat-Jwi. Much to her surprise, she had a baby boy instead of a girl. Having her heart set on the name and believing it was fate, she decided to still give it to her child and call him Kong-Jwi regardless.

Nickname Konnie - call him Jwi (which translates to Rat in Korean) he'll stab you

Age 22

Gender Male

Birthday 28th November

Ethnicity Korean

Place of Birth Busan, South Korea

Sexuality Demisexual

Languages Korean, Mandarin, Japanese and English

Major and Minor Major In International Business with a Minor in English

Role The Korean Rose

Face Claim Jung Jae-won

Eyes Jet black iris with monolid shape with a slight double lid crease and thick aegyo sal. Known for having "big puppy dog" eyes.

Hair Black thin hair, cut at a medium to long hairstyle. His pride and joy. The number of times his parents have tried to get him to cut it but huh, not today satans!

Body Lean build - Mesomorph. To keep fit and healthy, he enjoys playing recreational indoor soccer and go for morning runs

Tattoos Click here for a tattoo tour - His parents have never been fond of his tattoos - all the more reason to get them. His first one was out of spite of his parents and it just keeps ongoing. His parents are constantly harassing him to cover them up so people don't see them.

Height 176 cms

Weight 54 kg

Scars A scar on the back of his head - his hair covers it now. He doesn't know where the scar is from but always feels uneasy when he touches it.

Other body mods? Left ear - helix piercing. Right ear - Lobe piercing

Style Very laid back; large shirts, hoodies, and street fashion. He tends to wear clothes that he feels comfortable in rather than clothes that make him look good. As girls tend to 'swoon' at him, he has attempted time and time again to not make an effort into what he looks like to avoid their so called 'swooning' and have them questioning their standards.

Allergies Prone to asthma attacks when he's sick. He spent a lot of time in the hospital emergency room when he was younger due to his asthma attacks in winter.

Likes Going out for morning runs, having a couple of drinks with the boys, playing online games, going to the movies by himself, his beautiful reptile pets (2 Shingleback Lizards named Bob and Angel, and 1 Carpet Python named Amanda).

Dislikes Spicy food, seafood, coriander (as you might tell, he is a very picky eater. He basically lives off of ramen and chocopies). He also hates going to the movies with people who constantly talk during it. Like. Shut up, please. I don’t care who that actor is, and I don’t care what other movies they were in. Also the concept of love. Love is dead.

Habits As a picky eater, he’ll dissect his food before eating. He wants to know everything that is in it before he potentially poisons himself. He will sometimes sniff his food too before eating it.

Fears He’s petrified of butterflies. Don’t ask why. But, on the serious side, he’s also scared of getting close to people (Commitment issues)

Dreams He would love to travel the world one day. Do one of those 'around the world' trips.

Hidden talents He's double-jointed in his thumbs. So never ask him to give thumbs up in a photo because they look weird as hell when he does.

Apartment tour click me

Love language A combination of physical touch and quality time; which is funny because, as a child, these are the two things he craved the most and yet never received from his family. Physical touch doesn’t mean that he feels loved during sexual encounters, but rather he feels loved by small gestures like a hug, hand-holding or even running your hands through his hair. As for quality time, it doesn’t have to be anything special. It could simply be lying around the house, watching Netflix. Or it could be going out for a morning run together.

Intelligence Spatial Intelligence – The ability to imagine or visualize in one’s mind the positions of objects, their shapes, their spatial relations to one another and the movement they make to form new spatial relations. It’s the ability to perform visualization and spatial thinking.

Personality type Konnie is known to have an Entrepreneur personality (ESTP-A to be exact). This makes him an explorer and people mastery.

Strengths – Bold, original, direct and sociable
Konnie is full of life and energy. There is no greater joy to him than pushing boundaries and discovering and using new things and ideas. In combination with his boldness and practicality, he loves to experiment with new ideas and solutions. Konnie can put things together in a way no one else would think to. Finally, he prefers to communicate clearly with direct and factual questions and answers. He hates to beat around the bush and says things clearly to what they are. All of these qualities rolled together end up making him a naturally sociable person. It isn’t something that he actively seeks but rather people with his personality type just have a knack for making excellent use of social interactions and networking opportunities.

Weaknesses – Insensitive, impatient, risk-prone and unscructured
Feelings and emotions come second to facts and “reality” for Konnie. Emotionally charged situations are awkward, uncomfortable affairs and his blunt honesty don’t help here. He struggles to acknowledge and express his feelings, often prompting to just remain quiet (hence being dubbed as an 'ice prince' by those in social circles). A combination of lack of expressing his feelings and saying what is on his mind often gives up him a cold appearance. He also moves at his own pace to keep himself excited. Slowing down because someone else “doesn’t get it” or having to stay focused on a single detail for too long is extremely challenging for him. Due to his impatience, he tends to push into uncharted territory without thinking of the long-term consequences. He will sometimes intentionally combat boredom with extra risk which makes him risk-prone. Finally, when he sees an opportunity – to fix a problem, to advance, to have fun – and seizes the moment, he often ignores rules and social expectations in the process. It may get things done, but it can create unexpected social fallout.
On the 28th of November, Lee Jae-Sung and Ha-Ra welcomed their third child into the world. Well, it was not what they had been expecting. In fact, it was the complete opposite of what they had been expecting. You see, at every appointment Ha-Ra had attended, the doctors had told her that she was expecting to have a beautiful baby girl. And, of course, being told she was going to have a little baby girl, she was very excited and she went around announcing to everyone how they would be having a girl. She labelled everything that belonged to this said little girl with the name she had picked out and told close family friends the name also. Which prompted them to buy them items for the baby with the name embodied or custom made with that said name.

But instead, a little boy came into the world instead of a girl. But Ha-Ra’s first thoughts were: this is fate. After having all those presents with that name printed upon and how they told everyone what the child’s name would be, Ha-Ra knew it was the Gods blessing them with an heir to the family and they had blessed her with a name also to give to him. Therefore, they decided to stick with the name: Lee Kong-Jwi. For those unfamiliar, Kong-Jwi is the Korean name for their own version of Cinderella. Essentially, they had named their newborn son after a Princess. Because that wasn’t going to result in him getting bullied as a child, right?


But we won’t get into that right now.

From the moment they returned home from the hospital, Jae-Sung returned back to business and Ha-Ra spent three months with her newborn child. Once those three months were up, she returned back to work and passed over the motherly duties to their new Nanny, Eun-Byul. And that was it. Jae-Sung and Ha-Ra were flying and driving in and out, going to different meetings and signing off different business advancements. All the while their only son stayed at home under the watchful eye of their Nanny.

Eun-Byul essentially, in Konnie’s mind, became his Umma. Jae-Sung and Ha-Ra just happened to be blood related, but they were never there. And when they were home, they were always talking on their phone or discussing about the company. One distinct memory that was burnt into Konnie’s mind was when he was five years old. He had been trying to get his Umma’s attention as she was talking on the phone. He stood there for a good five minutes, calling her name over and over again. In the end, she walked out of the house, still on the phone and leaving her son to stand there in disbelief. It was at that moment he felt like a ghost in his own house. Did his parents really not see him?

6-12 YEARS
As Kong-Jwi grew older, his parents had asked Eun-Byul to start teaching him how to be a proper gentleman. To learn all the proper etiquette and to train him so he could start attending important company meetings and events with the family. It was also around this time that Eun-Byul’s only son died in a car crash with his wife. Therefore, their daughter, Soo-Rah, came to live with Eun-Byul.

Konnie and Soo-Rah became instantly close as they were the same age. If they weren't at school, they were together and inseparable. Konnie was shy and quiet, often being seen as a ‘jerk’ to the other children at school because he never opened up. But having Soo-Rah and Eun-Byul in his life really helped with the loneliness of not having his parents around; and despite having four brothers, he still felt like he was the odd one out. And when they weren’t around, they weren’t mentally there. In fact, his parents were very rarely seen both coming to the house at the same time unless there was an event on or such. When his Umma was home, she spent her time absorbed in her phone and acted as if she was ready to get moving again. And when Appa was home, he would talk Konnie’s ear off about the family business and how he would have to learn all about the tool of the trade as he was the heir to it all.

And then there was the blaming – whenever one of his siblings did something wrong, it always seemed to be Konnie’s fault. No matter what it was. It was almost like his parents had a personal hate towards him.

Ask any other child, and they would tell you that parents were not meant to be this way. But for Konnie, it was all that he knew. It wasn’t until he was eleven years old that he realised that something wasn’t right. He walked in on his Appa and one of the maids getting hot and heavy together one day after school. It was that night that his Appa confessed to him that he and Umma had split up five years ago. That they were pretending to be together for the sake of the company. It was all starting to make sense now. Umma spent her time in her own apartment complex in Seoul, with her new secret partner, and working on various companies within Korea while Appa flew back and forth from Dubai for work and focused on the international companies. Their marriage was nothing more than a business partnership. Their love had been completely fake. And his brothers? Well, the younger two were half-brothers.

12-18 YEARS
Puberty hit Kong-Jwi at the age of 12. And it hit him hard.

All the sudden, Soo-Rah – the girl who was practically his sister – was… well… His first love. He didn’t want to feel these things for her, but everytime he was with her… he lost his breath. When they were fourteen years old, they shared their first kiss together. It had been under the mistletoe near Christmas time. Kong-Jwi confessed his love for her there and then, and Soo-Rah said that she also felt the same way.

They hid their love from Eun-Byul, however, as there were fears that she might’ve made Soo-Rah move away with Konnie being a distraction to her school work. And they didn’t bother to tell his parents or his siblings because, well, they were never there anyways. But whenever Eun-Byul wasn’t there, they’d steal small kisses off of each other or hold hands. Teenage love, what can you say? They were each others little secret – even to their friends. They feared that if someone found out, they would tell his parents or her grandmother.

It had been a year and a half of hiding from Eun-Byul, his parents and their friends. And it wasn’t very easy either. Their little relationship hadn’t progressed from anything beyond simple peck kisses and holding hands, fearing that if they went any further before they were married that Eun-Byul would have a heart attack. Well, at the age of fifteen, Konnie decided that he wanted to go a little bit further. All the other boys at school had gone further, so why couldn’t he try? He asked her to meet him in his bedroom after lights out, to which she agreed. That night was the first time he managed to touch clothed boob and get his first French kiss. It was well damn amazing.

That night, however, Eun-Byul passed away in her sleep.

Soo-Rah took it hard. She blamed herself, saying that Eun-Byul must’ve found out about their relationship and literally had a heart attack. Konnie tried everything in his power to comfort Soo-Rah. But as the months and years began to creep, he could see that his girlfriend was slowly becoming more depressed. Everyone in her life that she loved – apart from Konnie – was now dead. She began to get suspicious of Konnie hanging out with other people after school and would often think that he was cheating on her. She would take his phone and try to find evidence. She was a mess.

On the fourteenth of August, Konnie, at the age of seventeen, came home from school and there was just something different about the house. He could remember calling out Soo-Rah’s name and the place just echoed. He had never expected that he would find her the way he did. But the day will forever be imprinted into his memory. The way he found her lifeless, limp body on the floor in the bathroom. Her blood as it poured from her wrists, staining not only the floor and her clothes and skin, but his own as he held her in his arms and wept. Soo-Rah had been a complete mess. And she finally found a way to fix the feelings that she had felt.

Leaving Konnie all his own, leading a loveless life.

18 - 22 YEARS
Once he turned eighteen, Konnie’s parents decided it was high time that he started to start having control of the family company just like his older brothers had done when they turned of age. Even with the absence of his parents, Konnie had mandatory business training with the company’s staff after school from the age of thirteen and onwards. They had practically trained him as a robot. So, once school had finished, his parents picked the course for him to do at university despite telling them that he wanted to go into nursing. They told him that it was in the company’s best interest that he focused on international sales and studies as they wanted to expand over to America and Australia.

With no control over his future endeavours, and feeling like he was just a pawn in his family’s little projected image, Konnie decided it was time to change something. First, he started with getting his ears pierced. It took his parents a good five months to realise that he had them done and demanded that he took them out. However, Konnie lied to them and told them that he got them done for medical reasons; that they help with migraines. His stupid ass Appa believed him and he was allowed to keep them in (however was requested to take them out for events). He then began to slowly grow his hair out (much to his Umma’s dismay) and well, he started to get tattoos.

The sad thing was, though, was that his parents didn’t realise he had tattoos until he turned twenty-one. By that time, he had already had seven, along with a rather large piece on his arm. His parents sat him down and spoke about how he was ruining the family image with his piercings, hair and tattoos. He wanted to snap at them and tell them that there was no family image because this wasn’t a family. But before he could say anything, his Appa told him that he was allowed to keep the hair and the piercing and the tattoos – as long as he covered them up for events or whilst he was around any photographers. It seemed too suspicious the way that his Appa had caved in so easily to it all. And then he discovered why.

They had arranged for him to get married.

Konnie was not happy. But when his parents told him that if he didn’t go ahead with the marriage that they’d cut him off completely. That he would have to pay for his own studies, his own apartment and find his own job. All he had to do was get married and pretend to be in love with this person for the rest of his damn life. Much like his parents do. After all, real love doesn’t exist, right?

Appa - 58 years old

The Father/Son dynamic which they have is… well, it’s business. It always has been. From the moment he could speak, Jae-Sung has been shoving business lingo down his son’s throat. He’s happy that his son is starting to co-operate and help with the family company – even if it does mean black mailing him.

Umma - 54 years old

All Konnie ever wanted was a nurturing Umma. One that would read books to him or would cuddle him whenever he had nightmares at night. That wasn’t Ha-Ra. Whilst she had been very excited that they had a son to help with the family name, she was also somewhat disappointed. She had wanted a daughter to play dress ups with and go to tea parties. I suppose it was the main reason it was so easy for her to leave him behind at such a young age and only seen him once a month.

Family Nanny - 86 / Deceased

While his Umma and Appa were too busy with their business, Eun-Byul was family’s nanny. She practically raised them as her own. Due to his parent’s absence, Konnie saw Eun-Byul as a family member rather than a worker for the family. He would share things with her that he wouldn’t dream of telling his parents. He liked to call her Imo (Aunty) because whenever he called her Ajumma, she would whack him and tell him that she wasn’t that old yet. She worked until her very last day on Earth, caring for the Lee family. When Konnie was fifteen, Eun-Byul went to bed that night simply never woke up the next morning.

First love - 17 / Deceased

Soo-Rah was Eun-Byul’s only grandchild. After losing her parents in a car crash, Soo-Rah lived under the watchful eye of her grandmother within the Lee residence. Therefore, Konnie and Soo-Rah were practically like brother and sister. They were each other’s best friends and would spend all their spare time together. And then puberty hit him. Well, it was safe to say that Soo-Rah went from being that annoying little sister to his first love. He had the biggest crush on her for so long but had always been too scared to tell her. When Eun-Byul passed away, Soo-Rah was a mess. She became depressed and grieved over the death of her grandmother. At the age of seventeen, depression still had a tight hold of her and she took her own life. To this day, Konnie believes she was his first and only love.

Bob + Angel & Amanda
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The Camellia
queen of the winter flowers
bae seol-hyun
basics —

name — bae seol-hyun
hangul — 배설현
nicknames — tba
age — twenty-four
d.o.b — february 26
zodiac — pisces
gender — cisgender female
sexuality — pansexual
major — fine arts (studio arts)
role — the camellia
faceclaim — yoou.ch
looks —

description — there is no denying the fact that she is a beautiful woman. from the way she holds herself to the way she acts, it seems to be the definition of beauty. her appearance can be intimidating to some, due to the ink that covers her smooth skin or the piercings that are noticeable from underneath her hair, but still, she has an air of beauty that could only be compared to a flower. there is an air of confidence that surrounds her and seems to stir envy in some of those around her, as she doesn't care about what other people think about her appearance. doing what she wants with her looks, she has changed a lot since her high school days and it shows.

she is currently taking a break from coloring her hair so it's a lovely black right now. she has bangs but doesn't always have them falling across her face. instead, she will part them in the middle and allow them to frame her features instead, giving her a completely different look. not one to wear much makeup, she keeps her appearance very simple, only paying attention to her lips and eyes when it comes to makeup. she prefers to show off her various beauty marks and not cover them up so she avoids it as much as possible. this being said, she has a rather flawless complexion and has a strict skincare routine so she can keep her healthy glow.

her fashion choices are often ones that hug her figure and show it off in flattering ways. she is attracted to darker colors, but she still wears pastels and patterns as she isn't afraid of experimenting when it comes to clothing. it's very common to see her in a business casual type outfit, often wearing suit jackets and pants, giving her a unique look. dressing in a more masculine way isn't unheard of either as it fits her quite well in reality. she will occasionally wear a dress or skirt, but only if the weather is warm enough. she pretty much always shows off her tattoos and is very proud of every single one of them.

height — 5’9 (may change it - ukii)
weight — 120 lbs

body type — she has the definition of an hourglass figure, something that is sometimes envied by those around her but disapproved of by others. she has a very small and defined waist, larger bust and hips. she used to be very self-conscious of this, but now that she's older, she isn't as worried about it. she confidently flaunts it now and works out often to keep herself slim and in shape. she has defined abs and an overall very toned body from running/working out, but also taking part in judo.

hair color — she has naturally wavy hair that is currently dyed black. she tends to leave it down because it's the easiest way to style it, but she sometimes will pull it up into a bun or have it half up. it really depends on her outfit.
eye color — dark brown but will wear colored contacts

distinguishing features — she has a total of four beauty marks, one under each eye, on the tip of her nose, and on her neck. she often gets complimented for her full and slightly pouty lips, which have a natural soft pink color to them. her eyes tend to be something that catches attention, which is due to the fact they are rather big and seem to shine with curiosity and intelligence.

mods — four lobe piercings (both), double helix (left), single helix (right), conch piercing (left), and probably over 10 tattoos at this point.

style — she is someone that doesn't have a specific style as she thinks that's illogical. she experiments constantly with her looks, but often goes for comfort due to the fact she is usually stuck in the studio working on some art. she normally will wear pants, a plain shirt, and jacket as she feels it's the easiest thing to put together. recently though, she has developed an interest in wearing suit jackets and pants with this outfit since it gives her a somewhat professional and boyish look that catches people off guard.
persona —

virtues — list form
gentle |
romantic |
artistic |
protective |
intelligent |

vices — list form
perfectionist |
internalization |
runs away |
passive |
too trusting |

likes — tattoos, art, dogs, soft animals, rain, first snow of the year, winter flowers, romantic movies/dramas, korean food, drawing, early mornings, traveling, quiet days, skinship, listening to music, summer naps

dislikes — loud noises, drama, upsetting others, break ups, bland food, art block, being bored, sunburns, bullies, arguing, getting bossed around, not being perfect, overly sweet candy, sleeping in, getting drunk

habits — messes with her hair, bounces her right leg, picks at her food, takes a long time when picking a movie, eats m&ms by color

dreams — she wants to be able to make her own art, the way she wants to make it. this means she can switch mediums whenever she wants and can obey her own rules. she also really wants to open her own tattoo studio and really let herself leave a mark, not only on the art world but on people as a whole.

fears — losing her freedom completely, being unable to be with someone she loves, hurting her family, disappointing her parents
misc —

favorite food — kimchi-jjigae
favorite song — instagram (dean)
favorite movie — parasite
favorite drama — oh my ghost
favorite animal — fox

mbti — isfj-t (defender)
enneagram — the peacemaker (9)

relationship status — single
sns — seolhyunbae
playlist — xo

relations —

relationships — will change later
the peony | somehow she had managed to catch the attention of the peony in high school, but it was completely unintentional. sparks flew between them and with his forward approach, she 'fell' for him in a sense. his charm was easy to get lost in but the illusion soon disappeared when she really began to look at their 'relationship'. it was clear to both of them that he wanted to keep it a fling, nothing serious, just for fun. the relationship ended and she wanted that to be the end of their relationship, but she still had a soft spot for him.

the peach blossom | like the peony, his attention had shifted to seol-hyun around the same time. she didn't know this as he was far less direct and upfront with his feelings. they had a very good friendship, one that often included them spending time together outside of the group so it wasn't so stressful. it wasn't until after her odd relationship with the peony ended that the peach blossom made his move. the pair developed a rather healthy and happy relationship but they decided to keep it a secret from the school and the rest of the w4. they dated for a while before she ended things and moved away. she still thinks about him a lot.

the orchid | he is someone that she didn't socialize with that often but when she did, she found him to be a very reliable person. she enjoyed the time they spent together and was refreshed by his calm demeanor and level-headed attitude. she would go to him for academic help whenever she felt she needed it but there was nothing beyond that.

the lily | it was instant dislike and tension when they met properly in high school. with the lily's possessive tendencies and rather rude schemes to keep her away, seol-hyun found herself not exactly interacting with her. she was always civil to her, but she understood that she wasn't liked nor wanted, so she kept her distance. it seemed to her like there was more of a rivalry than anything since she was getting the attention of two of the boys, which seemed to just push the lily over the edge. to say the least, seol-hyun was happy to move away from her.

the chrysanthemum | tba

the lotus | tba

the korean rose | tba

jeon minhyuk |
history —

- born in the chilled month of february, she was a gem that her parents wanted to polish and turn into something even more precious
- she was raised with strict guidelines on how a lady should behave and how to create good pieces of art
- since it was the only thing she knew, she didn't really think that much about it
- when her sisters were born (twins) she did notice a difference in their upbringing
- the rules they had seemed rather limited to how they were to act and dress, rather than restricting their own passions
- this is when her father explained that she had the responsibility to carry on the family legacy in a sense and she was to follow in the footsteps of her mother
- putting newfound pressure on her shoulders, it caused her to withdraw even more and focus on how to be perfect in every way
- she lacked friends, only having around three she could truly call her friends
- they were girls from her academy classes she took every night, having met when she was in her first year of middle school
- they spent every moment of free time together and would always hold study sessions, despite being from different schools
- in her last year of middle school, she encountered the w4, but had very little interest in them, deeming the whole group a distraction
- it wasn't until high school that she was face to face with them
- the peony and peach blossom had both decided to pursue her, much to her utter shock and confusion
- romance had been the last thing on her mind but slowly it consumed her world
- they opened doors for her and she found out about so much and it was rather breathtaking in her opinion
- when she was dating the peach blossom, she thought her life was perfect and there was nothing that could ruin it
- however, her mother caught wind of some gossip from seol-hyun's classmates' mothers during an important pta meeting
- she heard that her daughter had been seen multiple times skipping her academy classes to go around the city with some boy, who was then identified as the peach blossom
- immediately, she decided to withdraw her daughter for school and with her husband's approval, they sent her to a private school in jeju, keeping her far away from the distractions of the peach blossom, and close with a family friend
- she lived with a friend of the family and their kids, being introduced to the then senior high school student, jeon minhyuk
- it was clear that both families wanted the pair to get along and eventually get married down the road, but it was more or less one-sided
- after graduating and attending a bit of an art school on the island, seol-hyun made a deal with her parents in order to come back to seoul to go to school there
- she would seriously consider the possibility of marrying minhyuk and following in her mother's footsteps if they allowed her to go to her school of choice
- they agreed so she transferred schools and moved back to the city, unknowingly going to the same university as the w4
- she had no idea that they were at that school until her dorm apartment complex was shut down due to horrible water damage after a storm and she was moved to a new one
- she's in her last year of school though so she hopes this will be the end of it
family —

bae sung-soo (father) |

song mi-suk (mother) |

bae su-jin (sister) |

bae su-bin (sister) |

bae yon-seo (brother) |
. 9.7k .. . 12.1k .. . 14.8k ..

coded by ukiiyo
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울지 마!
font call out
♡coded by uxie♡
the lily.
for breakfast
all day.
jeon mina
❝ break free, butterfly. ❞

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the lotus

hold me in your arms,
even if i am fragile
like a dream.

full name
go yi-hwa



closeted bisexual


student and waitress

the lotus

5'7"/ 55 KG

eye color


face claim
heo yoorim / aisha
how would you define me?


Yi-hwa is an innocent soul that works hard and plays not at all. When others' meet her, she comes off as sweet and kind who is willing to stick her neck down for anybody. Yi-hwa is the type of person who believes in the good of others and works hard to help them, often wanting the best for everyone around her. She's always eager to step up to the plate and do anything asked of her. She also prides herself on her practical thinking when it comes to time management and being frugal.


On the other hand, Yi-hwa's other side can be quite ugly. When others' do not stand up to her expectation, whether it be over something small or large, she tends to lose any hope for them and will treat them with scorn. She is quick to judge others and assume that if they do anything bad, it's for selfish undue reasons that could be avoided. She has a very black and white perception of the world born of her naivety and sheltered life. Because of her eagerness to help others, she's also a bit of a doormat and is easily taken advantage of. She won't notice it until someone points it out to her, and when it happens she can't seem to stop herself.


Yi-hwa likes nature and everything that has to do with it. She loves camping, collecting flowers and leaves, and hiking. When it comes to food, she has a severe sugar tooth and likes having some ice cream at the end of her day or a nice large cup of boba tea.


As a hardworker, Yi-hwa hates her exact opposite. She dislikes slackers and children who take their parents for granted. Yi-hwa also has a bone to pick with a lot of environmental policies across the world and fancies herself a conservationist. Foodwise, Yi-hwa detests fruit; she hates the taste of it more than she would hate the taste of gasoline.


Yi-hwa has the bad habits of picking at her nails, twisting at her hair, and chewing on her straw. The most annoying and prominent of her habits, though, is her desperate need to crack her knuckles every so often. She loves to pop all the stress from her hands like bubble wrap.


She has a lot of dreams, really. Mostly, though, Yi-hwa just wants to have a happy family life. She wants her family to be comfortable with money and her brother to come back. She wants them to be whole again, and accept and love each other. Yi-hwa hopes that, by becoming a lawyer, she can make enough money to support her family and bring them happiness at her accomplishments.


Yi-hwa fears intimacy. She fears letting someone in, letting them know every crevice of her, and then being rejected because of it. She is terrified of being not enough for someone and has low self esteem because of that.


Go Yi-Hwa was born and raised in a rural town in South Gyeongsan with a family of five, her parents and her two older brothers. She spent much of her childhood playing outside with her brothers while her father traveled around South Korea in his semi-truck and her mother spent her time working in their bakery. Her family has always been on the conservative side, so when her dad found out her eldest brother was gay, her brother was exiled from the Go house. Her relationship with her father has been strained ever since then. Due to her family’s low income, her other brother couldn’t afford to go to college and instead started to do labor work around town. Go Yi-Hwa dived into her studies so she could go to college on a scholarship and study law to bring pride and fortune to her family. All the while, she’s hiding her bisexuality from her father.


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how would i define me?

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☽ 𝐛𝐥𝐨𝐨𝐝 𝐦𝐨𝐨𝐧 𝐫𝐢𝐬𝐞𝐬

always seeking warmth

cold hearted







lee jihoon

joon, ji, prince, icy

21 (june 11th)



the peach blossom

pro esports players

computer science

video game design

hair color
deep violet/black

eye color
dark drown

5' 10"

body type

distinguishing features
slightly pointed ears

body mods
left/right ear lobe - 2 earrings.
top of left ear - industrial bar.

jihoon dressed more in street like style, with hints of grunge to it. although commonly he's seen dressed more properly because of his job, when he has free time, he does enjoy wearing bagging cargo pants, or skinny jeans with waist chains, and oversized tee-shirts and hats.

seo changbin, stray kids.

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I’m not crazy... I swear.
Sun Min Jae ( 선민재 )
Frozen Flower/Rose, Jay
The Korean Rose
Park Hyung-Sik
hair color:
eye color:
Dark brown
height/weight/body type:
6'0" / 143 lbs / Athletic
distinguishing features:
Prominent Adam's apple and detached ear lobes
body mods:
x x x x x x x x
-straight forward -asocial -perfectionist -impatient -hedonistic -suspicious -strong-willed -reserved emotionally -insenitive -Spontaneous
-carefree -organized -honest -adaptable -well mannered -dependable -responsible -level headed -dutiful -high minded
-ice-cream -Quiet -loyalty in others -coffee -dancing -cooking -snow -dogs -flowers -music
-being ignored -being a disappointment -disorganization -drama -possessiveness -arguments -strawberries -needles -Allergies (suffers from seasonal hayfever) -documentaries
-bites his lip when he's nervous -hums to himself when bored -eats first then drinks last -wakes up early -clenches his jaw when he is angry -rubbing/playing with the ring on his right hands middle finger -taking the brunt of the blame for his older siblings
-Taking over a branch in his families company or possibly making his own branch within the company. -He also dreams of traveling, and having the perfect family.
-Cats -Heights -Spiders (allergic) -Being worthless, used and truly alone
Sun Sang Hee (Mother), Sun Jung Hwa (Father), Sun Ji-Hun (Older Brother), Sun Ha Eun (Older Sister), Sun Yu-Jin (Younger Sister), Sun Hyun Ki (Younger Brother), Yuna (Animal BFF)
Incheon, South Korea
.: DISCLAIMER :. Subject to change upon entry to RP and development of relationships with other THREADS and WANJEON 4 Min Jae was born 3rd in a family of 6, 7 if you include his dog Yuna. Lucky for him, his family was wealthy beyond his imagination and those of others through hard work and dedication that was built and cultivated over generations to the point of reaching "the level of inexhaustible abundance." He like his siblings were groomed to reach perfection through diligence. For him, it resulted in him being reserved who often took the consequences for his older siblings actions. Min Jae didn't see it as being a scapegoat of any sort, no. He saw it as sticking up for elders, plus him being the middle meant he could get away with more things. His relationship with his family as a whole is a good one. He is closest with Yu-Jin (Youngest sister) because they are close in age. As for who he doesn't get along with, but still close to, is Ji-Hun his older brother. Min Jae feels connected to both his parents equally with different things. While being the middle child has warranted him with certain freedoms, it didn't give him much in the way of his future. His older brother was to be the Heir, while his older sister was to take a equally high position within the company. Which didn't Min Jae or his youngest siblings a way in really. He spent his earlier school life as a care-free child. But as things quickly sunk in he started to work hard at it. With his decision to work hard and to obtain his dreams and goals, he withdrew from others. Mainly sticking to himself. Which usually happens when you're working hard at something, because you are focusing on it. Right around puberty is when he started getting noticed and not just for his wealth either, but his looks garnered alot of attention and it didn't help that he was the silent cool type either. It became "worse" when he started college. Min Jae history with the Wanjeon 4 was longer with certain members, The Lily, was one of them. He wasn't sure what exactly brought on the decision to have an arranged marriage with her, but he didn't argue. She invited him to one of her parties when they were younger and subsequently didn't show. It wasn't that he didn't like her, or had issues with her family. He just normally kept to himself and he definitely wasn't ready to be married either. It was just all too soon for him. As a means to relieve stress and let out his feelings/emotions he would dance, mostly in private of course, and took up Gongkwon Yusul a type of mixed martial arts.
current favorite song:
Star by Guo Junchen
Park Hyung Sik
favorite food:
favorite dessert:
Shaved Ice
favorite drink:
Banana Milk
favorite anime:
favorite manga:
One Punch Man
favorite movie:
The Train to Busan
social media:
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  • The Peony - Massa id neque aliquam vestibulum morbi blandit. In vitae turpis massa sed elementum tempus egestas sed sed. Luctus accumsan tortor posuere ac ut consequat. Mattis aliquam faucibus purus in massa tempor nec feugiat.
  • the Peach Blossom - Ut etiam sit amet nisl purus. Viverra adipiscing at in tellus integer feugiat. Mattis vulputate enim nulla aliquet porttitor lacus. Ut pharetra sit amet aliquam. Libero id faucibus nisl tincidunt eget nullam non.
  • The Lotus - Massa id neque aliquam vestibulum morbi blandit. In vitae turpis massa sed elementum tempus egestas sed sed. Luctus accumsan tortor posuere ac ut consequat. Mattis aliquam faucibus purus in massa tempor nec feugiat.
  • The Camellia - Ut etiam sit amet nisl purus. Viverra adipiscing at in tellus integer feugiat. Mattis vulputate enim nulla aliquet porttitor lacus. Ut pharetra sit amet aliquam. Libero id faucibus nisl tincidunt eget nullam non.
  • The Chrysanthemum - Massa id neque aliquam vestibulum morbi blandit. In vitae turpis massa sed elementum tempus egestas sed sed. Luctus accumsan tortor posuere ac ut consequat. Mattis aliquam faucibus purus in massa tempor nec feugiat.
  • The Orchid - Ut etiam sit amet nisl purus. Viverra adipiscing at in tellus integer feugiat. Mattis vulputate enim nulla aliquet porttitor lacus. Ut pharetra sit amet aliquam. Libero id faucibus nisl tincidunt eget nullam non.
the sun
shines on.
the korean rose.
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drifting asleep to your heartbeat~
Hyo Yeong

Hyo Yeong
TBD?? She does not care for nicknames but friends could definitely give her some!!
December 17th
the chrysanthemum

Hyo stands at around 5'7, weighing about 120 pounds. Her body is very slim and small, being able to see the outline of her ribcage when she isn't wearing her shirt. She doesn't have many curves, the only place there is fat on her body is her face, and even there there is not much.
hair colour
eye colour
dark brown
distinguishing features
both her clunky glasses and the dark bags that accompany her eyes
Hyo has no modifications on her body, she finds them unprofessional


generally professional, she doesn't really feel comfortable in anything more casual
Hyo is a very dedicated person who takes things seriously. She is very determined and never gives up once she has started something. She very knowledgable is always ready to learn. She is a quick learner and will work hard if anything doesn't come easy to her. She will give her everything and everything she does may this be for better or for the worse. She always keeps her promises and never backs down from them no matter how hard they get. She will do anything tediously until she gets them right.
Hyo doesn't have a good grasp on her emotions, not really understanding them at times. She has no real focus on herself whenever she starts work, willing to do anything to finish what she started at the very best of her ability. This often means she gets very little sleep and food, she basically lives on coffee. Hyo has a case of OCD that often can be annoying to people because she doesn't mention it to others so they don't understand why she acts at times. She often takes seriously and can miss sarcasm or jokes. She often is serious and doesn't let herself relax or have fun.

being complemented
being busy
doing things right

being troublesome to people
her OCD
things being out of line
not doing things perfectly
the cold

biting her nails when she is stressed, pulling her hair when she gets overwhelmed, adjusting her glasses whenever she is thinking, and drawing stars on her work
to make people proud of her, especially her parents; to be perfect; to do something related to stars
failing, messing up, someone hurting her, and heights

Hyo's family got rich off of discovering new medical procedures during the end of the Korean War, settling their place among the high members of society. Due to this, her family became leaders in the medical field, standing at the top and being admired by the world. This gave them much respect and power in the world, not to mention money. They became well known and sat on a pedestal of what a doctor should strive to be. This caused her to grow up in a small family with big expectations for their child. The family never had more than two kids and the kids always became doctors or some sort of medical-related position. There wasn't really a choice in the matter, they were said to be the star family of medicine. A child not wanting to do what their family has always done would make headlines.

Hyo understood this at a young age and accepted her childhood that consisted of studying ahead for her age. She got used to the endless stream of books and the cramping of her hands from writing too much. She was her parent's only child, she couldn't slack off or waste a second. This lead to her developing a serious attitude, causing her to grow up much quicker than other kids her age. This lead her to be more isolated from kids who found her weird or scary. She didn't care about that though and continued studying, easily becoming the top student in her classes.

She eventually met the Wanjeon 4, the first people she ever truly called her friends. With them she learned more about things she didn't know about, being a kid. She laughed more, began to loosen up and felt like she could be herself. It was here she discovered her love for the stars. She had always known that she loved them but she was only really able to truly see the beauty when she was with her friends. She even received a few books on them from her friends. A book that is now well used with neat writings in the margin along with highlights, sticky notes, and lots of star drawings. This, of course, is hidden in her room, far under anywhere anyone would be able to find. But every time she gets stressed she rereads the books, soaking in the words she could see with her eyes closed.

Even with her passion, she could not follow it. She acted as if it was merely an interest and no more. After an argument with her mother about the matter she even went as far as mentioning she threw out the books to make room for books she would use. This cut off her stream of being able to look at more information on the stars. She was fine with this, she would be a doctor and there is nothing else she should be looking at.

As she grew up she had to spend even more time studying, sometimes the only sleep she got in three days came from her falling asleep while hanging out with her friends. They helped her take care of herself and made sure she ate at least something. It was...nice. Though she began to listen to them and took less time for studying, hanging out with them when she was supposed to at times(this, of course, did have her reading a book while she did so, but she wasn't solely focused on it). She felt less stress and it was almost as if the pressure was manageable for her.

That was until the famous scandal hit a hole in all of her plans. The scandal could change almost every time you heard it, merely because it wasn't true. Some kids at their school reported the fact that Hyo's family was giving drugs to patients for money as well as Hyo for grades. They said that was why Hyo was never studying and only hung out with her friends, and still got top marks. This hit the news quickly, reporters eating it up and making story on story of how the famous medicine family had dark secrets. How could they be so rich, it had to be drug money! Some said that on top of this Hyo slept with her teachers for grades, some even said that her father was responsible for the overdose of one of his patients. It got so bad that her parents were taken to court over it, even if they were found innocent, their reputation was ruined.

No one wanted a doctor with a record like that, people began changing their family doctor and their jobs went cold. Hyo missed a lot of school at this time, her parents not wanting her anywhere near the place for many reasons. The only one they ever said was so reporters didn't swarm her. All she had to do during this time was study but her world was falling apart. She tried to message her friends but got little to no responses from them. She never really understood the pain of 'seen 9:47pm' being displayed for hours until then. She realized that at this point she had let down everyone, the one thing she was despite to not do.

She hit a depression here and left her phone next to her star books, powered off. She then studied all day every day. When she came back to school she was either in class or the library. She began to skip meals to make up with the extra courses she had taken and fallen behind in. She ignored the group of friends she had once longed to be with as much as possible. Maybe out of spite, but also out of fear. She didn't want to go back until she proved herself worthy of it. She began to do everything her parents wanted.

At this time her uncle moved into the house with them to help support the family. Her parent's jobs were still scarce and it was just the wisest option. They already wanted to move back home and the house passed down in the family only made sense to move to. She continued to work, staying up late to learn more as well as using old connections to try and get on the job experience. She volunteered, anything at all that would make her look better. If she could just get a good image of herself out there, maybe it could repair her family's reputation.

Her avoidance of her friends became a habit and eventually became natural. She would not make any eye contact with them in the hall or even give them the time of day. She felt a pit of hate in her stomach, mad at them for not being there for her, but at the same time, she longed to reach out and grab hold of them. She missed them so much, but something inside her told her it was better this way. She has now graduated and is in the next stage of her schooling. This means that it is vital for her to succeed. However, she was not prepared for the surprise that would await her in the dorms...

Chul Yeong

Hyo's father and the man of the house. While he is the male in the relationship, he took her mother's last name due to the significance of it. He is a psychologist who was quite well known for his work with criminals in his prime times.
Jee Yeong
Hyo's mother and honestly the one you would consider in charge of the house. A strong, independent woman who is terrifying if you get mad. She makes everything perfect even if it doesn't seem to be in her ability. She is a brain surgeon and is famous for a case she did that the man was considered to have a 1% chance of survival.
Du-Ho Yeong
Hyo's uncle who now lives with her in her family's mansion. He was a very popular family doctor, now becoming more unwanted in his trade, though some devoted patients still stay, not believing all the rumours.
Hae Yeong
Her aunt who is a stay at home mom, though she used to research diseases before she had twins. She is most likely going back to work once the kids get older
Jae Hwa Yeong
A young girl at the age of 6 who is Hyo's cousin. A little terror who is always in someone's business and knows nothing of privacy.
Bora Yeong
The twin of Jae Hwa, a trickster like his sister though he is more sly than her. Hiding his tricks behind an innocent smile that adults always belive.
Elizabeth the Third
An elegant fluffy white cat that is spoiled. She enjoys sleeping on anything warm, especially likes to bother Hyo when she is studying late at night.

Hyo's favourite food that isn't coffee would most likely be Boba tea, though of course, that is a beverage rather than a food. In that case, she enjoys sweet things with lots of sugar that can give her a pick me up, her favourite being Dragon's Beard Cotton Candy and Dango. Her favourite meal would have to be spicy ramen or takoyaki. Her favourite books are the ones on stars her friends gave her Mountains Beyond Mountains by Tracey Kidder, a medical novel. Her favourite songs are just piano pieces or classics.
social media
Hyo does not allow herself to really use social media. Though she does have an Instagram and Snapchat account, she has not used it since she hung out with her friends though. After all, she only got it for the sake of them.



"세상 속 모두가 내가 동올 물린 돗해."
kwon lin (권린)



date of birth






face claim
bae ganghui
kwon lin
Lin stands at a petite 149cm and weighs only about 45kg in all. Her petite frame has no muscle definition or tone and has little curves or fat to display as a result of her inactivity and disregard to her health. Instead, Lin has a slim waist and legs that make up for her lack of height, which elongate her shape.

The woman's hair is cut to about chin length in a messy bob with wispy bangs . She rarely styles it and usually wears it in a short ponytail. However, she is blessed with unusually agreeable hair that's cascaded in soft natural waves.

eye color
russet brown

dist. features
Unique eye shape, short hair, slightly built, sharp jawline, two beauty marks on her left cheek and one on her right eyelid.

body mods/marks
Lin's earlobes are the only part of her body that are pierced. In addition, she has no tattoos. instead, her body is covered in a spray of beauty marks throughout her body, with the most prominent being on her left pectoral.


Lin’s wardrobe is best described minimalistic and edgy. The woman gravitates towards a dark and vampy wardrobe, even during the hottest months of the year. Her style generally varies but is always modest and only occasionally is it in any other color besides black, grey or beige. As of recently, Lin has taking a liking to dark emerald greens and olives and has been incorporating the color into her closet to welcome the new semester in good spirits.

Lin’s usually has the aroma of coffee that follows her due to her coffee habits. On special occasions, she wears a cocoa and rose scented perfume that masks her usual coffee scent.

voice claim
Few families have survived the Korean intact, and even fewer have had survived with power and prestige to their name. Only one family has dedicated the better good of seventy plus years rectifying and bringing wealth to the Democratic Republic of Korea and has ruled over the nation like a dynasty. This family is no other than the Ryu family, who has earned even more prosperity and reign throughout their generations. There have been military officers, politicians, diplomats, and many other positions that the Ryu family have taken over, which solidified their name as the unofficial reigning empire of Korea.
During the late 90s, Ryu Jaeseon was one of the leading members of the strategy and finance committee and the reigning supreme at that. The man had held this highly coveted position since the relatively young age of thirty-four. Due to his family’s ties in the government and his rich education in finance, the man obtained the coveted position almost immediately. At such a young age, of course, he had no life, right?
Contrastingly, Jaeseon was quite accomplished both professionally and socially. He arranged to marry at twenty-two to a woman of an equally powerful family. His wife, Lim Jooeun, was a Korean diplomat at the time and the daughter of an ex-military general and another committee chair for education. She was known for her charming looks and insightful wit, which was proven by her several degrees from Seoul National University. The “royal” couple had already a four-year-old boy, and all seemed to fall like usual with the rest of their lives dedicated to their careers. The Ryu family didn’t expect another child from the young couple. The family’s sprawling connections across the government came with the effect of grandchildren— many, many grandchildren. With this many “blessings,” they expected promotion or at least a dog to complete this white picket fence family. To say the least, dog or development wasn’t the blessing the couple awaited.

During the blossoming spring, Jooeun had realized she was three months pregnant with her second child. Again, this came as a surprise to the couple, who had supposedly said they had no plans of having another child. The pregnancy appeared like a fifth ace in a poker deck. Besides, many circumstances were against the birth of the child. Jooeun was taking pill contraceptives, and the woman had trouble with her last child, who was conceived with IVF drugs. Her father had a busy campaign during the concurrent term and was rarely home with his wife, who also worked a busy schedule. Despite all these conditions, a baby girl named Ryu Insoo was born on the last day of summer.
As a girl, Insoo’s destiny seemed set in stone. Earlier in her childhood, a shaman predicted that the girl would be the matriarch of the family. She had the qualities of a leader, and her strength foreshadowed in her face and her birth that foretold of a girl of strong vitality that would make her a great leader in the revolution. While her parent’s believed the fortune to simply be propaganda from their parents to have more children or whatever else, Insoo’s talents soon became apparent. The girl’s intellect became visible from an early age when she began to develop faster than other children, especially when it came to sports and speaking. As a result, she spent a childhood where she was involved heavily in athletics, studies, and extracurriculars, where all of her time was absorbed. Jaeseon and Jooeun invested their time into cultivating Insoo’s gift for leadership and athleticism.
In school, Insoo had always been well-liked. Whether it was prestige due to her charismatic older brother or the fact that she was a leading soccer player in her school team, teachers and students agreed that Insoo was a nice girl through and through, even if she was a bit more distant than your usual student. Also, Insoo was a model student who had one of the top grades and was involved in many school activities and was student body president. Despite the high standards that were placed on the girl, she thrived in the environment and was a student of high regard. However, one thing that Insoo always struggled with was making friends and being assertive as she often played the role of the shrinking violet in class due to how sensible she was for her age. In other eyes, she was weird because she was too gangly and spoke like an adult rather than a kid.
However, there was one person who was always friends with her since the moment she stepped into the school. That person seemed to be her only friend that she could open up to and feel comfortable around. That particular person was Peony.
Insoo and Peony have been friends since the beginning due to how close Jooeun and his parents were. Her position as a diplomat between foreign affairs in Korea tied in tightly with Peony’s father’s business. Jooeun’s place has Peony’s father an advantage in terms of business relationships, which caused them to have a close relationship. The partnership benefitted Insoo and Peony’s connection since his father trusted and believed Jooeun to be an intelligent woman with an equally as witty daughter. This friendship eventually became the beginning of the F4, who were deemed to be the brightest, most popular, and most wealthy students out of their campus, even though she was the least popular.

In the little time, she was with the F4, Insoo learned to grow out of her shell. In middle school, she no longer was this awkward tomboy. She was new and improved, now as famous as her friends. In middle school, the girl had a new reputation as a heartbreaker, especially amongst girls. Despite being vertically challenged, many girls adored his princely and calm demeanor that Insoo achieved, which was highlighted by her hard earned herculean figure, which earned her fans from both genders. Her newly attained sociability positively highlighted and juxtaposed her naturally intense and robust personality. In a way, the F4 became Insoo’s support and cheerleaders to becoming her desired self. This aid, however, would prove to be a great twist of irony in the end.

Around the spring before Insoo started her first year of high school, a scandal broke out on the headlines of the newspaper. Her father was nowhere to be found and her mother’s surname appeared through the news with headlines of bribery and money laundering burning through the TV. While it seemed merely like a coincidence at first, her mother’s nervous condition brought suspicion. At first, she believed it was all unrelated and merely a slight hiccup. Subsequently to the headline, the police appeared to the Ryu household which dawned the reality upon Insoo: her mother was being accused.
Of course, this broke throughout her community with shock towards the news report. Insoo’s first reaction was, of course, shock towards the story, and she was in denial for just a moment. Unfortunately, a profound realization had dawned upon her— she was the whistleblower. A few months before, Insoo had wandered into her father’s library in search of a book. Mysteriously, the book she found had a massive gaping cavity in the middle. Of course, it was strange, but the girl thought nothing of it because of how unusual, and vast her father’s library was. She then pulled a second book, which fortunately was an ordinary book. Despite this, the book held one unusual detail: it had a check for almost 3 million won stashed in between the pages, for whatever reason. Insoo’s curiosity eventually killed her, and the girl snatched the book. The girl began to research the banknote and the individual it was from. Some research on the name revealed that the name belonged to a (possibly one of the F4’s parents or relatives?) wealthy CEO. Of course, the statement belong to another CEO, so what? Insoo wasn’t involved in her parents’ business affairs and she believed it was a simple case of incompetence from her mother, despite how organized the woman usually was. The girl gave the effective to her father’s accountant a few days after discovering the check, which proved to be a fatal mistake in the end.
The Ryu family took a direct and powerful hit from the outrage. The scandal revealed a not-so-savory web of bribes, money laundering and shady business deals all monitored by her mother, who was the mediator in the scheme. The scandal caused her pristine world to fall into shambles and creating rifts between all of her family. Her parents’ once happy and serene relationship turned into a depressing and disruptive relationship where they couldn’t see each other without bickering. Her brothers’ pleasant smirk and turned into a stoic frown that he displayed for strength. Her home had been turned into a house full of rid tape and strange people. Her once affable life had been turned into a crumbling war full of strife.
The first instinct Insoo had was to turn to her friends, especially Peony. Whenever she felt weak, they were always there for her to become her support— her rock throughout the world’s many dangers. Almost instantaneously, Insoo tried to call and reach out to Peony to save her as he always did. She waited by his door, texted him and called his parents, waiting for response or call. In spite of her desperate pleas, Insoo was rejected and turned away. She soon felt a burning pain in her throat that wouldn’t go away, no matter how hard she tried to swallow it away. When Peony wouldn’t answer, she reached out to Orchid, Lily, Camellia, Rose and the others to give her a sliver of hope and chance, only to be ignored, spit on and rejected because of a mistake she did not commit. The betrayal that hurt the most was Peony’s absence from her side, which made her realize the unspoken feelings that she had for him all along. Without a chance to confess, the Ryu family decided to unenroll their children from their school. As for Insoo, she believes she was torn from her rightful place. The first instinct Insoo had was to turn to her friends, especially Peony. Whenever she felt weak, they were always there for her to become her support— her rock throughout the world’s many dangers. Almost instantaneously, Insoo tried to call and reach out to Peony to save her as he always did. She waited by his door, texted him and called his parents, waiting for response or call. In spite of her desperate pleas, Insoo was rejected and turned away. She soon felt a burning pain in her throat that wouldn’t go away, no matter how hard she tried to swallow it away. When Peony wouldn’t answer, she reached out to Orchid, Lily, Camellia, Rose and the others to give her a sliver of hope and chance, only to be ignored, spit on and rejected because of a mistake she did not commit. The betrayal that hurt the most was Peony’s absence from her side, which made her realize the unspoken feelings that she had for him all along. Without a chance to confess, the Ryu family decided to unenroll their children from their school. As for Insoo, she believes she was torn from her rightful place.
Jaeseon divorced Jooeun a year after the scandal had been released on the news. He lost his house and half of his wealth after supporting his ex-wife’s lengthy trial while losing his position as chair in the finance and strategy committee in the elections. As for Insoo and her brother, the children had to go their separate ways in court. The Ryu family has begun to use damage control in order to weaken rumors and reduce the media’s impact into their family name. They split Insoo and her brother up and left them in different households as if to erase the remnants of what used to be their family. Insoo was assigned a distant uncle while her brother was to live his life as an adult now that he was an adult with free will.
Insoo moved from her familiar suburbs to a new neighborhood in the middle of the city, where all was strange and alien to her. Her uncle was Kwon Jungsoo. Jungsoo was the owner of a gay bar smack dab in the middle of Seoul where she shared the bar with his partner Yoo Eunjae. The couple’s existence or Jungsoo’s sexuality wasn’t known to the Ryu family and as a result, he lived a somewhat estranged lifestyle from his family. The couple welcomed Insoo with open arms as their child, even if their existence wasn’t known until now.
Insoo changed her surname and bongwan to her uncle’s name as well as changed her first name to hide her past identity as the child of Lim Jooeun. For six years, she’s lived as Kwon Lin to live her new life and forget all about her past as a new woman— until now that is.

ryu jaeseon
lim jooeun
ryu huijeong
kwon hyesoo
yoo eunjae
choi jiho
hong seulgi
kim ah-in
"고생 끝에 낙이"
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First, I want to say thank you to everyone for applying! It always feels good when people are interested in ideas you put out, even if they’re spin-offs from manga/tv shows.
A few of you have messaged me over the course of the past few days for an update. Unfortunately my interest for FOY has diminished 😭 So at this point the roleplay will not be going forward, I apologize for any displeasure this brings to you. I hope you find fun stories to write elsewhere.​
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