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green finger
forbidden eden.
I only see her late at night, When I'm too gone to realize... That everything is going right. Rain hit me with a note so dark, Rain hit me with a note so dark ! I only see her late at night, When it's too dark to realize...
- foxgloves
hi there.
Feel free to call me fox! I'm a university student currently studying psychology, which means I have random bouts of absolutely nothing to do. To fill that time, I want to RP more! I've been RPing for about eight or nine years now, and I like to think I've come a long way. While I adore group RPs, I also would love have to some 1x1 RPs going. I love RPs that have plots and endings in mind, but something that'll take a while to reach! (so yes, I'm looking for long-term partners!) In the next few tabs, I'll be going over what I bring as a partner, and what I'm also looking for! I'll also provide plots and writing samples!
so how much do you write, and how often do you post?
although the length of my posts definitely fluctuate with the scenes, I do tend to write upward of 700+ words per post. Many times, if I'm given enough, it's over 1k. While a lot of people consider that novella, I wouldn't say it's that long. That being said, it's still a lot. That means my posts can take a bit longer than most to write, and although I can do daily posts at times, it really isn't a guarantee. (so please don't expect that!) Instead, I usually post at minimum once a week. I'm fairly patient, and I can wait months for replies if you need that time. Just give me a heads up, or I'll likely bump you at a weeks mark just to make sure. (also, I write with proper grammar. lowercase is just aesthetic for the search!)
types of characters?
when it comes to the actual characters in the RPs, I'm pretty open. I will double if you want, but I'm also very much open to not doubling. I will play both male and female characters in doubling, as well as a multitude of different NPCs during the stories. While my personal preference for pairings is Mxf, I double! So I'm down with also providing the pairing my partner desires. I also enjoy having a romantic plot to my RPs, but I'm also eager to include lots of platonic relationships within the stories! I also enjoy making character sheets for the main characters, and I like using codes for IC posts.
ooc chatter
Love OOC chatter! I like to think I'm a fairly friendly person, and I'm down to try new things with my partners when it comes to OOC ideas! (Like moodboards, making playlists, all that! I might not be great at it, but I will try my best!) I want my partner to feel safe with me too, so please include any triggers you have BEFORE we start the RP! The last thing I want to do is accidentally mention a trigger and upset my partner when it could of been avoided.
what I expect in a partner!
below will be what I expect from someone who would like to partner with me!
similar post length
It's no fun writing 1k+ words, only to receive 200 back. I have nothing against shorter posts, but for the type of RP I am seeking, I personally want someone who will be able to mirror my posts or get to a similar length.
please no ghosting!
Although I will not be terribly upset if I'm ghosted, it's no fun. I'm not a mean person, I'll understand if you tell me you don't want to do the RP anymore. Seriously! It makes me a bit sad to be ghosted, however, and I don't want to harbor any unintentional negative feelings towards anyone.
willing to work with me
I love plotting, like most. I also love when my partner contributes to the plotting, and gets just as excited as I do about the ideas had! If my partner only agrees or disagrees without giving any feedback towards the plot, I'll be a bit let-down.
below are plots and pairings, please read to the bottom!
I've got a handful of both plots I've created myself, or ones I've found online through those lovely tumblr blogs dedicated to the sort. Since I wrote some a long time ago, nearly all plots imply singular main characters. However, as mentioned before, I am open to doubling and most likely have ideas on how to add in more characters! Replacements For Those Lost Technology never stops advancing. It wasn't long before society figured out the inner workings of A.I, producing near life-like androids. However, they're expensive, and not just anyone owns them. But one company allows you to rent them, for one specific reason. When someone is lost suddenly, whether it be from natural causes or foul play, moving on can difficult, if not impossible for most. Without closure, people become stuck in the past. This is where the Replacements come in. These androids are specifically built to resemble the recently deceased, ordered by whoever lost them to gain closure. Programmed with their personality and details of their death, they slowly work through the process together in a week. And when time is up, they let them go on their own terms. The androids are peacefully 'put out of commission,' and the renter moves on with their lives. Muse A is recently facing the lost of a lover. A fierce and passionate romance, it was almost as quick to end as it did start. Unable to properly cope with the loss, even scared to let go, they rent an android modeled after their lost lover. Must B hasn't been alive for more than a few hours, but they know all they need to know. They're supposed to be [insert name] for Muse A, and then they'll be done in a week. Their only job is to make sure they receive the closure they need, and make sure they're able to move on in life without them. But Muse B is starting to feel things they shouldn't. Muse B is starting to feel like their own person, and that's not correct. It can't possibly be correct. And Muse A is starting to realize their lover wasn't exactly who they thought they were. Were they really in love, or did they not want to be alone? Together, both try to discover what it means to be human and yourself, while the clock ticks down. Seven days to figure it all out, before Muse B is put down. Seven days to collide and break it all. Preposterous! [a dirty dancing inspired RP] When Muse A is to return to her childhood home, now owned by her uncle, she already expects the worst. Stuffy marriage lessons, rude men, and not enough food to go around. Her father ruined the fortune they held, and they now look to marry off Muse A to a hopefully rich man in hopes of regaining some fortune. The only issue seems to be the fact that no one wants to marry the poor girl. She speaks out of line too often, and tends to avoid her lessons like the plague. Her uncle hopes to fix such a thing with harsher lessons, especially in the dancing department. Muse B has worked at the same manor for years. He often finds himself instructing women who come through as their dance teacher, before heading back out to work in the stables. In his free time, he attends 'dirty' dancing parties, and teaches formal dance classes to young schoolgirls at a local ministry. Soon enough, his life is turned upside down when he receives a challenge. He has to teach Muse A, who is the absolute worse at dancing. In fact, she's possibly the worse dancer he's ever seen. When a series of mishaps causes Muse A to be his only partner choice for upcoming masquerade competition, the two attempt to work together to make sure she can actually step on the floor, and not his feet. Oceans as red as blood The seas no longer belong to the men who used to rule the waves with wooden vessels. For whatever reasons fifteen years ago, they showed up. Beautiful and alluring, these creatures of the sea peeked up from the waves with lovely voices and suggestive gazes. But when their lips parted and the songs began, so did the slaughter. Entire fleets were wiped out by these half human, half fish women, and trading was nearly destroyed. No one was safe from these creatures, dubbed 'sirens.' They stole the hearts quite literally from the chests of their victims, and never stuck around long enough for capture. But mankind doesn't fall so easily. Hunters began to arise, and take out the nasty creatures. Turning foam once they were killed, soon ships of grizzled hunters were sent out to spear these beastly women. One ship in particular excelled at hunting, their captain known for being the Prince of a neighboring kingdom. He ditched a life of gold and pleasure for salt and brine. He had one goal, and that was to kill every single sea-bitch there was. Yet when he finds a woman floating in the water one quiet night, his entire life is flipped. Animalistic and nasty, the woman offers one thing to the captain. If he delivers her to land, she'll teach him the secret to killing the Queen of sirens. With her dead, the creatures have no leader. No motivation to keep killing. He has no reason to trust the woman, but something about her is familiar. She reeks of the sea and blood, and the necklace around her neck is known to be only worn by sirens. Will a shaky alliance form, or will the two find themselves at each other's throats? Both want the Queen dead, but their reasons couldn't be more different. stormy nights and too much gold Muse A is the child of wealthy man living in a seaside town; they’ve always been afraid of the sea, yet oddly fascinated by it. When Muse A was a child, the ship they were sailing on was attacked by pirates and they were barely able to escape. Although the lure of the sea has always been there, Muse A has since refused to ever board another ship. Several years after their brush with pirates, in the dead of night, a suspicious ship sets anchor a little ways away from shore. Pirates make landfall and begin to pillage and plunder the town. The militia stationed in the town are quick to react and a fierce battle breaks out. With the perfect distraction created, the captain of the ship, Muse B, heads for the most opulent-looking manor. Muse B breaks in to Muse A’s home and begins to raid Muse A’s late mother’s jewelry. In an attempt to stop Muse B, Muse A steals one of their father’s swords and holds the pirate at sword point. Since Muse A has never had any kind of training, they are easily overpowered by Muse B. Upon taking a closer look at Muse A, Muse B decides that they are worth far more than any bejeweled trinkets. So Muse B offers a proposition; in exchange for ending the bloodshed and leaving port, Muse A must come aboard Muse B’s ship as a captive. Muse A is terrified, but they are kind-hearted and wish to protect their town, so they reluctantly agree. So now Muse A must face their fears and leave their life behind. How will they fare and what will their relationship be like with Muse B? late night fever A drunken one night stand between Muse A and Muse B ends up blossoming into something more. They wake up next to each other and begin a little small talk to cut through the awkwardness. The more they share, the more Muse A and Muse B realize that the strong desire and attraction they felt is still there, and nearly overwhelming. It seems like a picture perfect case of love at first sight until Muse A reveals that they are a federal agent. Muse B is suddenly stricken with panic at the new information, because they are making ends meet as a rumrunner, transporting illegal alcohol. self-made friendship bracelets After graduating high school and failing to attend college, Muse A feels stuck. Working a nine to five desk job in retail, every day seems the same and they can’t remember a time where they were actually happy with their choice. It’s time for a change, but they don’t know where to even begin as far as starting to make it goes. Just barely an adult, their options are limited. When they overhear a conversation two coworkers are having in the break room about a summer camp hiring, however, their interest is piqued. A quick google search and three interviews later, Muse A is on their way to be a new counselor at Camp Jubilee. Camp is everything they hope it would be too. From the moment they arrive, all the stress from work and life in general is completely forgotten. Muse B is a counselor at the camp, roughly the same age as Muse A, who helps show them that they still have the ability to enjoy the simple things. All while dealing with a rowdy bunch of middle schoolers. ---- If you've made it this far, congrats! Below I will be linking to my writing samples! If you wish to contact me about RPing, please introduce yourself in the PM and provide a writing sample for me! hope to hear from you soon! fantasy writing sample! modern writing sample!


green finger

just want to note, if you've ever contacted me before and want to try an RP again, feel free to hit me up!


green finger
bump! currently interested in some more realistic slightly light-hearted RPs, so if you have any in mind, feel free to PM me with them!


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hey hey :) i'm grimm. I've been rping foreverrrr but i am very new to this site, having only joined as of ten minutes ago. I used to rp on feral front, however I feel as though the site has died? It's just not as active as it used to be, and unfortunately every time I'd join a new group, no one would ever post but me and then it would just be over even before it had begun. So yeah, I am super keen to find someone to create amazing stories with.


green finger
hey hey :) i'm grimm. I've been rping foreverrrr but i am very new to this site, having only joined as of ten minutes ago. I used to rp on feral front, however I feel as though the site has died? It's just not as active as it used to be, and unfortunately every time I'd join a new group, no one would ever post but me and then it would just be over even before it had begun. So yeah, I am super keen to find someone to create amazing stories with.
send me a PM!

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