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Realistic or Modern 𝒯𝒽𝑒 𝒜𝒾𝓇 𝐹𝑜𝓁𝓀 [Character Application]



never meant to cause no harm

Character Sheet Information
*means optional

age [human, 20-25]:
place of birth:

two photos [realistic faceclaim, and your fae portrait]
eye/hair color:
new traits [parts that are becoming fae]:


personality [one paragraph min]:

fae info
fae name:
how often do they get control?:
important background info [relationships/past/trauma/]:

human background [1-3 paragraphs]



never meant to cause no harm
Acadia Cardon
Bordeaux, France
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"I see in your future, love and hate. They intermingle, woven together by the strings of fate. You cannot have one without the other, and they must always stay knotted. If you try to untie the strings, disaster will strike."
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Name | Relation
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Name | Relation
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Name | Relation
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Name | Relation
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Name | Relation
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The Purple Forest
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Although kind and understanding, Acadia has become disillusioned with the world around her. Growing up telling fortunes with her mother, Acadia always believed in the supernatural. That was, until she turned sixteen. The longer she attended school, and the longer she hung around different crowds, Acadia began to believe everything her mother taught her was just some mumbo-jumbo. Why were they special in their ability to apparently predict their future? No answer in sight, the young girl became solemn and reclusive. Unknown to her, Dulcina was the one pulling her feelings. The overwhelming hopelessness that began to arise was due to the fae inside her.

Without the fae weighing her down, Acadia is a witty and kind girl. Quick on her feet to think of unconventional solutions and easy to talk to, she often finds herself deflating tense solutions with her odd mannerisms. She's peculiar, but in the best of ways. Unfortunately, her real personality has been buried under the weight of guilt that isn't her own.

Witty | Understanding | Kind goepmga
Reserved | Solemn | Guilt-Racked

Storms | Foxgloves | Tea
Sewage | Strong Perfume | Swimming
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Born to a French mother and Korean father, Acadia grew up in the lower income areas of Bordeaux. Which meant she was basically homeless, given the fact Bordeaux is known for having a higher-income population. Still, that didn't stop her mother from living there. She refused to move back to Korea with her father, leaving the two girls alone in France. Buying into the tourists that visit the lovely city, Acadia's mother often told their fortune through tarots and other 'mystic' ways. Though they didn't make much, it was enough to keep them afloat.

Home-schooled for the earlier portions of her life, Acadia often sat on the stairs of her mother's parlor and watched her read fortunes to her patrons. She was to never come down during a reading, but her mother also insisted the young girl learn the arts. So she'd sit hidden on the creaky old stairs, watching people sob over possibly meeting their soulmate in France. She never questioned her mother, and soon was giving her own readings.

Though, that all changed when she was allowed to enter secondary school. The more she tried to show off her ability to read fortunes, the more others in her school fought back against the idea of it being true. They pulled apart small tricks that Acadia wasn't even aware she was doing, though she didn't dare confront her mother about such things. Her mother wouldn't lie to her, would she?

By the time Acadia reached eighteen, she was starting to have other problems. There were long periods of the day where she'd black out, finding herself unable to remember what she did during that time. No one could offer her any answers, but the person inside her. Notes were soon left about the fae inside the girl, though she didn't believe them at first. That was, until she started to grow horns under her hair. Until her eyes started to turn gold and her pupils slits. Her friends commented on her bold fashion choices, but Acadia was horrified. She had no idea what was happening to her, and the fae inside never wanted to answer. Worse of it, she felt a constant pull towards the Americas. One she couldn't soon resist. So by the time she was twenty, Acadia had packed her bags and flown blindly to America in hopes of discovering just what was wrong with her.
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Description - Human / Fae
119 lbs
Hair Color
Eye Color
New Traits
Small horns on her head. / Golden eyes with cat-eye pupils.
Pierced ears.
Distinguishing Feature
Overall young appearance.
Fae Name
The Seer

The fae dormant inside Acadia is none other than Dulcina, the royal seer of the Seelie court. Racked with guilt over her inability to predict the outcome of the peace banquet, Dulcina often takes control of Acadia for random bouts of wailing and mourning. Sometimes, she rests for weeks at a time. Other times, Dulcina comes out hourly to snap and sniffle at anyone near Acadia. Recently, however, Dulcina has been coming out at midnight exactly to exclaim that 'sixteen will soon become eight, and the moral land will bleed gold as a new war begins.' Though, Acadia never remembers it.

Although Acadia is aware Dulcina exists, she hardly knows a thing about her past. The fae wants nothing to do with Acadia, despite the fact she shares her body. All the young woman knows is that Dulcina was a seer of some sort, who clearly made a large mistake on her part. She isn't even aware there are other fae in the world.



it's no secret that ruslan is aloof at the best of times, making a conscious effort to hold himself at arm's distance from those around him. even if you closed the physical space between the two of you, he would still remain enigmatic, impossible to get a read on. every time you think you've got him figured out, he does something to throw you off completely. he's brusque but not unkind. it's more that he prefers to get to the point of things and hates beating around the bush, but he never means to be rude. he's observant, a talent honed by all the time he spends in the background, and not half bad at drawing conclusions from what he notices. for all his detachment, he's also remarkably skilled at slipping into personas as necessary—never anything far from his true self (he hasn't got the theatrical range for that), but he's good at subtle hints in body language and eye contact, directing your attention where he wants it to be. he may not be able to keep it up for long, but it's a talent that he used generously growing up. however, it's almost ironic that, despite his talent in shifting mannerisms, he's notably easy to fluster under pointed attention, especially if he knows that he's not doing anything to invite it explicitly. this is accentuated by the fact that, for all he may shift out of necessity, he never adopts false pretenses in personal relationships; it's hard to warm up to him and to get him to warm up to you, but if you manage it, he's a fiercely loyal friend and someone who'll never leave your side.
ruslan aliyev
twenty-two y/o
cisgender male
demirom bisexual
almaty, kazakhstan
6'2" (188.4 cm)
179 lbs (81.1 kg)
deep-set onyx eyes
strong thick brows
dark hair, oddly soft
high cheekbones & full lips
runes up his arms*
scales on hands and feet*
kallan (fae name)
assassin of unseelie court
does not often take control
most frequent is once a week
usually comes out at night
rarely does so around others
secretive and tight-lipped
is fairly tolerant of ruslan
but far from amiable with him

born and raised in the poorer part of almaty, ruslan grew up on a line between two kazakhstans: he lived in a cramped tenement, neighboring buildings haphazardly constructed from scrap metal and lumber, but close enough to almost touch the wealth of almaty's tourist districts.

his parents got by but only just, piling up odd jobs and coming home later with each passing day. they left him by himself with what little food they could spare and warnings to not venture out, to not open the door to the room if anyone knocked. but, as all boys did, he grew bolder with age, eventually slipping into the fray made up of either the naive or the equally desperate. nothing terrible happened, even though he expected it to. he went out, stayed for as long as he felt comfortable doing (which, adimttedly, wasn't very long) before slipping back inside, all his limbs intact.

these journeys became more and more frequent. all his practice hiding indoors, careful to not do anything that might draw unwanted attention to his flimsy home, came into play as he made sure to keep a low profile, piquing no one's interests. observation (well-practiced, considering there was little else to do) allowed him to pick up on and dissect the tactics of the people he saw. the first time he executed it himself, his tricks had . . . room for improvement—which was to say that he just barely managed to flee before the physical violence from his attempted target left noticeable marks, which would have spurred questions from his parents. (or maybe not. he wondered as to the answer, seeing as his parents were home less and less.)

the second time, however, he learned from his mistakes. it went off without a hitch. those subtle tics in body language and gestures which drew attention to his boyish frame, drawn thin from lack of food, and the enduring roundness of his cheeks; the mark didn't even notice the wallet ruslan unhooked from his belt. the thrill of his success spurred more and more attempts—not all of them perfect, but failures happening less and less as he grew better, more talented. he had to shift his strategy as time went on, as his baby fat melted and he grew into his features, and there was less an emphasis on childlike appeal. if anything, this worked better, even if the attentions he attracted (and in fact often stoked) left him distinctly uncomfortable.

his parents always wondered about the appearance of these small sums of money when they needed it most, but they chalked it up to their own forgetfulness and good fortune, as a reward for being law-abiding people. ruslan was careful to prevent them from suspecting, and they never did.
personal history
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"think i hate you? good, keep it that way."​

caleb's full name is caleb lau jia le.

he is 24 y/o.

he is a male and he is demisexual.

caleb is from hong kong.


he stands at 6 feet and an inch, roughly 185cm.

caleb weighs at approximately 165 lbs, about 75kg.

his hair is usually dyed a raven black though his natural colour is a dark brown. his eyes, similarly, have dark brown pupils.

new parts of him that are becoming fae includes pupils turning a yellowish-gold, black vein-like markings across his arms that resemble tattoos and his canines turning sharper on both side of his mouth.


pessimistic and cynical to an extent, caleb believes that happy endings and dreams without direction is bs. though he calls himself a realistic person, he generally tends to think of the worst and doesn't understand overly-optimistic individuals. stubborn, he doesn't hesitate to bite the bullet for a cause he believes in or whatever he wishes to accomplish. one thing positive that can be associated with him is that he is persistent and never takes on things that he knows he can't carry out until the end.

to add onto that, he's a rather rude individual as he does not believe in formalities. for him, once two people are in the ring, they are equals, nothing more and nothing less. hot-tempered, caleb gets pissed off easily and you'll definitely know when he's pissed off. because of this, he tends to be more 'do first, think later' and this tends to not end well at times. he'll probably shout at you even though he doesn't mean it at that moment. however, despite his rather rough personality, he knows when to apologise first especially when he knows it was his fault.

despite his flaws, caleb lau is admirable in the sense whereby you will know he is a genuine person upon getting to know him. he's blunt and straightforward, hating those who talk behind people's back. he prefers telling someone outright he hates them than hiding it until the end. courageous, he will find a way to do something even if it's his biggest weakness ever.

caleb likes cigarettes, kickboxing, cold showers at night, cats, the feeling of the wind blowing in his face softly and bidets (because a lot of countries don't use them wtf).

caleb dislikes phrases like 'you know cigarettes are bad for you, right?', eavesdropping, cheaters, overly-optimistic people, hard liquor, small notebooks and messy rooms.

some of his quirks include being rubbish at social media, sleeping only on his back and has a preference for fake flowers over real flowers.

caleb's fae name is aslan.

the court he belongs to is the unseelie.

his role is the warrior.

caleb and aslan have a rather rocky outlook on each other. their personality are rather similar but on aslan's end, it's more amplified. the two fight a lot as both are trying to keep each other out of control. the frequency in which aslan takes over is more often, especially when caleb loses his temper and is very angry.

because aslan is the general of the unseelie court and because caleb is a professional fighter, the both of them struggle in their own doubts for their respective responsibilities. whenever each one faces a large amount of stress in relation to their decisions of their future, the other is able to take control over the other. though, they are times whereby their similar natures brings about a small form of comradery in the sense of slight reassurance and/or advice.

- aslan has a fear of metal darts and if he encounters one up-close, it will render him vulnerable for caleb to take over. the reason for his fear is because of it ties back to betrayal he took part in during the war. - aslan betrayed the unseelie court during the war as he was presented an ultimatum by a fellow soldier in his own court. as such, he has questioned himself ever since he woke inside caleb's body, questioning whether his role as a general is justified.


born in the sha tin district of hong kong, caleb grew up in the outskirts where land developments have yet to tarnish the fresh water that flowed from rivers to the residential areas. being the epicentre of peace and tranquility in their town, temples devoted to worshipping buddha and teachings of peace were all caleb knew as a child. his father who was a monk in his early adult years married caleb's mother who was also a devout buddhist that frequented the temple he served in. as such, the one thing that was instilled in caleb lau as a child was religion and the teachings of said religion.

his parents' dreams were for him to continue on his father's devotion by being a buddhist monk himself but caleb, had other dreams. he wanted to be a professional fighter, proficient in the art of kickboxing. as such, he trained hard in school with the help of his teacher, hoping that one day, he would be able to achieve his dream even if it meant disappointing his parents. as though he gifted from a young age, caleb rose up as a top contender, having completed in district and state competitions. he moved all the way up, just before the top before he came crashing down because of an incident.

at the age of nineteen, caleb was to compete against another to take the place of one who would represent hong kong in an international kickboxing competition- the forefront of the art itself, one that would catapult caleb into his dreams of being a professional fighter. however, because of dirty tactics used by his contender, caleb was suspended for competing because of apparent drug usage just before the competition.

the pathway he paved for himself shattered, all because of a cheap trick. he fought with the competition committee, received even more suspension alongside his name tarnished- bringing him all the way to the bottom. he didn't quit kickboxing though, no, that was counterproductive to the seven years he had spent mastering his art. no, he trained even harder during that suspension year but he grew bitter and colder to everyone around him. this time, when he reached the top, he will be merciless.

now that three years have passed since his suspension, he finally found himself back to where he was when he was nineteen years old, the detriment to whether he would represent hong kong or would be fail again, but this time, not getting back up. as the days go by faster, caleb grows more doubtful of whether he really is meant to walk down this road of being a professional fighter.
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Currently Existing
fae info.

Nikolai L. Aerie
Leuven, Belgium

Hair Color
Eye Color
Platinum Blonde
Pale Blue

Fae Traits: Irises that erratically glow amber, especially when Vyr awakens, as well as an odd sparkles-esque substance in his tears & blood ⁠— presumably because of this, parts of his skin as well as his hair and lips have slowly gained a glittering golden shine to them.

Distinguishing Features: Striking Eyes | Ear Piercings [Both Sides, Not Often Decorated] | Long, Thin Scar [Left Wrist, From Childhood Injury]

Face Claim: Lucky Blue Smith

"It's only lonely at the top if you're too stuck up to take a few steps down now and then."

General: Confident, charming and eloquent. If an outsider's view of Niko had to be defined in three words, those would be the most frequently used. Armed with a silver tongue and the uncanny ability to keep up a conversation regardless of topic, he is rarely spotted alone and makes connections easily as spiders do webs. He fits into almost any crowd, whether it's a tuxedo-wearing, wine-glass-holding society or broke and wild college students. That doesn't mean, however, that he gets along with everyone. Niko is unrestrained and nonchalant, with a (debatably outrageous) tendency to blatantly ignore people or opinions he dislikes. He does what he wants, when he wants, as far as he can.

Due to that ideal, Niko can be rather machiavellian in his dealing with others. He is equally adept at getting close to a person as he is in ignoring one and is unafraid to use his connections to his advantage. While he isn't necessarily heartless or even cold and wouldn't go to the extent of ruining others for his own sake, Niko thinks that manipulation isn't evil per se and it's overly traditionalistic to regard it in itself as a villainous act. This philosophy is only aided by the beautiful voice in his head that gives out to him the dirty tricks of the people-using trade as though they were your run-of-the-mill life advice. Overall, Niko is someone that holds everyone around him at the so-called right distance, according to a standard only he truly understands.

Likes: Milk Tea | Being Organized | Chess | Learning New Things | Alcohol | Attention

Dislikes: Petty Arguments | Being Controlled | Burdens + Pressure + Stress | Ignorance | Picking On The Weak

Quirks: Needing Everything To Have Patterns [By Color, Size, Alphabet, Mathematical Equations, Whatever]

Bio: Nikolai Lev Aerie took his first breath in a beautiful sea-side mansion, much to the joy of his parents. As the son of two young and successful giants of the science and research fields, neither genes nor family background let Niko down, making him perhaps the epitome of being born with a silver spoon. Indeed, he was as happy as a child could be for much of his first decade of life. As talented, too, for he struck the genetic lottery even in the mental department and excelled in his academics, enough to be called a genius. Despite that fact, he was well-behaved, almost angelic, and drew adoring coos from everyone that met him.

Unfortunately, as he would realize later in his teenage years, he was just a little too sickeningly perfect in the eyes of others. When Niko moved to America with his family, he faced the first significant obstacle in his sheltered, smooth-sailing life: bullies. A bunch of boys who seemed to hate him for no good reason and thought it was fun to push him around, mess with his things, etc. The cruelty of children when left unchecked is not to be underestimated. The longer it went on, the harsher the bullying grew.

Confused as to why he was being targeted, Niko kept quiet on it for a long time, hoping to figure it out himself. They told him that whining about it to the teachers would only make things worse, that they'd come for him and make him regret it. The situation stressed him out and his performance in school began to drop drastically, as he grew more and more silent, shutting out his surroundings.

The change he underwent was inexplicable to his parents. Why? They asked him. Why was he not as good as before? Why was he different? Why won't he talk to them? His lack of a reply led them to conclusions far off from reality; that he was making bad friends, that he was slacking off, that he was rebelling. They started to try caging him in, in a mislead effort to help him set back on their idea of the right path.

His teachers weren't much help either. They had witnessed his bright side when he first entered the school and were shocked by what he became as time passed. Why are you being like this? They demanded whenever he got into fights. Why can't you just get along with them? Whenever his report cards came out, his homeroom teacher would glance at him with that damned looked in her eyes. Disappointing, they screamed at him silently, we thought you were better than this. God, it drove him mad.

Through all that noise, however, the clearest voice was one that nobody else could hear.

You know, it whispered to him like a devil on his shoulder, that bully of yours stares at you more than he should. Niko could almost hear its laughter. The poor boy, I can just smell it off him, really. He's starving for affection. The voice was mocking, as though that tall, scary boy, one of the leaders in his terror, were nothing but a laughable animal. Just smile at him pretty, child. Give him a taste and he'll do everything you say. He thought it was ridiculous. Even so, out of curiosity and some desperation, he followed its advice. Nobody was more shocked than him when it worked.

While the voice scared him, listening to it saved him. Slowly, he returned to what most people thought he always had been before the bullying fiasco. Only he and the voice was aware, however, that he'd lost as much as he had regained. No longer was he an angel but a devil in disguise. He'd been enlightened, in his opinion, to how useful the tools called human beings were.

After graduating from that hell of a private academy as valedictorian, Niko did the opposite of what everyone expected him to do, deciding to study Mass Communication rather than the sciences he excelled in. Still, he thrived from his first year to the last, and finished school there easily, too, with top scores. While he has only just graduated, he's managed to land a job in a top broadcasting station through his parent's connections. The Niko of today is suave and clearly destined for success, even more beloved than he was as a child. A nasty rumor follows behind him, however, whispered among drunk and gossiping people. A rumor that started when a girl apparently made a huge fuss outside his dorm when he was in college, one that nobody has yet denied or confirmed; Nikolai Aerie is a maneater, who chews his many lovers up and throws them in the trash once he gets what he wants ⁠— and the worst part: they all come back begging to be used again.
Fae Info
Vyr | Royal Advisor of the Seelie Court

Niko first heard that beautiful, melodic whisper in his head could around the time when he was entering his teens. At first, he had wondered if he was going mad. Then, the blackouts started to happen and his fae traits begun to appear, scaring him out of his wits for a solid year as he debated over whether he should tell anyone. The longer it went on, the more often he lost control of his own body and he worried he might turn into someone else. It was when he finally decided to talk back to the voice that he learnt that Vyr had no ill intentions, viewing Niko as a host of his current living space, and was merely bored from staying dormant for so long. Now, they have reached an almost-peaceful coexistence through occasional conversation, though Vyr likes to wrestle control away from time to time after his longer bouts of sleep to "stretch".

The fae sometimes tells him stories about the fantastical land he originated from when the odd mood strikes him. As far as Niko knows, he was a young royal advisor in a war which went terribly wrong. Although he was expected to act as a strategist, faced with a real war and lives at stakes, Vyr lost his nerves and decided to dissociate from it all, convinced that the Seelie Court could win even without his advice. Unfortunately, things didn't turn out that way. Instead, it all went to hell and last of the royal court had to go into hiding, leading to their current situation. While Niko would like to know more, Vyr seems to have a penchant for crpytism despite his apparent shallow nature.

Honestly, if Niko weren't told by the person himself of his previous position, he might have assumed that Vyr was a prince rather than one who served them, with his flowery words and all. Yet, while he sounds completely harmless and more frivolous than anything, the beguiling entity's clear expertise in the subtle art of reading hearts makes Niko suspect that the fae was neither as cowardly nor uninterested (or rather, guiltless) in the war as he would like others to believe.
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makes a mean pasta sauce
@backyardbard Isaac.Reardon
19 following
just a fun lovin lad tryin to ave a gas out here.
human name
Isaac Reardon.
Waterford, Ireland.
face claim
Tom Holland.

Bottle Green.
Hair grows back remarkably fast after being cut or trimmed; Left eye flickers from natural green to a sparkling gold.
fae name
Felim [fail-im].
Seelie Court.
The Fool.

Isaac Reardon
, stubborn in nature, rarely gives Felim the chance to take full control. Even when he was a child, Isaac didn't believe in the old fairytales his grandparents would tell him. All the odd happenings in his life were always quickly explained away. The sleepwalking? Stress. The blackouts? One too many drinks. His hair growing back within hours? New diet. The way his eyes mysteriously flicker between colors? Well...that one's always hard to write off.

Felim can only take over his host in moments where Isaac does not have full control over his body and mind: typically when he's asleep or wildly intoxicated. In these brief moments is when Felim feels like he can finally perform again. He can find a stranger in the streets and tell them a story: make them laugh or smile or tell him to fuck off. It fills in that little empty spot in his chest that the war took out. His host, unfortunately, is the one that must deal with the consequences. It's hard to hide such bizarre behavior from the press: especially with Isaac's status as a rapidly rising actor and celebrity. Seeing tabloid pictures of yourself, cartwheeling shirtless through the streets of London, is a particularly nasty thing to wake up to.

There is, however, one thing the two always fall in sync with: performing. It doesn't matter if it's the stage, in front of a camera, or behind a mic: it's times like these where Felim almost forgets that he lies waiting within Isaac. Similarly, Isaac thrives when he's acting or singing. It comes naturally to him: almost as if he has been doing it for thousands of years.
is charismatic by nature. He'll go out of his way to talk to every person in a room: usually ending up with a few new numbers and a handful of new parties to attend. His bright and cheerful disposition makes him a blast at any social gathering: whether it be a relaxing night with close friends or a drunken rager at a high-end night club. He's the type of guy who'll stick it out with you when you're lonely or sad: refusing to leave until you've got a smile plastered on your face and a laugh on your lips. Isaac has a confidence that makes him as infectious at parties as it does on the stage. He's not the type to stumble over his words, back down to a challenge, or freeze in fear. He has been quoted saying "I don't get stage fright. Not at the theater, not on camera, and certainly not out in the real world either."
Despite his charming smile and infectious friendliness, life in the spotlight has made Isaac reckless and arrogant. Every positive review or sold-out show makes Isaac's ego grow just a little bit bigger: meaning that criticism or instruction comes with more difficulty. He often gets mouthy with directors that demand more from him: having been known to walk off sets or interviews. Isaac is equally manipulative as he he is conceited: his charm a double-edged sword that doesn't only get him into parties and lead roles. He'll use it to deceive, get away with things he normally shouldn't, and relationships have been severed because of it. There are many who know Isaac and wonder if they're just being used. Sometimes, Isaac wonders about that too.

outgoing, cheerful, witty

haughty, reckless, sly

sweets, bad movies, jazz music

early mornings, black coffee/tea, makeup

talks way too loud, needs to fidget when sitting still (play with hair, tap on table, twirl a pen, etc.), always finishes drinks in 3 sips or less.
@backyardbard: mate i'd tell you if you'd believe me
Born in Ireland's oldest city,
Isaac Reardon grew up with stories of wild Gaelic kings and conniving folklore creatures. His grandparents were particularly fond of telling him tales of mischevious fairies and the tricks that they would play deep in the dark woods of the country. Isaac thought nothing of these stories: just fabrications designed to scare or inspire children into doing what they're told.

Funnily enough, Isaac kept finding himself being placed in these stories. He was in small theater productions of fairytales at the arts center where his parents worked: his mother a dance instructor and his father a lead set designer. Plays and musicals were fun for Isaac: they almost came naturally to him. It was better than sitting quietly or doing homework anyway.

Isaac started acting classes and eventually got into an arts university in England. He moved away from home, began auditioning in bigger theaters, and finally got picked up by a talent agency that spotted him in a school production. The agent had been entranced by Isaac's performance as Puck from 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' and offered him a start the minute the curtains fell.

It was a boring year of modeling in tight jeans and smiling in mint commercials before Isaac could perform again. He reprised his role as Puck in a major theater production and was noticed once again: this time by a casting director searching for upcoming talent on a series of Shakespeare film adaptations. That was two years ago. Now Isaac is rapidly climbing the charts: appearing in sold-out shows, modeling for high-end brands, and starring as the lead role in a soon-to-be-released motion picture. Isaac Reardon's life would be going pretty well if not for a sudden bizarre string of events.

Isaac has been blacking out for the past three months: roaming the streets of London at night telling tales and doing cartwheels. He has no memory of any of these occurrences. He didn't even believe it until his agent showed a clip of him trending online. Physicians have pointed towards sleepwalking as a possible answer: most probably due to the stress and anxiety of Isaac's first lead role. They can play it off as a publicity stunt for now, but the agency is pressuring him to keep it together until the film drops next month. He'll be flying to California soon for the press release: praying to any god that the paparazzi won't find him waking up on some random street in LA.

As the release date gets closer and the blackouts continue, there are far stranger things happening to Isaac that can't be written off as stress. His eyes are changing colors, his hair keeps getting longer, and there's an overwhelming feeling that he is never alone. Isaac is starting to think that his grandparent's fairytales harbor more truth than they ever did fiction.
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«professional procrastinator»
enter. (wip)
gabriel fedorov.
gender | male.
age | twenty-four.
sexuality | heterosexual.
ethnicity | russian.
d.o.b |
december 8th.
p.o.b | moscow, russia.
occupation | private investigator.
role| the morbid.


gabriel stands in at around 6'1, with a slim and spry frame, accompanied by a well-musced, slender build. due to his slavic heritage, gabriel's hair is a vivid sandy blonde, complimented by brilliant, pale piercing blue eyes; both are stark contrasts to his mother's family's brown.
like this - nf
"not heartless, just using my heart less."

having been a production of a complicated affair between two married people, it comes as no surprise that gabriel himself as a result, is a very complicated character.
by nature, gabriel is as stoic as they come; he rarely lets emotion betray or over take him, and as a result, is a very sardonic and seemingly cold individual. having experienced betrayal and loss of trust before in his life, gabriel is also cautious and distrusting of people in general and has a habit of overthinking and doubting people's motives, especially when they attempt to get close to him. as a result, gabriel has an uncanny ability to decipher the nuances and read people very well as a method to know whether or not to trust them. gabriel is also no fool; sharp-eyed and wise beyond his years, joseph proves himself to be somewhat of an intellectual and enjoys mysteries and if need be, doesn't hesitate to delve deep into the morbid and perverse.

solitary by nature, gabriel is also no socialite when it comes to socializing; however, he is definitely no hermit either; in social situations, gabriel puts on a near-convincing dark, cynical, debonair act that makes him a mysterious hit for the women and the perfect bar companion for the men.

and despite the fact that gabriel seems to be cold as ice on the outside, the very opposite is true when it comes to the inside. gabriel is a deep sea of emotion, and things do get to him, even if he denies it himself. the way he usually expresses himself is through ironically dark, sarcastic humour with a dash of cynicism and brutal honesty.

gabriel's whole life revolves around acts and masks. the moments where the real separates itself from the act are few and far in between; however, they do happen. deep down, gabriel reveals himself to be rather mischievous and playful, always with that dash of cynicism and dark humour. once the hardened heart softens, it unleashes a torrent of fierce love and passion, as well an unsparing generosity and kindness, showing us a gabriel that most, including himself, thought was lost to the sands of time and tragedy.
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"it seems to me that love could be labeled poison and we'd drink it anyways."


fae info.

fae name |
fae form | cardan.
court |
the Unseelie court.
role |
the eldest Unseelie royal fae.
how often do they get control? |
important background info [relationships/past/trauma |
close all
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k o r o l

-- the king of thieves --

"I never knew being invisible, means being forgotten by everyone you love. "

name: everett jasmine suno

gender: cis-female

place of birth: albany, new york

age: twenty-two

sexuality: bisexual

height: five feet and five inches

weight: one hundred and forty-four pounds

eyes: light greenish hazel

hair: brown

face claim: ashley moore

new traits: her hair is becoming more white, even though she dyes it whenever she sees an white strand

personality: Everett, who likes to be called Rett, was very shy as a young child. Never playing with the other kids, her age, she was always reading about faes and mythical kingdoms. She hated being in the spotlight so she stayed to herself. Never raising her hand, even went as far as not speaking even when the teacher did call on her. She stayed silent, and that made her became invisible. It became that her teachers forgot that she was even in the class some times. Not that she liked that, it was lonely. Kids never wanted to sit by her or really include her. If they had, they would have seen that she was great leadership and good ideas. Even without Blade whispering in her ear or her head. Rett is also loyal to a fault and that can be one of her biggest downfalls as people she was loyal to sometimes uses her for the wrong reasons. She is also very observant and watchful

like(s): nature, reading, darkness, fruit, computers, infomation

dislike(s): spotlight, talking in front of people, and people in general

human backstory: Everett was born to two lovely people who loved her. Her Ma, Fiona Suno and her Pa, Timon Suno. Both of her parents were outgoing socialites. Her father was a famous doctor and her mother a very successful writer, they would have barbecues nearly every weekend, and be well known in the neighbourhood. It was no wonder how people thought that she was adopted. being so shy as she was. Even with her mother's curly hair, and her father eyes, people still asked her "Those are your parents? Really?" She even asked her own parents if she was adopted of which they laughed and said

"No, Ever. You are our kid for sure, you are just shy that's all. You'll probably grow out of it when you are older. " but she never did.

Even when her parents tried to help her make friends, it just leads to disaster, and someone's parents angry. Soon enough her parents stopped trying to force her to be outgoing and accepted that she just wasn't like them. They showered her with vacations, books, her own library, electronics, and everything that a growing kid would want but they couldn't give her a friend. Then when she was 10, her parents had another daughter named Isabella. Isabella was the opposite of her sister, she was outgoing and never shy but if you ask her who is her best friend. She would answer every time, "Evie of course!" which was her nickname for Everett. Her parents soon focused on Isabella, seeing more in common with her then their oldest daughter. Soon enough she was forgotten, people stopped remembering that Isabella wasn't an only child but Isabella didn't. She became Everett only friend and best one. Everett is now in college and working on her writing degree. Isabella is 12 now, and still if anyone asks her who's her best friend, "Evie!" even when they asked who is that and gasp in surprise that she wasn't an only child. Everett loved her sister, and will always cherish her even when she eventually forget her like her parents because she is invisible like always until Blade came over when she was in her teens. The voice in her mind was kind but quiet. It became her friend, Blade became her friend. Helping her and even taking over sometimes.

fae name: Blade

Court: Royal Shadow, Unseelie

Role: The forgotten

how often do they get control?: It happens more then often now. Blade only used to take over at night, and now it's even in the middle of days. She doesn't want to lose herself but Everett doesn't mind when Blade takes her over. She doesn't try to fight for control, maybe it's because it's easier for her to let someone take the lead then herself but she sometimes let Blade take her over. Only times when she fights Blade for control is when she is with her family which causes them to argue quite a lot as Blade was never aloud familial relationships and tries to steer Everett away from getting close with her family. Which Everett fights them on every day, she doesn't want to lose her family even if they have forgotten her.

important background info: Blade was never aloud familial connections so they try to keep Everett was making connections and relationship. Feeling like they were betraying their king by breaking their oath.

coded by korol | note: hidden scroll and temporary code, will change later



"People fight with swords and people fight with love. I'd prefer to just love."

Liriopr.jpgname: Mickayla Charlotte McKenney
nicnames: Mick, MC, McKenney
age: 20
birthday: August 27th
gender: female
romantic orientation: heteroromantic
sexual orientation: heterosexual
relationship status: single
height/weight: 5'6"/130lbs
languages: English, and she knows a little French
place of birth: She was born in Denver, Colorado, but her dad was born in France
new traits: her nails are starting to grow out sharper in a gold shade, and every once in a while she'll notice a flower blooming out of her skin and she has to pick it off
faceclaim: Sophie Turner

name: Naida
court: The Seelie Court
role: youngest member of the Seelie Royal Court/The Dreamer
how often do they gain control: Naida and Mick have had a pretty harmonious time together, sometimes, Mick forces her out, but other's, especially after a particularly draining day, she'll succumb to Naida's yearning to be free. Naida is also kind to Mick, and typically uses this time to go sit in a garden somewhere and gaze at the flowers, and Mick will wake up the next day and not remember a thing.
important info: Naida is a lover, and she 'falls' quite quickly, whether they be human, or fae, male, female, or other, and has gotten Mick into some situations that she isn't sure how to get out of.



Mick has long ginger hair that reaches down her back, similar to that of her fae counterpart. Her hair is thick, and curly, incredibly difficult to work with at most times. Her eyes are a pale blue colour colour, framed by dark lashes. Depending on the lighting, they may appear gray.She stands at five feet and six inches, just slightly above the average height of a woman. She has a slim build, with a willowy figure. She loves wearing clothes that are on trend, but won't hesitate to step out on her own if something really speaks to her.


[image-align: center/i][image-align: center/i
First things first, Mick hates her full name. She doesn't know why. She loves it on others, it just doesn't feel like her. SHe much prefers the nickname 'Mick', or literally any variation of her name in some form. Other than that, she doesn't get heated over much. She is a very calm and collected girl, she prefers love over hate, but that doesn't mean there aren't people she doesn't like. She can also be quite naive, always assuming the best in people until she's proven wrong. No matter how many times people have told her she needs to put up walls, needs to be more critical, she never seems to change. She'll be bubbly and welcoming when you meet her, many people immediately improperly excuse her as being 'ditsy', but she's really just so excited to have another person in her life to love. Mick has often been described as 'having her head in the clouds', as she's always looking towards the future and always expects the best. The only other thing that she gets heated about easily is fighting. She prefers a more diplomatic approach to things. A discussion, or a compromise. She wonder's why people fight with weapons and emotions, when they could choose to battle with words. To work it out like adults. Because of this anti-fighting stance, her mom took to referring to her as 'Hippie' every once in a while.


As a child, Mick was never seen without a smile on her face. She was always bright, even on the darkest of days. That sunny disposition has followed her through the years, however she has learned situational emotions, such as when an occasion calls for her to not smile. Of course, as with most children, as she grew, she learned different emotions, such as sadness and disappointment, but she didn't let those ones get to her. She didn't like how she felt when they came, so she pushed them down and but a 'band-aid' over it, learning to self-soothe, as Mick fondly loves to call it. However, she couldn't always be happy.

She was twelve when her first heartbreak hit. It was her dad, her idol. He up and left, for some younger woman, leaving her mom in total disarray. Her mom was crying constantly, asking herself what she could have done better. Mick couldn't stand watching her mom break down like that, and it broke her heart. That day is the first time she remembers crying. After helping her mom calm down, she retreated to her room to cry herself away. However, she couldn't bear to hate her dad. He must've had his reasons, of course he did. She wouldn't let herself get tore down by this, she shook it off and moved on. They had to move. They found a smaller house in a different neighbourhood. Her mom kept it up for a few years, until her bright, sunny, daughter was 15 years old. So Mick did what she knew she had to do; she got a job. That's where she met James.

James, oh James. He was the love of her life, at least that's what she believed. He came into the shop where she worked, and they clicked. They had the same hopes and dreams, they wanted to go to the same college, study the same field. Any day Mick had off, she spent with him. He called her 'Mickey', and she started to love a whole new nickname. But, just like what had happened before, he left, seemingly without a trace. He wouldn't look at her in the school hallways, he wouldn't text her back. One day she finally got a text and all it said was, 'Leave me alone'. And she cried with sadness for the second time that she can remember. For heartbreak, but she never learns. She lets people in, they hurt her, they leave, she keeps on smiling. She keeps on going, just the same as before. If somebody dares to call her 'Mickey' now, she freezes, and immediately tells them to never call her that again. Every once in a while she hears that friendly voice in her head that says, "Look up, child, smile. Move on."


☾ Her favourite person in the world is her mom. She considers her to be quite possibly her best friend, above everyone else in her life. They went through a lot of stuff together, pretty sure you call that trauma bonding. Her mom always says Mick's the stronger one, but Mick's just what she had to be.
✰ Her biggest hobby is music. She plays guitar and sings, although she doesn't think she sings well. She just enjoys it.
☾ Her favourite type of food is sweet food. She adores pastries and cakes, they're sweet, just like her.
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