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birth of venus

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greetings! welcome to my little thread where here i have listed a couple of plots inspired by songs.
all of these are pretty general ideas, please pm me about whichever one you'd like!
please don't post here, i'd like to keep this thread tidy.
& if you see that someone's already inquired about a plot, don't fret! i'm usually cool with duplicating plots. just ask c:

allow me to introduce myself; i'm venus, 20 years old, and i've got about 6+ years of roleplaying experience.
all you gotta know is three easy things:
1. if you'd like to rp, please be 18+, i am not comfortable roleplaying with minors,
2. please be lit/advanced lit, at least three paragraph replies or more! no one-liners.
3. and i am ghost friendly & open to new ideas! i'm always up for brainstorming if none of these are your cup of tea.

* bolded means the muse i'd like to rp! if neither muse is bolded, i'm fine with playing either role!

more to be added later --

"Following the footsteps of a rag doll dance,
We are entranced, spellbound, spellbound, spellbound!"

- Spellbound - Siouxie and the Banshees
Muse A is a newcomer, having recently moved to the small town of Helena Creek, nestled deep into the woods of the Pacific Northwest. The town seems normal enough, rainy and quaint, if its people weren't so odd. Whether it be strange noises throughout the night, or the feeling of eyes on their back, it seems that everyone else doesn't notice or mind the creepy feeling settled over the town. Within the town hides a coven of witches, which Muse B is a part of. When the two muses meet, Muse B can't help but become infatuated with them, and slowly slips them a love potion, fueled by their obsession. This decision quickly goes wrong. (preferably mxf. slightly inspired by the craft (1996). i definitely want this to have a slight creepy obsession vibe, but with a good resolution.)​

"When my time comes around,
Lay me gentle in the cold dark earth,
No grave can hold my body down,
I'll crawl home to her."

- Work Song - Hozier
Major angst/death warning. Muse A and Muse B are a happy (married?) couple amidst a world where any non-human being is hunted down and killed. Whether it be witches, vampires, werewolves, they all live in fear and hiding, which is the case for our couple. Eventually, Muse A is found and killed, and Muse B's world is shattered apart. Using occult magic, they reanimate Muse A's corpse and try to bring them back to life. But, of course, they will never be the same as before. (any pairing. inspired by stephen king's pet sematary.)​

"There's nobody better than you,
It took me a while 'til I knew,
But you knew it was us from the start, didn't you?
It just took me a while 'til I knew."

- Goodbye, My Danish Sweetheart - Mitski
A mafia/organized crime plot. Muse A is the prodigy of an influential member in organized crime syndicate, sharp and now more involved in their family's business. Muse B is a self-proclaimed vigilante out for vengeance after their family/loved one was killed by Muse A's organization, determined to make each and every one responsible pay. Muse B initiates into the organization and quickly climbs through the ranks, fueled by a burning hatred...dimmed only by Muse A. When the two are assigned a mission, the tension crackles and Muse B begins questioning their resolve. (any pairing, inspired by john wick if you squint. slowburn enemies to lovers trope.)​

"In the backseat of my heart,
My love tells me I'm a mess,
I couldn't get the car to start,
I left my keys somewhere in the mess . . ."

- Drunk Drivers/Killer Whales - Car Seat Headrest
Somethin' simple and sweet. Our two muses are tired of boring life in the city, and decide to leave together on a road trip. They finally leave with the dream of "touring" for their small time band, hopping from venue to venue and scraping by with whatever gigs they can get. Surprisingly, they gain a decent fan following, and after being offered a record deal, they get in a major fight. Muse A is happy and content with continuing their impromptu tour on the road to be able to spend time with B, while Muse B is convinced they can make it big time and values making money over their friendship/relationship.(any pairing! i wanna take this down an angsty unrequited love route.)​

"And the day that we watch the death of the sun
That the cloud and the cold and those jeans you have on
That you gaze unafraid as they saw from the city ruins
Wasteland, baby
I'm in love, I'm in love with you"

- Wasteland Baby - Hozier
Hollowed out cities, war-torn wasteland, and blighted zombies. Our muses are both surviving in a post-apocalyptic world, perhaps trying to escape from their own demons, or dictator-ruled compounds, looking for something out in the nothingness. Maybe destiny has fated them to fight and survive for so long, only to finally meet each other. This is pretty general, I'd love to expand on it. (meant to be a bittersweet romance survival plot. any pairing. inspired by TLOU.)​

"Help, I'm alive, my heart keeps beating like a hammer
Hard to be soft, tough to be tender
Come take my pulse, the pace is on a runaway train"

- Help, I'm Alive - Metric
In an uber-futuristic world, augmented limbs and cybernetic replacements are a daily staple, as well as highly illegal. Muse A wakes up one day, no name, no memories, no nothing to place themselves into this city or any knowledge of what's happened to them. In their chest beats an artificial heart. Muse B is a technician for all types of enhancements, limb replacements, or other augmented features one could ever desire, and tasks themselves to take care of Muse A and their faulty heart. This is fairly open world, a 'create the world as we go' type deal, with brutal police forces keeping the city in check and a wide variety of underground ne'er-do-wells. (preferably mxm, inspired by neon noir, such as bladerunner and cyberpunk 2077.)​

"This dream isn't feeling sweet
We're reeling through the midnight streets
And I've never felt more alone
It feels so scary, getting old . . ."

- Ribs - Lorde
Inspired by the HBO series, Euphoria, but like, make it a soulmate plot. High school coming-of-age, drama, angst, all that good stuff, but our muses live in a world where everybody has a soulmate. Whether it be their romantic partner, their best friend, maybe even a rival, they have a matching phrase or small symbol/image that appears once they've met their soulmate. Muse A is born and raised in the city, going to the same high school as Muse B, who recently moved into town before the beginning of the school year. Immediately both of their soulmate marks appear, and throughout the insanity of high school, they are now trying to figure out who their soulmate is. (any pairing, feel free to suggest any problems or angst we can throw in for this plot.)​

"You're embarrassing me,
With a postponed marriage and this stalled out car
Then you leave me in the back,
With half a window rolled down
Like a dog in the summer heat . . ."

- The Woman That Loves You - Japanese Breakfast
Arranged marriage meets billionaire romance anyone? Muse A is the heir to a corporate throne - a throne they do not want to inherit, but following the wishes of their family, will take charge of the large conglomerate once they marry. Muse B comes from humbler beginnings, living in the same city as Muse A, but living a 'normal' life. Working a regular menial job, trying to get themselves through school and follow whatever they want to do in life. Both muse's families are old friends, and fulfilling an old promise, Muse A and Muse B are to be married, and are introduced to each other as their new betrothed. (this can go in a couple different directions, i'd like an angsty route before they actually fall for each other. preferably mxf.)​

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