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Fantasy ++ ๐ฆ๐จ๐จ๐ง๐ญ๐ซ๐š๐ข๐ญ. ( ๐˜ต๐˜ฉ๐˜ฆ ๐˜ช๐˜ฏ๐˜ต๐˜ฆ๐˜ณ๐˜ฆ๐˜ด๐˜ต ๐˜ค๐˜ฉ๐˜ฆ๐˜ค๐˜ฌ )

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LGTBQ Friendly, Magical, Romance


๐—ผ๐—ป๐—น๐˜† ๐˜‚๐˜€
hundreds of years ago, in the highlands of scotland, a young woman set out on a quest. she'd been blessed with a vision, a calling to go find her sisters and unite them with the moon. it came to her in dreams, pulling at her hair and teasing at the back of mind. eventually this woman came to be known as mary, and mary was the first mother of nevis; a new offset of witchcraft. though it never cracked it big, nevis survived decades, gaining new members and carrying on mary's legacy. it spread to other countries and continents, attracting new sisters throughout ages and persevering over the years. it's members were few and far in between, but it offered a comforting distance and vast freedom for one as long as they stuck to nevis's core beliefs.

there were many famous witches over the years: silent katherine, wailing violet, crimson carmen. but one thing linked all these revered witches together -- a certain trait, something unique but similar among them all. they were all birthed on the evening of an odd full moon to the coven fortuna, a coven that holds great value in valor. fortuna became sort of a stigma across the various covens and witches of nevis. they were untouchable, untraceable, and so artfully hidden that they hadn't been heard from in over thirty years. it seemed the whole coven had disappeared off the face of the earth, fading into the worn pages of hand-written books of witchcraft chronicles.

but the sisters of fortuna were only stowing away, and their fight hadn't even begun yet. something all its famed witches never disclosed to anyone other than fortuna's sisters was what truly made them special: their unique powers of foresight and the one vision they all shared. the vision that one day, the world would crumble and burn, and the only thing left would be mary and her compass -- the compass long rumored to lead her to the first members of the coven that would become fortuna -- the first sisters who possessed these special traits.

they've been preparing and waiting for decades, biding their time and waiting for the harbinger of the end to come along. all they knew was that their quest and calling would find them, and when they did, the world's fate depended on them finding the compass. thirty years later, an anomaly happened. on the third full moon of the virgin year, seven new witches and warlocks were brought into the world within the coven walls. they would all be trained normally, but as they grew and learned, something special would unearth itself from within them. they, too, had the foresight of their famous sisters. the calling was finally upon them, and the only weapon they were armed with was their unnatural intuition; their moontrait.
rule one

no godmodding. while all the characters in this roleplay are witches or warlocks and have foresight abilities, they are in no way magical save for the aforementioned exception and the ability to perform simple spells. part of the plot progression will be the characters learning and exploring more into the realms of witchcraft, so no character should be too powerful just yet.

rule two

while covens are traditionally female, there are spots for both males and females. furthermore, all roles are genderlocked and will not be first-come first-serve. i will be accepting players and roles as i see fit.

rule three

ooc chatting is important to the cohesion and sustainability of a roleplay, which is why discord will be required for ooc for the final cast. until the characters are decided, ooc will take place onsite, but after that, anyone accepted will be expected to join the discord.

rule four

as always, diversity and creativity are encouraged! your characters don't have to fit the roles exactly.

rule five

the basics; please refrain from ooc drama, try not to ditch, put effort into posts, and have fun!
the destined
status: open.
it's no surprise that out of everyone, she was one of the group to end up with foresight. her mother was one of the most revered witches in the coven, known for her powerful medicines and exception at spellcasting. from birth she was raised to fill this role, and with her powers, she's all that her parents wanted. but her whole life she's been watched carefully and instructed on every little thing. now that she has to take her fate -- and that of others -- into her own hands, she's unsure of what to do.

the studious
status: open.
he's always been hyper aware of the leading role women have in the coven. he chose to work behind the scenes, and he's exceptionally good at it. since his young years, he's been the one making sure all the coven's expeditions go smoothly. whether it's combing through books or translating old scripts, he's a master at finding information. and while he may not be the best at charming others, there's something that gives him a certain edge. the only thing more interesting to hunt down than information? secrets.

the unholy
status: open.
her whole family have been known as the black sheep of the coven. while her bloodline runs pure and is traceable back to the old witch hunts, they're regarded with disgrace because of this very fact. she's been raised to hold pride in the fact her ancestors survived these hunts, and she embodies the most stereotypical witch possible. some see her as a joke, others see her as disrespectful, but she has a side darker than what anyone expects. with her heritage comes power, and with her power comes bloodlust.

the warrior
status: open.
ferocity is what he's always been known for: from a young age, he was either feared or revered among his peers for his courage and prowess. his parents left the clan when he was young, so he was raised and trained by the older witches of the coven, something that not only taught him respect but a higher level of knowledge in the inner workings of witchcraft. he's not only excelled physically, but is sharp with spells. but the idea of having to fulfill a prophecy doesn't sit well with him -- especially because he's been dabbling in some aspects of witchcraft that the coven most definitely would not approve of.

the huntress
status: reserved.
though her position is also one of defense, she's vastly different from the warrior. she was raised by a protective mother who taught her that solitary and reflection were the only way to unlock her true self. from the moment she could walk, most of her time was spent in the forests surrounding the coven's base, exploring and learning her way around a bow and arrow. her tongue may be harsh and her words snappy, but she's more soft than she seems. it seems one thing solitary taught her was to fall fast and hard, a side of her she'd particularly like to erase. and especially now that she's been thrown into this quest, she'll have to spend much more time around others than she's comfortable with.

the alchemist
status: open.
a bow or sword were always too heavy for his hands, and history was never interesting for him. instead, he spent his days learning from the elder herbalists, studying potions and brews the way his ancestors did. he's respected among the elders of the clan for taking up a rare profession, but his peers always mocked him for his odd demeanor and perseverance with his studies. despite being near prodigious with his craft, his heart is bitter from ages of teasing and underappreciation. now, he finally has his chance in the spotlight, but what will he do with it?

the ill
status: open.
as a child, she was all but the next mother of the coven. her skill surpassed all others in near every area, and her dedication and spirit were highest of all. she was unstoppable, a force of nature, and set on a path to greatness. but as she aged, she began to fall prey to successive illnesses, some so severe she had to be taken off coven grounds to seek treatment. these illnesses crippled her, often rendering her bedridden for months at a time. the bright star of her reputation sizzled and faded until she was just known as a great misfortune. but now, she has the chance to redeem herself and reinstate herself into glory. she's been having visions her whole life, but nobody would listen, thinking them hallucinations from her illnesses. but these early visions told her something; she could join the others on this quest for the compass and work diligently alongside them, or she could find the compass for herself and return a hero, the blazing flame she once was.

the wild
status: open.
he's charming and rugged, and he has a reputation. much like the warrior, he grew up without parents, but he refused the coddling of the elders. he raised himself, living off the land and figuring out his own ways to go about things. his careless attitude repels some, but his charm is irresistible and has gotten him ( and several of his witch friends ) into trouble before. he's not sure if he's ready to have such responsibility, let alone face the future he always refused to think about.
nevis is an offset of witchcraft following a mix of pagan and christian values. fortuna, a coven of nevis, resides in the hills of north america. they have a small compound in which all the members live and are raised. while they embrace technology and often stop by the neighboring town for supplies, the majority of their food is obtained through hunting or scavenging from the woods or river by their compound.

the history of the coven is relatively well documented, and while some of the older members have part-time jobs in the nearby town so the coven may purchase necessary supplies, it's discouraged and new witches and warlocks are told to take a role in one of the coven's positions and try to stay within the compound when possible. though expeditions and scouts are periodically sent out to explore and chart the lands around them, fortuna stays relatively to itself.

education of the children of the coven is dealt with by the elders, and they are taught a relatively traditional curriculum with the addition of religion and witchcraft. most medicine is provided by the herbalists and alchemists of the clan, though in case of an emergency ( such of that of the ill ) members will be taken off site to receive professional medical treatment. fortuna doesn't reject modern medicine, but they rather prefer to keep to themselves, and hold a strong belief in self-sustenance.

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๐—ผ๐—ป๐—น๐˜† ๐˜‚๐˜€
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mark me down as very interested, this sounds fantastic
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