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That Night
I didn't know which was worse- that I hadn't said no to her request, or that I'd let her make the request at all. Truth be told, I should've kicked her out the second she walked back through that door, but what could I say? I was a sucker for pouty lips and endlessly long legs. She sat herself down like she owned the place, leaned back in the chair, took a look around. She crossed her legs slowly, deliberately, knowing exactly what it would do to me. I started to feel the beginnings of a headache coming on. "V," she said. "I'm in trouble." I rolled my eyes- of course she was; why else would she come back here now, after everything? She leaned forward then, a pleading expression coming into her eyes, boring into me. "I didn't know where else to turn." I groaned. Here it came, the request. I knew she was playing me. I knew everything about this scene was perfectly calculated to get me to do what she wanted- it didn't matter. I was a big dummy, putty in the palm of her hand, and I never learned my lesson... It's dark now. I don't know how many hours it's been. Three? Four? All I can hear is the rain outside and the sound of dripping water in here. Drip drip drip. Night must be falling, because it's getting colder. Drip drip drip. I've lost a lot of blood- starting to feel lightheaded. Drip drip. My watch has stopped- they must've broken it when they were kicking the tar out of me. I remember her shoes- bright red heels, flashing in and out of my sight between kicks. Drip. The edges of my vision are starting to go dark and things are getting fuzzy. Damn you, Irina, I think, knowing I don't have many coherent thoughts left. As all that I am seeps out onto the floor in a flowering crimson puddle, I think back to that night. Silky hair, long legs, pouty lips. I realize her lips are painted the color of blood and I almost want to laugh- almost. Don't really know if it's funny or sad. Drip drip drip. I can hear cars in the distance- strange to think that help is that close and yet that unreachable. Drip drip drip. Not even one last cigarette- barbarians. Drip drip. Eventually, everything slows down and all I can hear is my steadily slowing heartbeat. Bump. Ba-bump. Ba-bump. The softest feeling, like a feather brushing my lips. Ba-bump. Ba-bump. A single warm tear falling on my cheek. Ba-bump. And a voice, filled with regret. "I'm sorry, Victor," she whispers. I don't answer- I can't. I've gone someplace where her voice can't reach me, where her tears can't touch me. I'm free. Bump.
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I would also be interested! I'm not overly sure what role I'd like to play, I have a few ideas I'd like to bounce off of you to make sure it'd fit in the world before hand.

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Well well well, a tag? Don’t mind if I do~

my schedule is clearing up at a rapid pace, and I’ve got free time!! I know what roles I would like to play, but I will only have two characters. Three is my max, and that’s really stretching it.


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Seems fun enough. Interested in the Lieutenant for the Antonelli’s and probably a private eye character as well.


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Ooo, a tag. I'm interested in playing a hacker for the Iron Tundra
Also are two characters required for this rp? I'm currently in some other rps rn, but I can manage two if you guys need me to


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If you're still accepting, I'm very interested! I can take up to 2 roles if you don't mind, but right now I can confirm I have a wetworker/assassin muse for either the yakuza or the Crimson Blossom.


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I definitely wouldn’t mind joining as a recruit for the Irish. Y’know, someone who does the minimal jobs. Deliveries, fencing, laundering, that kind of thing.
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I'm thinking about that the first character could be a Russian's playthingy but then again that may be too vile. The second one possibly someone from Irish maffia buuut I am not sure about the role

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